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promote your business with Google Plus

How to promote your business with Google Plus?


Google Plus like other social networking sites offers great prospects to promote your business. You should utilize the opportunities in the most appropriate way and the best promotion will take place with the help of experts. There are more than 250 million active users on Google Plus. The number will grow in the coming days. As a matter of fact, Gmail users should use Google Plus account inevitably. Hence, you can take your products and services to Google Plus audience without any issues.

Benefits of Google Plus

The Google Plus will help you understand the products and services that can be taken to the targeted audience. It will help you promote products at best time as per the availability of targeted audience. You should not underestimate the potential as Google Plus in marketing the products and services.

Marketers will be able to promote the website with Google Plus so that the traffic on the site will increase. When there is increase in traffic, there will be corresponding increase in leads and you can improve sales volume very easily.

Promotion of your website

You should use the right set of keywords to promote your website. The About page should be filled with useful content and it should offer a quick overview of the business.

The website can be linked to specific pages so that potential customers will be directed to most appropriate content. Even though the content is optimized to fulfill the needs of marketing, it should fulfill the SEO aspect as well in a very efficient way.

The information that is helpful for customers should be included. The keywords that are likely used to find out your business should be optimized in the content. In addition to the text and image, the title should contain keywords as well.

Relevant links

The ‘About Us’ page should contain relevant keywords and links so that you can optimize it very efficiently. The description about your page can be presented in the form of bullets. If you present content in the form of bullets, it can be read very easily.

You can include links to various pages very easily. You should experiment the text and links in various ways so that you will settle for the best content. The optimization should not affect the user-friendliness. Users should be able to read the content very easily.

Google Plus Events

Google Plus Events It is a great means to connect with your audience. you can send customized invitations to customers and others. It is possible to send invitations to non-Google Plus users as well. If a user will confirm to an event, it will show up in the calendar automatically.

You can send invitations to various events such as webinars, parties and functions. The attendance at events can be increased with the help of Hangouts. All the participants will be able to attend the event instantly and they can upload pictures as well. The photos can be displayed in chronological order.

Content presentation

The content can be presented and optimized in a systematic way. The frequency of posts should be increased so that the visibility of your website will increase. Each post should contain appropriate keywords so that the optimization will be very effective.

If you present relevant content, the user will find relevant content as per their search criteria and it is presented by Google Plus automatically. The relevant content under the Google’s Social Search personalized results will be displayed. You should find relevant users and begin conversation with them so that the promotion of the website will be very efficient.

Google Authorship

To further enhance SEO results, you can make use of the Google Authorship for SEO benefits. Google will authenticate your site if it finds trustworthy content on your website. The Google Authorship can be setup very easily and it can be accomplished in few clicks.

Your Google Profile is a great means to deliver your identity to Google. It should be linked to your content so that the SEO benefits will be derived very easily. The click-through rates will increase by displaying the author’s picture next to blog posts. When you add a human element to posts, the promotion of the website will be very efficient. It is possible to show up personalized search results as well.

instagram for business

Top benefits of using Instagram for business


Instagram has more than 300 million active users and is growing strong with every passing day. It is ranked as the best photo-sharing site in the world, because of its highly effective and user-friendly features. It was acquired by the leading social networking giant, Facebook recently, and there has been no turning back for Instagram ever since. If you own a business and want to promote it on a large scale, what are the key factors that you will focus on?

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Wider penetration of your business
  • Access to newer customers and improved business
  • More sales

All of the above are possible with the help of Instagram. This is a very powerful tool for your business, provided you know how to use it properly. Here are some top benefits that you can get for your business, when you use Instagram.

Good engagement with customer

Instagram is the most effective social media tool when it comes to customer engagement. In a latest study conducted by Forrester, Instagram was crowned “king of social management”, purely because of its customer engagement capacity. In a study that comprised 7 social network giants including those of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram emerged as the most successful. Here are the findings:

Instagram scored 4.21% per-user engagement rate, whereas Facebook and Twitter had only 0.7% and 0.3% respectively. This means, Instagram created 58 times more user engagement and 120 times more engagement than Facebook and Twitter respectively. With the help of Instagram, you can now connect better with your followers, understand their opinions, see what they are talking about and comment with your solutions for the same. Need we say more regarding the power of Instagram?

Updating your business map and getting noticed

Imagine you are own a restaurant named XYZ in a remote city in California and you have many visitors coming over to your place. You serve the best dishes that you can and you feel happy to see the content smile on your customers. How do you know if they go back and talk about your restaurant on their Instagram pages? You just have to follow a simple step – Take a photo of your restaurant and tag your exact location in the photo before posting this image on your Instagram account.

When you do this, you will automatically get a link just above your photo containing other posts with your restaurant’s name. This way, you will get to know what your customers have to say about you. You can take their negative criticism in a sportive spirit and do corrections to your business principles. You can also thank them for their positive reviews; let people know if there are any promotional offers going on at your place etc. This is a great way to connect with customers and this would not have been possible if you had not shared your location and image on Instagram.


Access to newer customers and thereby increased business

With Instagram, you can keep on growing your customer base to a great extent, with the help of a magical tool known as hashtags. Use a relevant hashtag to connect with people who shared photos related to the same concept that you have shared. For instance, if your business deals in running a day care for kids between 3 and 5 years, you could connect with people who use hashtags like #toddlerneedsschool, #nometimeformummy, #daycarereqd, etc. Ensure that the contacts that you have chosen are in your area. You could then connect with these parents and introduce your centre/facilities/services to them to strike a deal. Relevant hashtags are one of the most powerful marketing tools in Instagram.

Spread your business into wider areas

It is highly recommended that you should link your business account on Instagram to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This will ensure that the images that you share on Instagram gets automatically posted on to these sites as well. Effective promotion of your business on all of these social media channels is bound to bring you, new contacts, new opportunities and eventually increased sales number, which is the ultimate target of any business owner.1

twitter for business

How to promote your business with Twitter?


There are several ways to promote your business with social media. Twitter has powerful features so that you can make the most of your investment. You can send convincing message in 140 characters (tweets) so that there will be great increase in sales. A tweet can include a link to other online resources such as Facebook, website, blog, forum, etc. The Twitter offer microblogging tools and they will help you connect with the audience in a very efficient manner.

Unique content

Twitter offers unique features besides sharing common features with other social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn. A Tweet will be similar to a Facebook update. The messages are not filtered and every Tweet is available with the follower’s feed. As you share photographs on Pinterest, you will be able to share photos on Twitter as well. As you share an image on Twitter, you can garner conversation very easily.

A Tweet will be similar to LinkedIn update. By using LinkedIn, you can send messages to trusted connections. Twitter facilitates conveyance of message to any user. As you update content on Google Plus, you will be able to send short messages with Twitter. The message can be sent to various pockets as you send to groups through Google.

You can include a link to a video by using a Twitter’s Tweet. However, you will not be able to create a channel or organize videos as the focus is on sending quick and short messages.

Twitter for business promotion

You can share your business storey on Twitter so that there will be better brand promotion. When you share your brand information through various online resources, you should maintain the same colors, logo and other branding information across all the platforms. The images should be consistent on these social media platforms.

If you are promoting your personal blog, you can use your name for Twitter username. The business name can be your Twitter username so that the promotion will take place in a very efficient manner. If you cannot figure out the exact business name, you should find a name closer to the business name.

Twitter account profile

The Twitter account profile should be filled completely so that you can take advantage of the inherent features of the platform in a very efficient manner. You should take steps to include the location of your business. The city, state and zip code should be included so that users will find your business location very easily.

The website should be shared with your Twitter community. It is advisable to offer a special Twitter landing page so that you can provide additional and interesting information on Twitter.

You can share the description of your business by using the bio (160 characters). The mission statement can be filled with appropriate information.

Promotion of Twitter profile

You should follow people so that you can generate new followers. However, you should be selective in this process so that you will reach the targeted audience very easily. The various segments which will help you in the promotion of the brand are customers, business partners, contractors & vendors, suppliers, competitors, trade organizations and professional organizations.

A message can be sent to all your followers. If you receive a message, you can send a reply. While sending a message, you can mention other Twitter username. You can send a message directly to other user and it is considered as a private message. By retweeting a tweet, you can share message very easily.

Traffic creation

You should figure out the requirements of your targeted audience so that the content can be created and promoted to fulfill their needs. If you provide useful information, users will follow your profile. It is very much important to answer the questions posed by users. Steps should be taken to create traffic to your website and blog. Hence, a Tweet should be created around the link. The long web address can be shorted by using a URL shortener. Your online presence can be connected in various ways. The Twitter account information should be added to your website and blog.

You should add the timeline of Twitter messages to your website and blog. Users should be able to share your content on blog and website very easily so that you can make the most of your investment.

social media is crucia for business

Why is social media crucial for your business


Social media plays a great role in building the reputation of the brand. You will be able to attract new leads as well in a very efficient manner. To improve your chances of success, you should follow certain steps. You can create accounts on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms. The following tips will help you in this direction:

Social media plan

A social media plan should be created so that you will use the available options in a very efficient way. The social media that is appropriate for your business can be selected. If you place a plan, it can be referred to your team without any issues. Instead of signing up on many sites and not playing an active role, you should restrict the sign up for few sites and there should be active engagement on them. By defining a good social marketing strategy, your business needs will be fulfilled very efficiently.

Consistent presence

A routine posting schedule should be developed and it should be implemented in a very efficient way. The content that you publish varies from one social media to another social media. You might send two to four Tweets per day. The Facebook Page can be updated once in a day. You can update some sites once in a week. By maintaining the schedule, you can reach to the audience in a very effective way. You should have plans to reach out to influencers. If you fail to publish content on a regular basis, space will be used by your competitors.

Share appropriate information

The information that you have on social media should be relevant. It should be accurate and appropriate for the occasion. The content should be entertaining and should be relevant to your audience. By giving a clear insight into the information, you can build an opinion without any issues. There are automated tools which will suggest topics and keywords that are relevant to your business. The trending topics should not be ignored. The tools offer suggestions based on keywords and data feeds. However, you should study the relevance of such suggestions and valuable content should be posted. The best content should be prepared and it should be presented in the correct form.

You can add reputed sites which post high-quality content as per your needs. Those websites can be added to an RSS reader so that latest posts from sites will be readily available on the dashboard. As you will be aware of the relevant content, the content can be posted quickly.

Social media management

The social presence can be managed in a very efficient way by using a tool. By using a social management tool, you can publish content on various platforms very easily. Posts can be scheduled very easily. The collaboration is made simple with social media management tool. It is possible to manage all social media feeds from a single dashboard.

The tracking and measuring of results will be done in a very efficient way. Businesses can perform social media presence obligations by using the best management tool.

Track results

It is crucial to measure the impact of social media promotion. Efforts made by social media team should be tracked and analyzed. It is very much important to track the social media ROI so that the strategy can be modified to fulfill the interests of business.

The Likes on Facebook, the reach of Facebook and views and impressions on Twitter should be figured out. You should also find out the views and actions on Google Plus. There are impressions, clicks and interactions on LinkedIn. The Likes and comments on Instagram and Pinterest should be gauged. You should invest more on platform which delivers great results. The results should be tracked on weekly basis as well as monthly basis.

Paid advertising

To boost your business promotion chances, the paid advertising can be used. There will be quick results to paid advertising. As Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media offer a variety of paid advertising platforms, you should choose the right platform and service to optimize results.

Social media efforts should be accelerated by measuring, analyzing and streamlining the social media strategy.

promote your business with google plus

Can you choose Google Plus to promote your business?


Google Plus offers the highest level of privacy. It is possible to manage various kinds of circles and the information can be shared within each circle as per your needs. There are business friendly features in Google Plus which can be tapped to the full potential extent so that there will be a great improvement in the promotion of your brand.

Business listings

You can set up business listings in the best possible way by using Google Plus. ‘Google My Business’ feature can be used for the promotion of your business. If you list your business in Google Plus, the visibility of your business will be very much enhanced. The business will be available in local as well as mobile search. Based on the authentic information, potential customers will contact you and it is possible to generate new leads very easily. It is possible to get directions to your business by using Google Maps. The verified business website can be checked very easily.

When you lost your website, it is possible to find your photos and videos as well very easily. Your business page will provide complete information. It will help customers to leave review on the business page. If a website is verified, it will rank high in organic search results.

With the increase in usage of mobile search, the business listing gains importance in local SEO as well. The listing will certainly enhance your prospects in the coming years.

Well managed connections

By using connections, circles can be managed in a very efficient way. The sharing of content and regular updates can be accomplished in an effortless manner. You can share content selectively.

Circles will be created based on friends, associates, business partners, affiliates and influencers. You can follow them as per your requirements and the engagement will be efficient and fruitful. The updates can be sent to a particular segment very easily. Even though there are certain restrictions with Gmail, they are avoided by using the Google Plus.

Join communities

To enhance your network, you will want to join communities. Through communities, you will be connected very deeply. By using communities, you will be able to engage like-minded people. You can figure out people who advocate your products and connection will be established with them. You can create a new community based on a specific topic. You should take initiative to join with other communities as well. The communities that you create and engage with Google Plus will be unique. These are different from Facebook and Twitter. Hence, there will be addition of real value to members. Hangouts should be organized which will be exclusive to community members.

Content categorization

The content should be categorized based on the topic. Posts can be added to a collection very easily by using the latest features of Google Plus. New features are being added in the process so that there will be great satisfaction. As you start collections, Google Plus users will be able to find you and they will follow you without any issues.

A collection of blog posts can be created by a blogger and subscribers will get a different way to get updates from the blog. It is possible to create a collection of photos related to your products or services. Collections of various campaigns can also be presented so that many users will follow you in a very efficient way. When you manage an interesting collection, it will be featured by Google. You can find the collection in Featured Collections page.

If you follow posts in collections, they will appear in the Home stream. Collections will be classified and information will be shared very easily with the help of collections. Users’ news streams will be decluttered and they will be able to follow topics in which they are interested.

Promotion through Hangouts

If you can broadcast hangouts, there will be great increase in followers. Hangout is a popular tool. It will be used by businesses to promote various kinds of events in a seamless manner. Various kinds of events such as Q & A sessions, webinars and seminars can be conducted to engage the audience. It is possible to connect with people through video conferencing. There will be great growth in the audience when you take all the important steps present in Google Plus.

business twitter

Twitter For Business – The Benefits And The Risks


Twitter allows users to share news, information, opinions, jokes and any other thing in as short as 140 characters. The posts are known as tweets and can also contain videos, photos and links. For any business, Twitters makes a very good platform compared to other social networks probably because it is well open. It has most user profile public making it possible for your organization to reach even people who might not know anything about the existence of your business. It is indeed a platform that comes with a number of benefits, but there are also some risks and it is important to be aware of both when you are inclined on using it for the growth of your business.

Twitter benefits to business

  1. It helps raise your business profile. Using the platform you can be proactive in finding and also expanding audiences that you target as a business. It is among the features that make this social network very powerful and when using it you can be sure that even existing customers will have an easier time interacting with you. Using the search tool on Twitter you will be able to find people with similar interests and reach out to them.
  2. Twitter helps interact with fans, customers and clients that are like-minded. The public state of most profiles on Twitter offers no limits as far as introducing yourself to people or organizations that are like-minded. A compellin g message may be all you need to start valuable engagements.
  3. It is a reliable information source. By following the right people, you can get all kinds of news relevant to your business field. You have the ability to tailor your tweets so they can meet the exact needs you have for the business.
  4. It helps drive traffic to business, website or even blog. Using Twitter, you can share latest blog posts, promote and event that you have planned or even encourage people to sign up for e-newsletters. With all these possibilities, it becomes very easy for you to inform them about new products or services. The only thing you would need to do is ensure that the promotional messages do not end up making up most of the tweets that you post otherwise you will end up becoming boring.

Possible Twitter risks to business

  1. There is risk of brand reputation damage. Tweets that are not targeted can end up doing more harm than good for your business. The message may also be muddled if you blindly start using the platform. Simple mistakes can have huge negative impacts that would be very tedious to rectify. An idea that may look perfect for tweeting may not always end up yielding the results that you expected and you therefore may end up doing more damage control than marketing your brand.
  2. It is easy to lose time. This is because Twitter can be pretty demanding when it comes to effort and time to enjoy the results that you are chasing after. As a business, you may end up needing to have a dedicated team or person to handle the social channel and others if at all you are to be able to maintain consistency. It can be tedious to handle, especially when you only have a small team with lots of work and hence less time to spare for keeping your business profile up to date.
  3. It exposes you to criticism and attacks. In as much as Twitter can help elevate your business, not everything you get will be positive. More often people will have issues with messages that you post and could end up attacking your company or criticizing you. It is wise that you prepare for such occurrences and coming up with a way of handling the negative comments. It is also important to keep off controversial posts unless you do not mind the criticism and you are ready for the challenge.

Organizations have so much to gain when using Twitter professionally and with every move calculated. With the right approach and strategies, you have no limits as to how high you can take your business brand and meet your objectives of gaining a strong clientele.

facebook for business tips

Still Wondering Why Your Business Needs Facebook?


Social platforms seem to be outdoing each other as new ones become more popular than the previous. But Facebook is among the social networks that have managed to remain relevant in the lives of many people even as other networks gain popularity. The state of Facebook makes it all important to the business and so even as you consider making your presence felt using other platforms, there are so many reasons as to why your business may still need to have a Facebook presence and use all its features to keep your business relevant.

It has millions of users. Globally, Facebook has actually gone past the 4000 million member mark, making it a very strong platform. This social network remains very strong around the world and this tells you that it still has the potential to take your business all over and break geographical barriers. Its penetration across the globe means your business can make the same kind of penetration in different markets in different regions.

It connects thousands of sites. Connect is probably the greatest long term impact initiative that Facebook offers. Integrating Facebook has made it possible for sites to connect and make social graphs portable. Reputable sites are not integrating into Facebook giving users and easy time finding what they need on the go. It is something that has made this platform more of a central hub of the web besides social media.

Average users spend almost an hour on the platform every day. Your business, therefore stands the opportunity of grabbing consumer attention using the best tactics and strategies on the network. An hour for every user is a long time good enough for your business to impact on target audience positively. With the right content on the platform, you can make huge progress of your business.

It offers a customized news feed. News feed on Facebook are not algorithm driven and with this you can use content that is targeted based on interactions. Engaging content seem to be taking center stage on the network and this gets you shares, likes and comments that you need to keep your presence relevant and widespread. You have the freedom to test out different content types to find out what works for your brand to enjoy the benefits offered by the customized news feed on the platform.

Facebook offers real-time search. More content is now publicly available on Facebook unless you change the settings on privacy section. Considering that search engines like Google and Bing are incorporating such data into search results in real time the implication are tremendous for reputation management and SEO. Facebook may not be the best for all social media initiatives, but you can consider participating because of the size and with the right choices and approaches you can make the real-time searches work to your advantage.

The friends’ base on Facebook is reliable. An average user will have more than one hundred friends on Facebook and probably fan several pages every month. The trends open up huge opportunities as far as business exposure goes and there is a lot you can do with this opening when you choose your content carefully. Casual friendships ties have seen to dramatic rise of friend counts on the network and this only means better chances for your business to enjoy a presence that is valuable out there.

It has become a customer service hub. When you have a strong marketing strategy, you will be a success with organic traffic on Facebook. The network offers lots of tools that you can use to advertise your business. You can actually choose the people to reach with the ads making the ads more relevant to them, hence turning into really valuable results for your business. With tools like Facebook ads manager, Facebook ads manager app, social ads tool and others, there is really nothing you cannot achieve in reaching your customer base and growing it without spending too much on it.

There is so much you can do on Facebook and so many tactics and strategies you can incorporate to take your business even higher using the network. It has actually also become possible for you to connect your Facebook page with other social networks you may also be interested in.

twitter features

Twitter Features That Can Truly Benefit Your Small Business


Twitter has definitely become a very popular social media platform not just for individuals but also for business. More and more companies are using this platform and enjoy loads of following from individuals. As a small company using Twitter, you will be able to listen to your market, create relationships with new customers and strengthen relationship with already existing customers. It is a platform that has so many features but unfortunately there are plenty of them that most small businesses fail to utilize yet they can have real value to businesses looking to grow and expand.

Direct messaging – It has become a topic of discussion probably because it can get really spammy but the fact is that direct messaging on Twitter makes one of the best methods of reaching out to the audience your company or business targets. You simply need to be creative when using the feature. For instance, you should choose a message that will welcome positive engagement from the audience instead of opening up with a message that is simple sales inclined.

Twitter lists and pollsTwitter polls are some of the best you can use to get feedback from the audience, making it among the best features you can choose to use on the platform to take your small business even higher. The polls are free to run and you can create a poll in as short as a minute. However, ensure that you do not overuse them and instead run polls with the specific purpose to get feedback that will benefit the business. Twitter lists are very much similar to the polls, but they help you in honing in on what matters most to your business. The lists help keeping tweets relevant to your business in some sort of segmentation that you prefer.

Twitter cards – They are tweet types that make it possible to add photos, media files and videos that are rich enough to drive traffic you a URL you desire for your business. You may need to have to do a little technical work to use this wonderful feature on the social platform. The work largely involves HTML lines, but they are not that difficult to achieve either. After you have added them, tweets that contain links to your business website will automatically have a card added to them. You can choose to the most appropriate card for your tweets from the different types available to you.

Pinned tweets Pinning is something you have probably used on Facebook business pages, but you can also pin tweets on Twitter. You can pin a selected tweet at the top of your profile to fetch it more engagement from your audience. It can be a tweet that is very important for the business and pinning ensures that it remains at the top so visitors to your business page see it first when they visit the page thus stirring the expected reaction.

Twitter profile – It is the most obvious features of your business Twitter, but unfortunately not many small businesses utilize this powerful tool. Your profile should be your selling point to your target audience and potential customers. It should therefore be made of very nice profile picture and header images that are relevant to your line of business. Any biography you include in the profile should be keyword rich and should give an overview of what you do and the kind of solutions you are offering your customers. The last thing you want is customers finding you short of what they expect from a reliable business so make the Twitter profile as impressive and honest as possible. You should also ensure that you maintain brand consistency.

There are of course, so many missing features on Twitter that could be beneficial to all users including small businesses. But as you await the development of such features, you should find out about features readily available on the platform yet you are not utilizing to the maximum. A few changes may be all you need to propel your small business ahead and become the big brand that every business hopes to become. Break from your comfort zone and try out new strategies on the popular platform.

instagram advertising tips
How Tos, Instagram

Ways You Can Advertise Successfully On Instagram As A Small Or Medium Business


Advertising can be quite costly, especially when you are a small or medium business with a budget that is too tight to think very expensive campaigns. Instagram is unfortunately a very expensive platform to do advertising and the truth is that this social network only works with limited ad partners. With this in mind, it can prove tedious to try advertising on the platform, but it does not mean that it is entirely impossible for you to get some light on your products and services using it.

If at all you are to make it big advertising on Instagram, you must walk away from traditional advertising options and to be a little creative and willing to take your chances. The essence of any business is to grow into a reputable and profitable brand and only the daring, but strategic make it to that level. It may be hard to post ads on Instagram but there are definitely ways you can still be a success in making your company known and gain valuable exposure to your targeted audiences. It may mean including paid media efforts, but the results will make everything you do worth the effort.

  1. Allow an influencer to take over your business account

Account takeover simply means allowing a guest instagrammer to post to your account for a certain period of time. In this case, you should make sure that you stick to influencers in your relevant business field for the takeover to yield the kind of results you have in mind. Among the greatest benefit you stand to gain from this approach is having your brand introduced to targeted followers with similar tastes and interests with the influencer you have selected. This will instantly lead to an increase in the number of followers you have, clicks on your bio as well as likes on your posts. It should be expected however that the influencer will let his followers know that they are taking over a certain brand’s account; don’t expect that they will do it exclusively for your brand benefit.

  1. Host a giveaway on the social network

The giveaway can be solo branded or partners, but it creates a very effective channel to create awareness of your brand on the network. The good thing about Instagram is that it does not have too many promotion rules, especially when compared to other social networks like Facebook. You only need to acknowledge that your promotion is not associated, administered, endorsed or sponsored by Instagram and to ensure that you accurately tag content. Contents that seem to work extremely well on the network in creating brand awareness are those that require interested users to tag others on the comments section to enter the giveaways. You can also use a different approach where interested entrants post videos or photo on their profiles mentioning or tagging your business on their posts. Creativity will rule the day with such giveaways and the rules make it very easy for you to remain flexible.

  1. Pay an influencer to highlight your brand

Apart from welcoming an influencer to take over your Instagram brand account, you can also consider paying them to post positive commentary about your brand. You can for instance pay models to shoot with your giveaways or products and post on their profiles. By aligning yourself with all the right accounts, you will be amazed by the huge following you get to receive through the influencers. To make this work you of course must choose an influence who shares the same aesthetics as your brand and has something to offer in the field. It is the only way posts will be of relevance to their followers fetching you some valuable traffic in the process too. Remember to also select influencers who are not too expensive to work with but be willing to spend a reasonable amount to make the effort worth your while.

Instagram remains to be a platform that supports creativity and you can have an impact with the community on the network by letting your creative side guide you. There is still so much you can do with your posts and advertising approaches to gain your brand the kind of exposure it requires to grow.


social media tips for your business
How Tos

Social Media Marketing Tips To Take Your Business To A Whole New Level


Social media marketing is internet marketing that uses social media networks to achieve branding goals and marketing communication necessary. It has become one of the most reliable marketing approaches considering that the social networks are popular globally and businesses are therefore promised a broader reach in any marketing campaign they chose to engage in.

This type of marketing revolves primarily around sharing content, images and even videos for the marketing purposes. Businesses can also enjoy what is referred to as paid social media advertising on the social networks to get them more visible to a large audience. But just like any other marketing channel, you will need to start off your social media marketing with a plan. You must think about your company goals before putting together a marketing campaign so in the end you have something that is bound to be a success and fetch you the results that you are after.

The plan should target all important elements, including who your targeted audience is, your expectations, target audience preferences and the message you are proposing to spread using the social networks. Whether your aim is to increase website traffic, raise brand awareness, build conversations or create brand identity, you must know exactly where to start so you are able to measure ROI at the end. With a carefully executed plan, you will enjoy positive returns from your marketing campaign regardless of the social platform you choose to use. Here are some helpful tips that can help you get it right with social media marketing.

Tip 1 – Build a plan. This cannot be emphasized enough because it is the major thing that will determine the results that you get from your social media marketing efforts. Brainstorm content ideas and research keywords that are more appropriate so you capture your target audience.

Tip 2 – Choose content that will win. The information that you offer in your marketing campaign should be valuable to the groups you are targeting. You can diversify the content by implementing the different tools you have on social media, including videos, images and even infographics. There is so much you can do to create interesting content that will get you the kind of attention you are looking for from your target audience.

Tip 3 – Make sure you keep your brand image consistent across all platforms. It does not necessarily mean using the same content across all platforms you choose to use for your marketing campaign, but you should make sure that your business identity remains consistent so you do not end up confusing your customers.

Tip 4 – Consider blogging. It is one of the strongest social tools you can use to share information and any other content with your readers. If you have a company blog, you can have it serve as your marketing blog on social media. This way, you will be in a position to keep readers up to date with any social media events, contests and efforts easily and effectively.

Tip 5 – Let links work for you. You really can’t afford to be selfish when using social media for your marketing purposes. Try and link outside articles that are relevant to your field of business and you just might have the favor returned. The truth is that there are so many other sources out there relevant to your business that can provide valuable, interesting information that will interest your target audience. Linking is also a simple way of improving reliability and trust; it will definitely bring you good tidings.

Tip 6 – Keep an eye on your competitors. It is the one thing you should never ignore. The only way you will be able to beat the competition is by knowing what they are up to and what is working for them and then doing it better than them. Tracking competitors will not only help you get valuable data that can assist keyword research, but can also guide you to best industry links and marketing techniques.

Tip 7 – Use Google analytics to measure your success. It allows you to track data and measure how successful your marketing techniques are. Monitoring your campaigns allows you to make changes whenever necessary.