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Spotting trends on Instagram before they die out


Instagram is a social network that has got well over 300 million active users. This has made the social media platform rather indispensable network, especially for newsrooms, agencies and even brands. Instagram sees around 70 million videos and photos shared on a daily basis and this has made it quite difficult to pick out the most relevant and timely content.

The search function has proven to be a work in progress. The explore bar also brings you the content that you may have liked in the past. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly which hashtags to look for all the users to search. It is also rather difficult to know the brands that may go viral on Instagram.

Well, there is a new app in town and it is called trendspottr. This is an app that is making it better for people to find the posts that really matter. This is a tool that is very powerful, especially for the social media marketers. It is also an amazing choice for the Instagram users looking to gain the timely insights into the trends that are emerging and the influencers. It helps you to:

  • Discover all the posts that are trending within the social networks
  • Engage the different Instagram influencers once you have identified them
  • Share the posts that are trending to different networks
  • Discover the trends that all about the brand, topic or campaign of interest

If you want to find the posts that are most engaging so as to re-share them within your own community on Instagram, then this app is a must have. With it, you can monitor the emerging trends as well as breaking news. This is an app that will help you save a lot of time when you want to find the content which is hottest. The app is able to deliver a search result that is much more useful than your standard search on Instagram that will usually return posts that have the activities that are most recent. With the app, you will get the content that is trending and most relevant. This is the content that has great chances of going viral and has the very highest engagement.

The integration of this app saves you a lot of time and you get to work in a more efficient manner as you monitor the campaigns from your own dashboard. You can also set up many trendspottr search streams that will help you monitor each and every trend and hashtags that is most relevant to you. You can let this app work with other apps as well social platforms. With only a few clicks, you can share all the trending content on Instagram straight to the other social networks using the hootsuite publisher.

What about hashtags?

This is another amazing way in which you can boost reach. You can find the trending hashtags that relate to you. Usually, hashtags are very essential as a part of your experience on Instagram and it can also be very effective in increasing the content exposure. When you add so many popular hashtags that aren’t relevant to your posts, it may look like a spamming tactic that is so desperate. This tactic will not get you the positive feedback and following that you may be looking for. Use the hashtags, which are most relevant to the brand. Also make sure that the hashtags are currently being used by the audience that you are targeting.

For any of the social media marketers, it may be clear that choosing hashtags within Instagram is just like a guessing game, especially when the trends and the news stories keep on developing in real time. With the app, it is easier to discover all the hashtags that are trending within the search query which you place. You can control the trends and find the ones that are emerging so as to boost the reach to the correct audience.

Trend discovery

This app also helps you discover trends. This app can be used to survey your landscape trends which are related and most relevant to the hashtags you use. This is an effective and easy way to understand your community even better as you build it around a certain brand, a shared interest or a campaign. Type the hashtags within the search bar and select the trending hashtags from the available dropdown. In this way, you will see all the hashtags that are trending closely related to the hashtags that you intend to use. This gives you even more ways to engage, and monitor with the target community.

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