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Need to know about the facebook profiles in upcoming financial markets


Understanding basic functionality and features of the facebook business page, facebook personal profiles and group is really beneficial to develop your business identity. Once you sign up with the facebook, you can do yourself with the personal profile. Based on the facebook terms of service, each person is allowed to create a personal account. You must not use personal timeline for your own commercial gain. If you are looking to market your products on facebook then you must follow some effective tips such as

  • Support your business with facebook personal profile
  • Advertise and market your business with the facebook business page
  • Engage narrow audience with facebook groups

How facebook is beneficial to business people

If you are using a personal profile for business, you can easily attract your followers. Each business is having and using your personal profile is useful to share your story. With facebook page, you can make your business profile which can separate from personal profile. Having spate facebook page to your business is really useful to keep your account in offering complete freedom to advertise, post and focus your content across your industry, customers and business. All pages which you create are connected to the personal profile. Facebook is extremely powerful advertising tool which is really useful to reach the audience. With the help of business page, you might get access to full line of the advertising options such as encourage people to increase your number of followers, target people who engaged with your posts, display ad to people at your email list and attract people who can share traits. You must separate your personal life from business. Your business page must have own home page, timeline, profile photo and cover photo. Facebook group is a community which you join as personal profile. Group is made up of the likeminded organizations and people which comes together to share and discuss ideas across common interests. Facebook group is best ways to promote and create awareness to your business, great example is ERS you can check also their official website You can join in any groups which are related to your business and share your relevant post, podcast episodes and so on. Group is the safest way to find new customers, new connections and partners. Each group could be governed one of three privacy settings which can control how people join the group. Different kinds of the groups are available in facebook such as closed groups, public groups and secret groups. A closed group is having administrator who can look at all requests to join and typically it is smaller than public groups.

Things to know about facebook profiles

In this modern world, most of the people are willing to create closed group in order to minimize random individual posts and spam. Secret group is strictly private which might not appear on discover page. Owner of the secret group might invite specific people to join. The facebook help center is having use table which can outline how group privacy setting may affect visibility of your group. You are always advisable to develop a strong relationship among group members via interactions and post.

grab traffic for your website from facebook
Facebook, How Tos

How to increase traffic on your website with Facebook?


To increase traffic on your website, you can implement various steps. Facebook is a great means to attract and retain targeted audience in a very efficient way. Facebook has about two billion active daily users and it has great user base all over the world. The account on the social media can be optimized so that you can engage with customers in the best possible way. In fact, Facebook offers special features for promotion of business. If you setup a profile page and manage active presence, it is possible to make great improvement in sales.

Effective ways

If you promote your Facebook on other social media, there will be quick progress. The promotion should take place with the audience already created by you. If you go for paid links, there will be great risk. You should spend time and effort to promote through the social media. By promoting on Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can manage hundreds of thousands of users. Even though you will not want to go through the vigorous promotion, the active promotion will make a great difference.

The Facebook should be promoted on your blog. If you are running a WordPress blog, appropriate plug-ins can be installed so that the promotion will take place very efficiently. There should be ‘call for action’ indicators on the blog so that there will be great satisfaction. You can include ‘Like Us on the Facebook’ and images so that users will be attracted very easily.

Promotion through email list

The news about Facebook presence can be conveyed through the email list. In fact, you can include the link to Facebook in every mail you send to the customer. If you manage a subscriber list, the link can be posted at the bottom of the email so that customers will be connecting to your social network very easily. There should be links which can be shared with their friends as well. When the link is forwarded by a known friend or colleague, it will be opened as the click through rate will be high. You can offer emails which motivate other users as well.

Promotion through Facebook Groups

The promotion of your business blog can be done with the help of Facebook Groups. The business promotion should be done from a location where you find the active presence of audience. There will be groups which belong to your niche. You can search for those niche groups and join those groups through the Facebook Page. Instead of connecting groups through personal account, you should connect through the business account. As you post a comment on the group, your brand will be promoted. The group rules should be followed when you explore the Facebook Group option.

Traffic generation

The traffic will be generated from the business blog as well as from your Facebook account. The Facebook page should be posted multiple times in a day to boost traffic on the social media. It is the best way to build relationship with users. You will be able to connect with the audience that you have created through various ways. Even though you manage hundreds of thousands of Facebook Likes, you should interact with audience to enhance your prospects.

Go through the page insights

The content should be posted at the most appropriate time. It should be posted on a consistent way. You should post authentic content which is not available at any other source. The content should deliver in-depth insight to users so that they will be able to go through the post. The link will be shared with friends and associates in a very efficient manner. You should understand the sweet spots of the day and they should be maintained to engage the audience.

Facebook Advertising

The promotion of your business will be done in the best possible way through the Facebook Advertising. Facebook ads will get hundreds of thousands of likes whey they are presented as per the standards. You should create landing pages to get more subscribers. The landing pages should be promoted through various channels so that the traffic on your site will increase.

You can spend time on enhancement of Facebook audience so that there will be great chance to transform your brand. You are advised to invest on Facebook ads as well so that there will be great progress.

Should you choose Facebook or Instagram
Facebook, Instagram

Facebook Vs. Instagram – Best means of promotion


Instagram and Facebook are two popular online platforms through which promotion of business will take place in a very efficient way. As these platforms are different, users will create accounts on both platforms to connect with others. The platforms can be used to connect with your friends, family members and colleagues. They can be used by brands and advertisers as well so that they will be able to make the most of their investment. You should implement a branding strategy that is unique to your business so that there will be great results.

Facebook potential

Facebook with more than 1.3 billion users offer quite efficient online promotional channel. The exposure that you get for news and views posted on Facebook is very high. The message has the potential to go viral so that you can make the most of your time, effort and money.

  • If you would like to add value through the social media page, Facebook page will accomplish the task in a very efficient way. Facebook has certain advantages with which it becomes the most sought after platform than all social media sites.
  • The networking capability associated with Facebook is very high. The reach with Facebook is higher than Instagram. If you are keen in improving the reach, you should go for Facebook. Even though Facebook lags behind Instagram in terms of engagement, it has the potential to generate the second highest number of interactions.
  • Facebook is very popular among adult population. 72% of the adults are found Facebook. There is no drastic difference between male and female presence. The presence of female users is 77% and it is 66% male users out of total internet users.
  • Facebook has the potential to attract users from all age groups. The performance of ads is highly successful. If you can use ad campaigns in right directions, the popularity of your brand can be enhanced very easily.

Instagram potential

As one image is worth more than a thousand words, you will be able to attract visitors very easily through the Instagram. It is possible to share locations as well with the help of Instagram. The information will be presented in a creative way on Instagram so that it will catch the audience very easily. The engaging content will propel users to visit the native site so that there will be great satisfaction.

  • The active users on Instagram are 300 million on daily basis and 500 million on monthly basis. 80% of users are located outside US. Businesses can use Instagram to enhance visibility in a very efficient manner. There are highly engaged users on Instagram. More than 95 million photos and videos are shared on the website and there is great scope to promote your products and services with the website.
  • The user interaction on Instagram is higher than any other social media site. The social media site will also ensure that highly engaged media interactions will take place so that the promotion of the brand will be done very efficiently.
  • The social media network should be chosen as per the demographic reach. The selection should be done as per user preferences. As per the research, it was found that the number of female users on Instagram is higher than the number of male users. 55% of young adults between the age of 12 and 19 are registered on the Instagram.
  • The best features available in Instagram can be used to promote your brand. You can target new generation and young customers on Instagram. Facebook has the ability to attract users from all age groups so that you can make the most of your investment. You can set social media budget and the promotion of products and services can be done very efficiently.


It is very much important to maintain presence on both platforms, Facebook and Instagram. The features that best serve your interests on both platforms can be selected so that you can promote your business to the next level without any issues. Deeper content can be created on Facebook and it can be shared in a very efficient way. You can provide better customer service through the Facebook so that you can increase traffic and the promotion of the site can be done in an effortless manner.

promote tourism through Facebook
Facebook, How Tos

How tourism can be promoted through Facebook?


Social media play an important role in building relations. You can build new connections very quickly by using various kinds of social media platforms. Some of the best social connectivity options are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Instagram. You should choose the best platform so that the promotion will take place in a very efficient way. The promotion of a travel agency can be accomplished with the help of Facebook very easily.

Official website

It is true that there is great competition in the promotion of tourism services. The posting of your offers is not the only means of promotion of your website or services. You should be able to connect, engage and offer various kinds of services on Facebook. The Facebook is a great means to attract new users. The website should be presented in a professional way. It should have all the bells and whistles to entertain all kinds of users. The website should have all the buttons so that new users will be able to follow the travel agency on various social platforms.

You should go for mobile-friendly website so that you can fulfill the needs of customers very easily. When you go for a responsive website, the website will fit into the screen automatically.

Sharing of news

The news about offers should be conveyed with the help of social media. The promotion can be done directly by the travel agency or with the help of satisfied customers. The photos and videos shared by users will have profound impact on new customers. The feedback offered by customers will be taken positively and there will be increase in new bookings. You should provide links about packages on the website as well as social media site so that there will be great scope to share it with others.

New offers

It is very much important to provide interesting offers so that users will go through the details without any issues. The offers should be published at one location and they should be updated at regular intervals. The website should be easy-to-use. It is crucial to build links on your website. As the promotions are presented n the website, you will witness great increase in traffic.

Facebook page

The Facebook page should be created to start your social media promotion. You can go through the tutorials to create a page in a very efficient manner. You should fill keywords and description, link to the website and a business logo at appropriate locations.

Before finalizing the page, you should get feedback from others so that necessary modifications can be done very easily. If there is increase in number of likes, the popularity of the site will also increase. By optimizing the keyword, there will be great change in traffic. As the traffic increases, the page rank of the website will also increase.

Online campaigns

Various online campaigns can be created and promoted to take your business to the next level. You can go for Facebook ads to promote your website very quickly. You can create new groups and join various groups so that there will be quick promotion. Groups can be used to your advantage. You can promote your website through the small group as well as large group. When you join in biggest relevant groups, there is great scope to attract traffic in an effortless manner.

Engage with users

You should get information about members from various groups and you should contact them so that the promotion of the travel group will take place. Before sending messages to prospective clients, you should take steps that the link generated will not appear like a spam message.

The information should be posted on Facebook travel pages. When you present useful information, prospective travelers will contact you. They will contact other travelers who had availed the package so that the promotion of the travel agency will take place in the best possible way.

By implementing the best marketing techniques in various ways, it is possible to make the most of your time, effort and money. You can promote your travel site through other social media such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as well. The features that bests serve the needs of the industry should be selected so that you can make the most of your investment.

instagram or facebook
Facebook, Instagram

Instagram vs Facebook: Which One Is Better for Your Brand


Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger, Instagram is a photo sharing app. Well it’s not a just app for the professional photographer, it is a platform to share from a picture or may be a number of pictures that you want to share with the world. The pictures have a story to tell. This app also has pictures of stores who promote their brand through Instagram, pictures of fashion icons…..and the list is never ending.

Facebook was created by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg along with his fellow Harvard student on 4th February 2004. Since then Facebook has been a huge platform for interactions, socializing, marketing, brand promotions and fan base of celebrities. Facebook attracts 1.4 million users every year.

Well both Instagram and Facebook are under the common Owner Facebook since April 9th 2012. On that date Instagram was acquired by Facebook at a net worth of $1 billion of cash and stock. Even after this we cannot consider both the apps as a single entity. Each of these apps has separate market for promotions of brands and their products.
Facebook and Instagram have their respective markets with respect to age group, customer’s profile and the product details. Undoubtedly Facebook has more than four times the users logged in on a daily basis as compared to Instagram. But Instagram posts are a visual treat for the users, only the picture-oriented posts seem clutter free. They are similar in many aspects as they have the same list of contacts, apart from the people following you now and then. Facebook is a place where even the smallest of a business owner opens a page which may not be logged in ever again .Facebook has become the place of sharing information where people mandatorily feed their information.

Well let’s discuss how these platforms differ from each other as a marketing tool based on various aspects.

  1. Young users – Instagram is mainly used by the people of age below 30 whereas Facebook doesn’t attract comparable of amount of young population. This will surely affect the market of products encircling the young people. Well if the young people don’t use Facebook than who does? Well the answer is older ones do. And here comes the benefit of advertising in Instagram over advertising in Facebook. The older people are generally wealthier with a higher bank balance than the younger population. And thus Facebook could act as a great advertising platform for your brand if it is an investment firm.
  2. Engagement- We know it clearly that Facebook engages more number of people than Instagram does. But when we speak about posts, Instagram generally wins the battle. What Instagram does is the demonstration of the issue with pictures and a catchy caption is. And people generally get attentive about pictorial content than textual ones. But if a client wants to contact the owner or the advertising head of Facebook or Instagram, Facebook goes way ahead Instagram due to its compatible functionality.
  3. Host a giveaway – A giveaway is generally associated with a contest where people need to share and tag a picture of the brand product and just wait to get lucky to get a hamper.
  4. Pay an influencer – What does an influencer do? He posts catchy stuff on your product details and advertises your product over the Instagram account and facebook account by adding the link of the product site. Adding direct links to the posts on Instagram is not yet an option.
  5. Platform Strength – Instagram has a small user base and options as compared to Facebook. In Facebook the advertising agent can create groups, invite people for events, and post lengthy videos beating the 1 minute videos allowed on Instagram. But Instagram is hassle-free and the small customer base which is loyal. The user sticks to Instagram and doesn’t get distracted as on facebook because of the several options it offers.


Both Instagram and Facebook are great way to reach out to the desired group of customers. The main mantra of marketing is the research before it, to know the place and people for whom the products are being made and to concentrate on the marketing techniques that will be suitable for the target audience.

facebook for business tips

Still Wondering Why Your Business Needs Facebook?


Social platforms seem to be outdoing each other as new ones become more popular than the previous. But Facebook is among the social networks that have managed to remain relevant in the lives of many people even as other networks gain popularity. The state of Facebook makes it all important to the business and so even as you consider making your presence felt using other platforms, there are so many reasons as to why your business may still need to have a Facebook presence and use all its features to keep your business relevant.

It has millions of users. Globally, Facebook has actually gone past the 4000 million member mark, making it a very strong platform. This social network remains very strong around the world and this tells you that it still has the potential to take your business all over and break geographical barriers. Its penetration across the globe means your business can make the same kind of penetration in different markets in different regions.

It connects thousands of sites. Connect is probably the greatest long term impact initiative that Facebook offers. Integrating Facebook has made it possible for sites to connect and make social graphs portable. Reputable sites are not integrating into Facebook giving users and easy time finding what they need on the go. It is something that has made this platform more of a central hub of the web besides social media.

Average users spend almost an hour on the platform every day. Your business, therefore stands the opportunity of grabbing consumer attention using the best tactics and strategies on the network. An hour for every user is a long time good enough for your business to impact on target audience positively. With the right content on the platform, you can make huge progress of your business.

It offers a customized news feed. News feed on Facebook are not algorithm driven and with this you can use content that is targeted based on interactions. Engaging content seem to be taking center stage on the network and this gets you shares, likes and comments that you need to keep your presence relevant and widespread. You have the freedom to test out different content types to find out what works for your brand to enjoy the benefits offered by the customized news feed on the platform.

Facebook offers real-time search. More content is now publicly available on Facebook unless you change the settings on privacy section. Considering that search engines like Google and Bing are incorporating such data into search results in real time the implication are tremendous for reputation management and SEO. Facebook may not be the best for all social media initiatives, but you can consider participating because of the size and with the right choices and approaches you can make the real-time searches work to your advantage.

The friends’ base on Facebook is reliable. An average user will have more than one hundred friends on Facebook and probably fan several pages every month. The trends open up huge opportunities as far as business exposure goes and there is a lot you can do with this opening when you choose your content carefully. Casual friendships ties have seen to dramatic rise of friend counts on the network and this only means better chances for your business to enjoy a presence that is valuable out there.

It has become a customer service hub. When you have a strong marketing strategy, you will be a success with organic traffic on Facebook. The network offers lots of tools that you can use to advertise your business. You can actually choose the people to reach with the ads making the ads more relevant to them, hence turning into really valuable results for your business. With tools like Facebook ads manager, Facebook ads manager app, social ads tool and others, there is really nothing you cannot achieve in reaching your customer base and growing it without spending too much on it.

There is so much you can do on Facebook and so many tactics and strategies you can incorporate to take your business even higher using the network. It has actually also become possible for you to connect your Facebook page with other social networks you may also be interested in.

what social media channel is best for your business
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Wondering What Social Media Channel Is Best For Your Business?


What you should know

Today, it is practically impossible to run a business without making your online presence known. Whereas a website may have been all you need for visitors and customers to find you, social media has taken over and you need to at least have a presence in one or two channels to have a wider reach. With so many social media platforms available it can be confusing as to which one is best for your business.

When it comes to choosing the best channel for your business, you should start by being clear about elements such as content production bandwidth, which platforms you like most and which platforms your key audiences are likely to use most. LinkedIn is, for instance a professional kind of social platform that attracts business people, whereas Facebook is not selective and you will find all kinds of audiences on it. The goals you have as a brand will of course help you select the best channel for your business strategies, but you should at least know what each channel is about and what is in it for your business.


Initially it was all about connecting family and friends, but it has since opened up for advertising and changed business prospects. It is a suitable platform for those who don’t mind competition and is a very popular network. It can however be a little too crowded for your business updates and you would need to be very creative using it. On Facebook you can connect and engage the audience using messages, comments, likes and business pages. You can also strategize using ad formats that are creative, optimize ads, enjoy adverts on multiple device, measure performance and use demographics, location and even behaviors to target ads.


It is the channel of choice for those interested in younger and tech savvy crowds. It is the modern newsroom of social media where people are free to share opinions and thoughts and also learn updates and happenings from direct sources. The channel offers an opportunity for you to connect with your target groups and build relationships that are reliable and strong. Using Twitter, you can increase brand awareness through direct communications in the form of mentions, hashtags, replies, tweets and likes. You get the chance to also empower brand image, network with influencers and brand advocates, get current updates in your industry and measure tweet performance through analytics and metrics available.


This social channel is best for those who can play business game. The audience on the platform is great for insights related to job hunting, networking and work productivity. It is the best channel for B2B companies and it makes it possible for you to connect with industry changers and find partners you can work with to improve your business. LinkedIn generally has a professional feel to it and attracts people strictly in improving their business networks and making all the right connections with influencers in the relevant industries.


If photography is your thing, then this is the social media platform that will work best for you. The best thing about the platform is that you can connect it with your Twitter or Facebook pages to gain even more value for your business. It has a powerful global presence and is fast growing. This visual platform gives your business the chance to portray your brand as a lifestyle concept thus allowing target groups to focus on what you are all about. You can actually tell your business story using photos and videos. Using Instagram, you can drive high brand awareness levels with compelling photos, carousel and videos, connect and engage with audiences using comments, likes, follows and messages, optimize ads and measure ad performance using data available on Facebook. You can use in conjunction with Facebook so you have expanded audience and unified management.

These are of course only some of the largest and most popular social media platforms. You can also consider others like Google+, Pinterest, snapchat and polyvore among others for your business. At the end of the day you would need to consider what the channel can do for your business and how effective it is in reaching the groups that you are targeting.

facebook marketing tactics

Marketing Tactics That Are Actually Working On Facebook Currently


If you are among people with a general feeling that Facebook is being overshadowed by other popular social platforms or that the increasing algorithm updates and news feed are making it hard for your brand to be noticed, you may need a change of tactic for your marketing efforts to pay off in the end. More brands seem to be posting more content on Instagram compared to Facebook, but this doesn’t mean that Facebook is not valuable anymore.

By using tactics that are presently working on this platform, you should be able to get your message out there and achieve the kind of results you are looking for. This post should be able to help you make a few changes to your marketing strategy and use methods that will actually work for the business objectives you may have.

Use dark posts – On Facebook, dark posting is publishing posts that do not appear on the timeline. These posts are usually targeted to selected audiences and can be really helpful in split testing. You can actually create three different variations of the same post with the intention of finding out which type works best of performs the best in relation to your expectations. You can use Facebook ads manager and Power Editor to get started with the dark posts. You simply need to follow instructions and you will be able to put together the creative dark posts.

Share quote photos – This tactic is not new and the truth is that it is still very strong on the platform. People always seem to be moved by inspirational quotes that can motivate them or stir a particular emotion and you can enjoy post interaction and shares when you choose to use the quote photos. Sharing on the platform is an integral part of social proof and this leads to more fans and friends, finding your page and probably even liking it.

Try native videos – Videos have definitely taken over photos on Facebook and you can get very good results especially with native videos. Users get compelled with the slightest move and your video will definitely draw them in. There is always a high likelihood that they will stop and actually play the video. But to make it yield some good results, you should ensure that it is short, easy and quick. The video should also contain a very strong call to action to be relevant to your efforts. Native videos are those posted directly to Facebook and they seem to bring better results than those linked from other sites like Vimeo or YouTube. Still on videos, you can consider featured video and creating video playlists on Facebook.

Target organic posts – It is possible for your posts to be limited to smaller audiences, but you can make a difference by ensuring that they are the exact audience you are targeting. Publishers now have numerous new tools they can use on Facebook and you can experiment with targeted audiences for organic posts. Targeted posts generally attract higher engagement compared to posts that are not targeted.

Make use of your Call to Action button – It is what gives users’ direction on what to do next and this is exactly where you want your Facebook presence to do for your business. You will enjoy new visits on your page and without a proper CTA, you could end up losing value from such visits. Facebook offers different calls to action that you can use depending on the services or products you are offering or what you want your visitors to do next. You can strongly invite them to sign up, shop now, use app, contact us, book now or even watch video. It all depends on the contents of your page intended direction you have laid out for the visitors.

Other tactics you can effectively use on Facebook to make a difference in your marketing efforts include zeroing in on key topics, posting frequently but relevantly and being creative with topics that are trending. It could also prove very beneficial to study negative feedback so you know what your audience does not like. This way, you will be able to make important changes and discover patterns that can guide you into themes, language use and post types that work for your audience.

facebook halloween

FaceBook is All Set for Halloween


I don’t know how sad the real Frankenstein was, he just seemed right away scary to me but Facebook thinks otherwise. This Halloween Facebook turned your regular emojis into scary little monsters; so now you get to laugh like a witch, get sad like Frankenstein, say wow like a basic white-cloth-clad ghost and get angry like a scary pumpkin. The ‘like’ button becomes a skeletal hand and the ‘love’ button gets eaten (by unseen monsters?). in order to use these funky Halloween reactions you will have to hold down the ‘like’ button on mobile or hover over the ‘like’ button if you are on your laptop (you know the procedure) to avail the options of the reaction images; then all you have to do is choose between the candy heart ‘love’, skeletal ‘thumbs up’, laughing ‘ha-ha’ witch, ‘sad’ Frankenstein, ‘wow’ ghost or the ‘angry’ pumpkin!

Introducing customized features for festivals is the new social media trend and what’s more appropriate than Halloween to give things a little make-over? Funny emojis have become funnier with the monster theme and everyone seems to be looking forward to those. It came out in late October, just in time for Halloween. But not everyone is happy about it. Let’s find out why. So, say you want to mourn for something, the loss of a loved one or a tragic accident, and instead of the normal sad emoji (which is still funny for a grave reaction if you ask my opinion) you get a green faced, teary eyed Frankenstein; not appropriate! And that’s exactly what happened when Jared Smith wanted to mourn the death of his friend’s father. Not everyone is equally enjoying this feature, Mr. Zuckerberg! The users took their complaint to Twitter, saying that the idea was not thought through well and they aren’t ‘cool’ with it at all. Seems like the extra edge that this social media giant wanted to gain came out pretty blunt.

But there’s another feature which is doing pretty well till now, that is to say, it has not attracted any controversies: the Halloween mask feature. Putting on masks was something that Snapchat had introduced (you remember those adorable puppy faces, don’t you?); well, Facebook is here with Halloween themed ones. These live masks are for people using FacebookLive only on the iOS and only in the States, the U.K, and New Zealand but fret not people of the other countries, Facebook loves you too (maybe a little less than the ones from those above-mentioned countries) and soon this feature will be available in other countries as well. To make the masks work, give a tap on the LiveVideo icon at the top of the timeline, page or news feed. This will make you go live; then tap the magic wand (yes, there’s a magic wand! Relive Harry Potter with Halloween) in the upper left corner of the screen and then select the mask you want from the bottom of the screen. There are some pretty cool masks in there, very realistic. Give them a try now and enjoy your Halloween fellas!

branding tips for facebook
Facebook, How Tos

How to Use Facebook to Market Your Brand?


With more than billion users, Facebook is certainly the best social networking website over the internet. If stats are to be believed, then one in seven persons across the world is on Facebook. This makes it a perfect place to connect with people and provide a good platform for the business owners to market and promote their brand. But promoting your brand over Facebook is not as easy as it looks. There are many things that are required to effectively promote your page. Here are some of the tricks that can be helpful for you.

Create a Facebook Page

Facebook Page is your identity over the website. Creating a page effectively is very important and which is why proper attention should be paid in creating the page. Usually a Page looks a lot similar to the any profile over the Facebook but is the identity for businesses and brands.

A page should be interactive with the audience and reflect the image of your brand. Regularly updating the page and brand logo as profile page is very important to create a positive image in the minds of your followers.

Make interactions

Creating a page is not enough as you will have to interact with your audience to ensure that you are into the minds of your audience. Creating content is very important to stay in the minds of the users. When you regularly update your website, all your followers will get the update on their timeline which can be very effective in keeping your brands in the minds of other users. This can also be very effective in ensuring that all your new policies and schemes are marketed in a very effective manner to the customers.

Leverage Friends of fans

If you are looking for new customers then the best way to attract them is through their friends. Any new customer is more likely to give a try to your business if any of their friends are already using it. Facebook allows you to leverage word of mouth for the purpose of promoting your business. Also whenever anyone posts something on you page all their friends will know that they have posted on your page in the news feed. For this purpose, creating content which is interactive with the users is very important. A post which will ask questions or force user to write a comment or share is very important. This gives an idea that you have a wide reach and ensure that more and more people are attracted to your page.

Consider Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is the best way to promote your business over Facebook. There are different types of advertising provided by Facebook which lets you position your advertisement in the news feed of the users. This brings you right in the eye of the users and there are high chances of them liking your page and starting following you. You can either advertise about your Facebook page or directly about your website. Whenever anyone clicks on that particular advertisement, they will be directly taken to your website or Facebook Page.