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Google is About to Launch Daydream, an Exclusive VR Platform


Virtual Reality is one of the latest trends in the world of technology. Almost every gamer likes to play games related to virtual reality in their play-station or PC. Now Google has also come up with a VR platform known as Daydream that can be played on a Daydream-ready phone and will associate a number of apps and games for a higher dose of entertainment.

With Daydream, virtual reality will enter mobile sets and is expected to provide high-quality visual experiences to the user. The new Pixel and Pixel XL handsets will be compatible with Daydream and things will be different from Google Cardboard that aimed at providing virtual reality features to the users at a much reduced cost.

It is going to be launched in the coming month and will cost you $79 (approximately). The VR headsets for Daydream has a more sophisticated and sleek design as compared to the previous ones of its type. There is a latch where you can insert your phone and a controller for the headset is also there.

Though Pixel and Pixel XL would be the first phones to support Daydream, it will later be used to the other brands such as Samsung, ASUS, HTC and Lenovo as well. You will be able to download a variety of apps and games from the playstore that would be supported by Dayream. It is expected that by the end of this year there will be about 50 such apps that would be supported by Daydream.

Among the other apps and games, Fantastic Beasts is also there! Another app called Star chart will be equally thrilling for you as it would let you explore the solar system in the most unique way possible. Other brands are also waiting to launch some VR ready apps exclusively for Daydream. For instance, Nefix, HBO, Hulu and New York Times will all launch their apps that would be suitable in this respect.

If you are wondering how the Daydream headsets will look, let us tell you that Google has not taken the charge alone but has also engaged a few other brands to design headsets for Daydream. This would probably lead to different types of headset.

It will come with some of the smartest features such as the controller which will be similar to a wifi remote with respect to its looks and a clickable touch pad for sending gestures to the virtual world. There will also be a Home Button for returning you to the Home Screen of the app. You will also find a motion controller to swipe in between the menu options and search for your favourite movies, apps and games.
Daydream will be deeply integrated into Android Nougat. It will require three different pillars for a viable operation- VR-optimized smartphones, a quality System-on-chip and top-notch sensors.