best but lesser-known features of Instagram
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Some of the best but lesser-known features of Instagram


The post could be a surprise for you, because you all might have already used Instagram to post images and videos successfully. Just when you thought you know everything about Instagram, here are few features that are probably lesser known to most of us. We all have to agree that Instagram is not just a photo-sharing site. There is more to it that not many people know. So here are some awesome features of Instagram which have not become as popular as sharing photos.

Sending message to select people in your group

Not all your posts need to be witnessed by all contacts in your account. Instagram has a wonderful in-built feature known as Instagram Direct, which allows you to choose photos and send them only to people whom you want and not just post to your account for everyone to see. This way, you can choose a photo, add a good caption and send it just that one close friend of yours, without getting embarrassed at all!

Link as many social accounts as you want

Did you think you could only link your posts from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter? Not at all! Instagram supports various social media sites like Flickr, Swarm, Tumblr, Weibo and the like. All you have to do is to choose the accounts that you want from your settings. Choose the “linked accounts” under settings. You will get a list of social media sites that you can link your Instagram images to. Choose the ones that you want by entering the correct login credentials. This is a one-time activity as Instagram will automatically link these accounts, thereafter.

Filter management

There are close to 40 filters available on Instagram already for editing your photos. If you thought that you had to go through each one of them to choose the one that you want, you have got it all wrong. One of the great features of Instagram is that you can manage its filters as well. Now you can arrange the filters in the way you want, so that you have the most-used filter as the first choice, you can hide the filters that you don’t use at all and you can also bring back these hidden filters at a later point of time by choosing “manage filters” found right at the end of the filters option.

Use aided apps for better quality of images

You must have heard of external apps that can be applied on your Instagram images to make them look better and professional. However, there are 3 great in-house apps offered by Instagram itself to help you in posting better pictures. They are – Hyperlapse, Layout and Boomerang.  The first app, Hyperlapse is very user-friendly and can be used to make videos with a time lapse.  Layout is the most common app of these 3 and it is used for making a collage of different images. Boomerang is used for shooting a loop of mini videos that are quite entertaining to watch. If you haven’t used these before, now is the time to try these apps on your Instagram images.

Go back to check your history on Instagram

Instagram is not checking other people’s photos and their profiles. You can go back in time to see the posts that you have liked and the photos that you have been tagged in as well. You can use this tool if you are in a nostalgic mood and or if you just want to unlike something that you have earlier liked. You can go to your account and click on the link, “Photos that you have liked”.  Instagram stores up to 300 grams that you have liked; therefore you can quickly scroll through and unlike something, if you are not in favour of it anymore.

There are more features to be explored in Instagram as the leading photo-sharing site has been coming up with newer and better features every day. However, the above mentioned are the ones that come in quite handy for you as you may use them more frequently than other features. The key for a successful Instagram account is to know how to work smart and how to get the desired results with minimal effort. This is where these amazing features will help you to a great extent.

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