Instagram step by step guide for beginners
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Step by step guide for beginners to use Instagram


Of all the social media tools out there, Instagram is the most visual. Hence, you need to make the most of it.  Your photos and videos must be treated very professionally here, if you want many people to like, follow or comment on the same.

Quality of photos must be top-notch

While it is alright to post medium quality images from your smartphones to other social network sites, it is definitely not right to do the same with Instagram. Since it is essentially an image sharing site, quality of pictures takes first priority here. If you have blurred or low resolution images here, it can affect your overall image to a great extent.  Here is an example of the quality that needs to be posted on Instagram.  The picture, taken during winter season, has all the minute details covered with respect to the ice particles.

Use as much as colours as possible, get the correct amount of lighting and make your pictures as natural as ever. If you are not a professional photographer, you don’t have to panic; there are a number of photo-editing apps that come to your rescue so that you can post a high-resolution and high-quality image on your Instagram.

Content-rich profile

If you are a newbie on Instagram and want to use the tool effectively for your business purposes, you should have an attractive profile. If you have a website that you want your followers to look at all, make sure that you publish that link in your profile. Also, you could ask people to refer to your profile for the link as you keep posting images or videos.  This is because, Instagram, like other social media tools, doesn’t allow you to publish your link as a caption for images. So, you must have a profile, which details your competencies, USP, mission objectives and a link for your website.

Use hashtags – but don’t over use them

When you are using Instagram for the first time, there are lots of chances for you to get carried away and use a large number of hashtags on your captions. If you ever thought that hashtags were the “in-thing” of Instagram, it is time for you to erase that thought, right away. Hashtags are important indeed; they help in improving communication and increase engagement on various topics. However, when you overuse them, you are sending across a wrong message to your followers. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that by overusing hashtags, you are exposing your lack of knowledge to your followers. Use hashtags only before relevant words. Some examples are #me, #love, #cute, #followme, #photooftheday, etc.

Usage of Instagram Direct

Do you have a message or post that you don’t want to publish for everyone to see but want it to be seen only by a specific group of people from the list of your followers?  No worries, Instagram offers you the Instagram Direct feature. While lots of people are talking about the benefits of photo filters and photo editing apps on Instagram, not many really know what this feature is all about. Using this feature, you can now share your images only with a specific group of people. This way, you can broadcast your message easily to your target audience.

Never ignore comments from followers

If you are a beginner on Instagram and would like to use the platform for marketing your business, you must be extra careful about the comments and reviews that you get from your followers. Whenever anybody posts any comments on your image or video, reply instantly, so that you can have a personal rapport with them. Address their issues if any, try to accommodate their suggestions if practical and offer reasons if you are not able to do so, take feedback constructively, thank them for positive reviews etc. For example, when thanking a follower named ABC, start off your comment stating @ABC, so that the person immediately gets to know that you have replied. There is an effective tool named Instagravity, which you can use, for tracking the comments of your followers, so that you stay engaged in a better way with them.

Do follow the above tips and it wouldn’t be too long before you have realised the power of Instagram for your business.

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