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Still Wondering Why Your Business Needs Facebook?


Social platforms seem to be outdoing each other as new ones become more popular than the previous. But Facebook is among the social networks that have managed to remain relevant in the lives of many people even as other networks gain popularity. The state of Facebook makes it all important to the business and so even as you consider making your presence felt using other platforms, there are so many reasons as to why your business may still need to have a Facebook presence and use all its features to keep your business relevant.

It has millions of users. Globally, Facebook has actually gone past the 4000 million member mark, making it a very strong platform. This social network remains very strong around the world and this tells you that it still has the potential to take your business all over and break geographical barriers. Its penetration across the globe means your business can make the same kind of penetration in different markets in different regions.

It connects thousands of sites. Connect is probably the greatest long term impact initiative that Facebook offers. Integrating Facebook has made it possible for sites to connect and make social graphs portable. Reputable sites are not integrating into Facebook giving users and easy time finding what they need on the go. It is something that has made this platform more of a central hub of the web besides social media.

Average users spend almost an hour on the platform every day. Your business, therefore stands the opportunity of grabbing consumer attention using the best tactics and strategies on the network. An hour for every user is a long time good enough for your business to impact on target audience positively. With the right content on the platform, you can make huge progress of your business.

It offers a customized news feed. News feed on Facebook are not algorithm driven and with this you can use content that is targeted based on interactions. Engaging content seem to be taking center stage on the network and this gets you shares, likes and comments that you need to keep your presence relevant and widespread. You have the freedom to test out different content types to find out what works for your brand to enjoy the benefits offered by the customized news feed on the platform.

Facebook offers real-time search. More content is now publicly available on Facebook unless you change the settings on privacy section. Considering that search engines like Google and Bing are incorporating such data into search results in real time the implication are tremendous for reputation management and SEO. Facebook may not be the best for all social media initiatives, but you can consider participating because of the size and with the right choices and approaches you can make the real-time searches work to your advantage.

The friends’ base on Facebook is reliable. An average user will have more than one hundred friends on Facebook and probably fan several pages every month. The trends open up huge opportunities as far as business exposure goes and there is a lot you can do with this opening when you choose your content carefully. Casual friendships ties have seen to dramatic rise of friend counts on the network and this only means better chances for your business to enjoy a presence that is valuable out there.

It has become a customer service hub. When you have a strong marketing strategy, you will be a success with organic traffic on Facebook. The network offers lots of tools that you can use to advertise your business. You can actually choose the people to reach with the ads making the ads more relevant to them, hence turning into really valuable results for your business. With tools like Facebook ads manager, Facebook ads manager app, social ads tool and others, there is really nothing you cannot achieve in reaching your customer base and growing it without spending too much on it.

There is so much you can do on Facebook and so many tactics and strategies you can incorporate to take your business even higher using the network. It has actually also become possible for you to connect your Facebook page with other social networks you may also be interested in.

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