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Stories by Instagram Increases the Addiction of Users to it


Instagram has recently introduced ‘Stories’ which is just like the central feed of Snapchat. The name of this central feed was also stories and it helped the social media site experience a drastic increase in its revenue. It also encouraged the users to post more about their lives. Using this, the users could post more frequently and more frankly about their personal lives. And Instagram has now come up with something of the same form.

You will now find a row of circular icons at the upper portion of your Instagram feed. Each of these circles represents an account followed by you on Instagram and includes the images and videos lesser than 10 seconds that he or she had shared on the previous day.

As soon as you tap on these circles, it will start showing you the images and videos. You can even tap on the left-hand side of the screen in order to go through a feedback of some earlier post.

The stories are visible by almost everyone and not only by the ones who follow you. One simply needs to tap on the profile picture of a user to find the story of that person. If you badly like a post and feel like sharing it, you can add it to your traditional Instagram feed by tapping on the picture and clicking on the ’Share’ button.

how to use instagram stories

There are three drawing tools in this camera- the regular pen, the highlighter and the neon pen. There is a set of color filters too, that would help in making your image more attractive and bright. There are no particular names to these color filters, though.

You will not find any face filter, geo filter or time stamps in the ‘Stories’ by Instagram since they have tried to follow the style of ‘Stories’ of Snapchat all throughout.

‘Stories’ has been created with the main aim of promoting the app amongst an even greater number of users. It is a means of sharing the moments that do not conform to the higher limit of traditional posting on Instagram. It is understandable that Instagram has developed ‘Stories’ since it was losing out to Snapchat on competition. While the number of users on Instagram was undergoing a decrease, that on Snapchat saw a remarkable increase at the same time.

However, the Stories of Instagram appears in a Slideshow form and is quite similar to that of the News Feed you find on Facebook. It aims at capturing both the dull as well as brighter moments of one’s life instead of a few chosen moments.

It is basically a form of ephemeral messaging that is no more used in Facebook and Snapchat to a large extent but finds use in Instagram now. Kevin Systrom, the co-founder and CEO of Instagram is quite hopeful about this new development of Instagram and feels that it will capture a giant market very soon.

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