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What are the different ways to promote your brand?


There are different ways to promote your brand. You should choose the beat brand promotion channel so that the traffic on the site can be increased. When there is improvement in traffic, the sales will also improve. The overall profitability of the enterprise will be very much enhanced. If the website is new, you should take initiative to connect with others. It is possible to build email lists and fans right from the scratch. However, it will take long time. If you would like to deal with competitors in a more vigorous way, alternate channels should be explored.

Enhancement of network

It is very much important to build strong network with others so that traffic can be generated in an effortless manner. As you go through the blogs that are relevant to your niche, you can comment on those blogs. As you post a comment, you will get an opportunity to include a link to your website. The author section can be used for this purpose. You should post articles on websites that are relevant to your niche. The website page rank should be high and it should have links with other quality websites. Your credibility will increase when you manage number of incoming and outgoing links with the website.

Facebook fans

To increase Facebook fans very quickly, you should not hesitate to go for paid advertising. You can also go through the schemes to buy new fans very quickly. By joining in Facebook groups, you can attract new visitors. You can interact with members in the group as per the rules and regulations. The blog post can be promoted in a very efficient way with the help of Facebook groups and paid advertising.

The engagement with fans will be very efficient by sharing quality content on a consistent basis. The new content should be shared when users are active. Updated content should be posted regularly and outdated information should be removed. You should engage a seasoned SEO professional so that various kinds of tasks will be fulfilled in the best possible way.

You should be attentive to the needs of customers. Through surveys and reports, the requirements of users will be collected and they should be fulfilled through active engagement. As you offer great discounts on the Facebook, new visitors will be attracted. Exclusive offers can be posted on the social media. The existing subscribers should be used to attract traffic.

Article marketing

You can release articles about your business and services and they should be posted on appropriate sites on a regular basis. New set of visitors can be generated in this process. You should explore new ways to attract new visitors. Through article marketing, you can tap new visitors. Quality content should be posted on websites and blogs that are relevant to your niche. Before posting the content, you should go through the rules and regulations of respective site or blog. If you succeed in providing informative content, the audience will not hesitate to visit your site.

Share-able features

The website or blog should have all the bells and whistles to attract new visitors and to retain existing visitors. As new businesses offer free samples, you should offer a free guide or samples to visitors so that they will sign up for a membership. The email marketing has great prospects as you will be able to build userbase right from the scratch. There will be 0% tolerance on spamming by building email list afresh.

The website should have buttons, links and likes so that users will be able to connect with your site in various ways. The links, buttons, fonts, colors and images should be consistent across websites and various platforms. The brand image will be very much enhanced by choosing the most appropriate features.

Tech-savvy features

The business growth is based on various factors and the tech-savvy enterprise will always have an edge. You should outsmart your competitors by choosing the best and relevant technology. By implementing new technology, users will be able to connect and share links very easily. The interaction will be quick and seamless. The new channels should be explored and presented as per the demands of audience on a regular basis.

Thus, by exploring the best online advertising and marketing channels, you can promote your business website or blog in a very efficient manner.

how to promote your brand on instagram

Can you promote your brand with Instagram?


For the promotion of products and services, you can use various social networking sites. Instagram is different from other social networking platforms. You will be able to connect with the right audience and sales can be enhanced by having a great presence on the platform.

Instagram has monthly users more than Twitter. Instagram is used by many businesses to improve awareness of products and services. The message will be conveyed in image format so that users will be able to go through the information very easily. The audience will remember the message for a long period and they will take the most appropriate action at right time. By presenting appealing information, the sales will take place automatically.

Market your brand

Instagram offers great opportunity to market your brand. The first step to making the most of the platform is to set up the business Instagram account. You should present content on the media which is relevant to the audience. If you have personal information, it should be shared on the personal account. A certain level of professionalism should be maintained when you access and manage social media account.

Optimization of social media presence

There should be greater customer appeal through the professional Instagram account. If you can present a compelling content, the visitor will click on the link to land on your site. Hence, the opportunity should be utilized in the best possible way.

At the top of the Instagram page, you can provide a bio. As you provide the name and description of your business, you will provide the link which takes to your website. The link should take the visitor to the targeted page on the website.


Your brand should be recognized by the audience by using consistent content and image. The font color, font size and font type will have a great impact on your success. The content format should be easily identified across various social media platforms. By delivering a professional appearance, audience will be able to identify your brand very easily.

The content should be presented in such a way that Instagram community will identify it very easily. You will not want to focus on keywords and hashtags as visitors will not use them to search for content. However, you can include a hashtag if you run a hashtag campaign. The bio can be changed to promote the latest campaign. However, the link should be presented so that audience can reach your site by clicking on the link.

Compelling Instagram posts

You should focus on production of outstanding content. As soon as the visitor goes through the image, the information should be conveyed implicitly. The absorbing nature of information is crucial to attracting audience. The audience will not make special efforts to go through the content. The customer will be glued to the image and would like to visit the site again. The user will not hesitate to share the content with his or her friends in the network.

You should understand the fact that Instagram is an image-centric platform. The comments that you receive for a post with images will be double to the comments that you receive on a post with text and links. The images will be engineered by experts so that they will alert the visitor’s brain instantly. Being aware of the Instagram culture, you will settle for the best course of action.

No hard selling

The brand’s social media will have a great influence on sales. Even though customers will be influenced by the friends and social media references, the role played by the brand’s social media is very much important. When you embrace Instagram as an effective medium to promote your products and services, authentic information should be provided on a consistent basis. You should offer the choice and in-depth knowledge about product or service should be provided. There should not be any hard selling.

When visuals are presented, you will not want to yell about products. By providing creative photos about your products and services, you can grab the attention of the prospective customer. By providing detailed images about the product, there will be a complete openness. The information about the product, features and the customer support should be easily available so that a quick comparison will be done by the audience. Thus, the traffic on Instagram can be converted into sales by managing the social account in a professional way.

instagram or facebook
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Instagram vs Facebook: Which One Is Better for Your Brand


Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger, Instagram is a photo sharing app. Well it’s not a just app for the professional photographer, it is a platform to share from a picture or may be a number of pictures that you want to share with the world. The pictures have a story to tell. This app also has pictures of stores who promote their brand through Instagram, pictures of fashion icons…..and the list is never ending.

Facebook was created by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg along with his fellow Harvard student on 4th February 2004. Since then Facebook has been a huge platform for interactions, socializing, marketing, brand promotions and fan base of celebrities. Facebook attracts 1.4 million users every year.

Well both Instagram and Facebook are under the common Owner Facebook since April 9th 2012. On that date Instagram was acquired by Facebook at a net worth of $1 billion of cash and stock. Even after this we cannot consider both the apps as a single entity. Each of these apps has separate market for promotions of brands and their products.
Facebook and Instagram have their respective markets with respect to age group, customer’s profile and the product details. Undoubtedly Facebook has more than four times the users logged in on a daily basis as compared to Instagram. But Instagram posts are a visual treat for the users, only the picture-oriented posts seem clutter free. They are similar in many aspects as they have the same list of contacts, apart from the people following you now and then. Facebook is a place where even the smallest of a business owner opens a page which may not be logged in ever again .Facebook has become the place of sharing information where people mandatorily feed their information.

Well let’s discuss how these platforms differ from each other as a marketing tool based on various aspects.

  1. Young users – Instagram is mainly used by the people of age below 30 whereas Facebook doesn’t attract comparable of amount of young population. This will surely affect the market of products encircling the young people. Well if the young people don’t use Facebook than who does? Well the answer is older ones do. And here comes the benefit of advertising in Instagram over advertising in Facebook. The older people are generally wealthier with a higher bank balance than the younger population. And thus Facebook could act as a great advertising platform for your brand if it is an investment firm.
  2. Engagement- We know it clearly that Facebook engages more number of people than Instagram does. But when we speak about posts, Instagram generally wins the battle. What Instagram does is the demonstration of the issue with pictures and a catchy caption is. And people generally get attentive about pictorial content than textual ones. But if a client wants to contact the owner or the advertising head of Facebook or Instagram, Facebook goes way ahead Instagram due to its compatible functionality.
  3. Host a giveaway – A giveaway is generally associated with a contest where people need to share and tag a picture of the brand product and just wait to get lucky to get a hamper.
  4. Pay an influencer – What does an influencer do? He posts catchy stuff on your product details and advertises your product over the Instagram account and facebook account by adding the link of the product site. Adding direct links to the posts on Instagram is not yet an option.
  5. Platform Strength – Instagram has a small user base and options as compared to Facebook. In Facebook the advertising agent can create groups, invite people for events, and post lengthy videos beating the 1 minute videos allowed on Instagram. But Instagram is hassle-free and the small customer base which is loyal. The user sticks to Instagram and doesn’t get distracted as on facebook because of the several options it offers.


Both Instagram and Facebook are great way to reach out to the desired group of customers. The main mantra of marketing is the research before it, to know the place and people for whom the products are being made and to concentrate on the marketing techniques that will be suitable for the target audience.

branding tips for Instagram
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Simple Tips To Help Your Brand Work Around Instagram


Instagram may be a social platform that is a photo and video centric, but this does not mean that you cannot manage to create brand awareness on this platform. In fact, whichever social channel you choose to you, your efforts are as good as your creativity and you can really achieve anything that you want. The most important thing you can start with is to understand how Instagram works. Create a professional profile and sell your company on the bio every possible way.

It is also important that you understand how to navigate the app and all important features you can employ to your efforts in making your brand visible. It may be one of the most interesting social channels for people who love sharing their best moments but it can also be a powerful tool for your brand awareness strategy. If you still are not very sure of how you can use Instagram to your advantage, go through the simple tips listed below and you might just come up with the best plan to find your way around the channel.

  1. Ensure that all posts relate to your brand. If you are a business trying to make a name for yourself, resist the temptation of posting photos that you personally love and are not relevant to your line of business. Animals, fashion and food, maybe some of the most popular photos of the platform, but if they do not in any way relate to what you do, you will only manage to confuse your followers. You can of course use such photos in a creative manner that makes them relevant to the business, but otherwise you should avoid them as they only make your marketing look disjointed.
  2. Remember links do not work on captions. Linking is a very important tool to use in social media marketing. But like mentioned above, you need to know what works for the platform you have selected to take your marketing campaign. When it comes to Instagram, you will only manage to share working links on your profile and not on photo comments or captions so you are able to take users to your business website. You can change the default link on your bio so that it specifically directs the users to your desired page on your website. Do not forget to mention in your caption that they can find the link on the Instagram profile.
  3. Always remember to respond to comments by users – When you post photos on the platform, you will be expecting comments. When users actually comment, make sure that you respond so you interact and show that you are paying attention and value them too. Whether the comments are positive or negative ensure that you do not ignore, but instead respond in the most appropriate way possible. By making your followers and customers feel valued, you will be encouraging them to keep checking you out and interact with your pictures every time.
  4. Embed posts on your website. Instagram is a mobile app, but it has a desktop version and using this you are able to embed code so you can add specific videos or images to your official business website. Remember that not all users will first find you on Instagram; some will land your business website first and you will only make your Instagram presence known when you embed some Instagram posts on the website. It is a simple process, you need no help with. Simply click on ellipses button on the bottom right corner after selecting the photo or video you wish to embed and select Embed then follow the prompts to place it on the website area you want.
  5. Consider running promotions and giveaways once in a while. It is one of the simplest ways of involving your followers and customers in marketing your brand. You can have them repost images using custom hashtags in their profiles using custom hashtags to enter into the contest, sales or giveaways. When you make such promotions, interesting enough for your audiences, you will manage to drive considerable traffic to your profile thus extending your reach and improving your visibility.