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The way instagram changed the tourism and travel industry
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The Way Instagram Changed the Tourism and Travel Industry


Nowadays, Instagram is well known for the one place, where everybody wants to share their experiences. Let’s say you have visited a new place and you were amazed and shocked by what you saw. You were so astonished by the view that you took a photo and here comes Instagram. You want to capture this moment in a photo by sharing it with your followers.

This is the base of Instagram. It is built on interactions and also motivation, inspiration from family, friends, followers, acquaintances and everybody you know, trust, or whose point of view you are most likely to take into consideration. Especially, when it concerns making a traveling decision.

In a survey carried out on Instagram, the social platform is the absolute best media for 48% of the people who are planning their following trip. What was more exciting were the 35% of people who use the platform to get inspired, influenced and find new travel destinations.

The impact of Instagram is leveraged by brands, that have relocated in the direction of projects and content that is “extra human” and also visual. Such content is a lot more exciting as well as it connects to our natural desire to explore and travel.

Instagram began as a social media sites channel, however in time has ended up being an individual tour guide, like a special tourist office or even a brand-new traveling agent.

With around 400 million energetic users on Instagram, companies aim to win customer rate of interest by utilizing Instagram as a visual tool. However, for you to defeat the competition, you need to surpass the expectations and also meet clients’ requirements. Do this by revealing one of the most attractive and appealing content.


Can a brand be appealing on Instagram? Yes, it can. The real question is how.

Exactly how can you attract likes, comments, shares and the determination to generate brand-new content by Instagram individuals? Start by stepping into their shoes and asking yourself:

– What would certainly make you publish content on Instagram?

– Would you use a hashtag created by other people, or a brand? If yes, why?

Now, consider the power as well as capacity of referral referrals and also user-generated content, and multiply this effect on a globally range enabled by social media sites.


Inspire by showing off your destination

            Lots of destination brands begin by just improving and promoting the location itself, just like a person who takes pride in their own homeland would do. The U.S. Division of the Interior shares one of the most incredible views of its landscape on Instagram, including its all-natural appeal to an international audience.

By publishing this on Instagram, the Division took full advantage of the exposure of the American landscape and also shared real-time information that couldn’t be shared in a brochure. At the very same time, it gave credit to the digital photographer, which attracts superior photographers to work together with in the future.


Inspire through collaboration

To accomplish advertising targets and broaden its on-line existence, a destination ought to pull the collective strengths of private companies and work together. Brand names are already collaborating with influencers with a lot of fans, however lots of have yet to use their location’s very own capacity, through the local network. Working with influencers is a technique typically embraced by holiday accommodation providers since it’s much easier to obtain outcomes with tight deadlines.  

Not to neglect the main strength of Instagram but it is an extremely powerful social media platform. It gives travelers the basics for effective storytelling, the audience. This makes it easy and even more appealing to share about a destination’s traditions and culture.

The question here is why do spontaneous interactions on Instagram draw in users? Since we are more probable to discuss individuals that can express themselves well enough, show their lives visually as well as engage individuals with their stories, emotions and understandings, this is the actual gold ticket. This is the strength of Instagram.

So, to create an appealing as well as appealing brand name image on Instagram, tour as well as activity operators ought to:

– Put themselves in the shoes of the travelers and also consider the web content as well as hashtags individuals may find appealing. Likewise think about how to make your content unforgettable for them.

– Inspire travelers by flaunting the very best side of your destination and by creating engaging posts/stories.

Bear in mind that travelers want to check out a destination in a deep, personal as well as meaningful way. And Instagram is the right platform to share these experiences.

Instagram Engagement Tips

Essential Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2019


What better way to start 2019 than by skyrocketing your paid and organic Instagram campaigns? In the following article, you will read 3 essential tips that will help you step up your game. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Instagram has become so popular over the last few months and years that over 13% of the Earth’s population use the platform on a daily basis. Not only this, but Instagram is currently one of the leading marketing platforms. It is expected that Instagram ads will generate roughly $11 billion in 2019.

Let’s take a look at the first tip.


Tip #1: Find the right time to post

The number one rule on Instagram is to be active and to create a bond with your followers. All brands know they need to be active in order to attract new followers, as well as keep the old ones, right?

However, there is one thing you should take into account and that’s knowing exactly how often to post. Think about it. Would you follow or keep following a person or a brand that post every 10 minutes?

We highly doubt you would. So, the right question here would be “How often should I post?”.

The good news is there is a perfect answer. So, keep on reading.

Researchers have found that brands should post between 1 and 2 posts a day. Anything less or more might be fatal for the business.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the time you schedule your posts. There is a wide controversy on the Internet on this topic.

Some people recommend posting between 9 AM and 2 PM. However, these hours might not be suitable for your niche. The best thing you could do is test your own followers’ activity and decide which hours work best for your brand.

One way to be more aware of your followers’ habits is through Instagrams’ Insight feature. Instagram has created this feature with the sole purpose of helping brands determine when their followers are most active.


Tip #2: Take advantage of Instagram’s Video Formats and Features

It is crucial to take advantage of the Instagrams range of advertisement formats. According to studies, Instagram videos are worth way more than pictures. They are short, effective and right now the most trending feature on Instagram.

There are many video options you can choose from. Whether you will post a video on your Instagram page, or on your Story, make sure you explore every option there is. For instance, Instagram Stories’ live video is one of the best ways to reveal a new product or an upcoming event.

In addition, Instagrams “carousels’ give you the opportunity to share more than just one image or one video simply by giving your followers the chance to swipe across for additional information.

Recent research showed that videos with subtitles have longer view times. According to Facebook, subtitles increase the video view time by 12%. So, you might want to consider adding them to your video.

Instagram’s videos are way more effective in targeting a selected audience. If you are interested and want to know how to promote your business on Instagram using video ads, make sure you stay tuned. During the following week, we will post an article with Step-by-Step Guide for you guys.


Tip #3: The smartest choice is to host a contest

Don’t be among the countless number of brands who think contests are a waste of time. It is proven that and we quote: “Instagram contests generate 3.5x more likes and 64x more comments than regular posts.”.

If done correctly, it can bring a lot of new potential followers and customers. In addition, when hosting a contest you will not only be getting more likes and comments, but you will have the opportunity to advertise your brand through shares.

For example, one of your conditions can be to share your latest post on their Instagram Story. When this happens, their own friends and followers will see your brand. Clever, right?

Use phrases such as “like to win”, “tag a friend to win”, “follow to win” or “share this post on your Story”. Undoubtedly, your reach will increase.

As we mention above, you need to plan the contest. Think of other ways to promote your contest. Instagram and Facebook ads are a great start. However, you can boost your reach through emails and website banners, even hashtags can help you spread the word.  

Once the contest is over, make sure you keep your contestants up to date. Who won the contest, has he or she got the prize, is there any feedback from the winner on the product/ service he or she won.

Remember, you have to show them your brand is legit. Stay tuned for more tips on how to increase Instagram engagement in 2019.

instagram for business

Top benefits of using Instagram for business


Instagram has more than 300 million active users and is growing strong with every passing day. It is ranked as the best photo-sharing site in the world, because of its highly effective and user-friendly features. It was acquired by the leading social networking giant, Facebook recently, and there has been no turning back for Instagram ever since. If you own a business and want to promote it on a large scale, what are the key factors that you will focus on?

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Wider penetration of your business
  • Access to newer customers and improved business
  • More sales

All of the above are possible with the help of Instagram. This is a very powerful tool for your business, provided you know how to use it properly. Here are some top benefits that you can get for your business, when you use Instagram.

Good engagement with customer

Instagram is the most effective social media tool when it comes to customer engagement. In a latest study conducted by Forrester, Instagram was crowned “king of social management”, purely because of its customer engagement capacity. In a study that comprised 7 social network giants including those of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram emerged as the most successful. Here are the findings:

Instagram scored 4.21% per-user engagement rate, whereas Facebook and Twitter had only 0.7% and 0.3% respectively. This means, Instagram created 58 times more user engagement and 120 times more engagement than Facebook and Twitter respectively. With the help of Instagram, you can now connect better with your followers, understand their opinions, see what they are talking about and comment with your solutions for the same. Need we say more regarding the power of Instagram?

Updating your business map and getting noticed

Imagine you are own a restaurant named XYZ in a remote city in California and you have many visitors coming over to your place. You serve the best dishes that you can and you feel happy to see the content smile on your customers. How do you know if they go back and talk about your restaurant on their Instagram pages? You just have to follow a simple step – Take a photo of your restaurant and tag your exact location in the photo before posting this image on your Instagram account.

When you do this, you will automatically get a link just above your photo containing other posts with your restaurant’s name. This way, you will get to know what your customers have to say about you. You can take their negative criticism in a sportive spirit and do corrections to your business principles. You can also thank them for their positive reviews; let people know if there are any promotional offers going on at your place etc. This is a great way to connect with customers and this would not have been possible if you had not shared your location and image on Instagram.


Access to newer customers and thereby increased business

With Instagram, you can keep on growing your customer base to a great extent, with the help of a magical tool known as hashtags. Use a relevant hashtag to connect with people who shared photos related to the same concept that you have shared. For instance, if your business deals in running a day care for kids between 3 and 5 years, you could connect with people who use hashtags like #toddlerneedsschool, #nometimeformummy, #daycarereqd, etc. Ensure that the contacts that you have chosen are in your area. You could then connect with these parents and introduce your centre/facilities/services to them to strike a deal. Relevant hashtags are one of the most powerful marketing tools in Instagram.

Spread your business into wider areas

It is highly recommended that you should link your business account on Instagram to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This will ensure that the images that you share on Instagram gets automatically posted on to these sites as well. Effective promotion of your business on all of these social media channels is bound to bring you, new contacts, new opportunities and eventually increased sales number, which is the ultimate target of any business owner.1

be impressive on instagram

Key To Impress Your Special One On Instagram


Instagram is a photo sharing app which was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger just 18 month before its acquisition. This app was acquired by Facebook on April 9th 2012 at a net worth of $1 billion in cash and stock. People on Instagram share pictures publically as well as privately.

Even after the acquisition Instagram did not wait to surprise which begins with following their user profiles and then continues with liking, commenting and even texting. People just need to click pictures and videos and share it as a message or post it on the profile after passing through the edit section of Instagram. This has many filter as well other editing options. Instagram has a layout as well as Boomerang option, which makes it stand out.

Well listed below are some secrets to turn your silly flirting attempts to a really impressing try –

  1. Follow- Now this is the thumb rule which you have to follow even if you want to know the person. And if you are really crushing on the profile picture of the person, you surely should get to know the person and the pictures in the account better.
  2. Profile Picture- Have a decent yet classic profile picture. As the profile picture in an Instagram account cannot be accessed for a bigger display, it is better put a recognizable picture cropped to the appropriate size as your profile picture.
  3. Liking in Bunch– Well if you really are crushing on someone, you will have this outrageous urge to like all his/ her picture. But keep calm and think what if you get categorized as another stalker and the person detests to even looking at your profile. So like only a few pictures, recent and older.
  4. The Recent One’s- You should generally like the recent pictures and avoiding liking old pictures in the account. It will give some genuine remark to your personality.
  5. Connect with Her on Other Social Networking Sites as Well- Well don’t just stick to the persons Instagram handle, explore the other connected accounts as well.
  6. Create a Story- Instagram, like many other social networking as well as instant messaging apps, has a write-your-story section. So utilize this opportunity, share a story which turns all the attention all to you but in a surprising way. You may also post a similar thought that was on the person’s account last week. It will make the person feel that there is some connection, or maybe post a picture in a common place.
  7. Like a Not-So-Liked Picture but Know the Limit – Like an old picture of the person concerned which may not be hell beautiful, but different from the lot- a picture which is great but has received less appreciation than it deserves.
  8. Be Appropriately Flirty- Commenting “nice “and “beautiful” on some of the pictures is an acceptable notion. But like a dumb head pouring all the appreciation over her pictures will seem too cheesy and annoying.
  9. Send a Casual Direct Message– Send a Casual Direct Message, may be an informative one. Like where did you purchase that wrist brand (flashing your favorite brand’s name) from?
  10. Use Emojis Appropriately– The thumbs up, the smiling face are the safe emojis. But if you really want to get noticed you can always put the emojis with heart eyes or maybe the kissing emojis on the comment section. But don’t fill the comment with ten of them.
  11. Wait for Actions to be Reverted – Leave a message request after a few days of liking and commenting. Accepting the message request and replying or a follow back could be a gesture that the person is open for some interaction. But if this doesn’t happen, don’t seem too desperate in your attempts.
  12. Polish your Profile – Before starting with all the liking and commenting, make your profile presentable. Edit the “about you” section and put up something decent and real that really introduces you correctly.
  13. Don’t over Think– just go with the flow, don’t plan much of it. Be real and don’t fake about anything.

Just sign in and start exploring the picture-filled world of Instagram!

get more instagram likes
How Tos, Instagram

Trying to Find Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram


Instagram is the numero uno platform for sharing your photographs with your friends and followers. It gives you a lot of options to customize your images and present them in a manner which you feel brings out the essence of the photographs. The number of followers and the number of likes vary from person to person depending on what kind of photographs he or she is posting and also on the fame enjoyed by that person. But there are the few tips which you can keep in mind if you want to increase the number of likes on your posts. Let us try to find out a few ways:

  • Use appropriate hashtags: Hashtags are an important factor that helps increasing the number of views and eventually the number of likes in your photographs. Hashtags came into prominence with the popularity of Instagram when more and more people began to get more aware of the use of this technique. Not only can hashtags be added to define or describe the photograph and the emotions associated with it but you can also tag prominent pages and persons to get your photograps across to certain forums. Photographers use hashtags to tag along famous photography groups or journals so that they get a chance to get featured in those eminent pages if their photographs are up to the level desired. When your work gets featured in a popular forum, it would surely get viewed by a huge audience who would like to follow your previous and upcoming works. Hashtags help to increase the number of likes in a great way. You also get to see the most trending hashtags of the day. Using those hashtags would also help your photograph rise up the charts and be trending!
  • Applying Filters: Do not overdo your editing and use extravagant editing options by combining more than one filter. The intrinsic nature and the spirit that the photograph carries should not lose its charm. If the filters are not used appropriately, then the photograph would not contain the required aesthetics and hence would not be viewed by many people.
  • Sticking to a schedule: It is very important to keep the frequency of your posts in check. If you are someone who posts every day, then your audience would have that expectation. If the chain breaks, then your views and eventually the number of likes you get would take a beating. If your posting is irregular, then it will be very difficult for you to keep the rate of likes on the rise.
  • Do not be boring: Do not be repetitive in the kind of photographs that you post. If you keep on posting the same kind of photograps like sunsets and sunrises, it would become boring for the audience. The audience always expects something innovative so if you cannot be comfortable in serving out new stuff, the views and likes would hamper. You should look at your feed at regular intervals to see if you are yourself getting bored in seeing the same kind of photographs. If that be the case, then it would be easier for you to figure out.
  • Do not overdo the use of hashtags: Some people have the habit of bombarding their images with infinite number of hashtags. In most cases the hashtags used bear no relevance to the photograph or the context. Using whatever hashtag comes to your mind keeps the feeling that you are desperate for likes and hence are going berserk.
  • Increase your interactions: You should care for the audience who are viewing your photographs and encouraging and motivating you to stride ahead. Try to respond to all the comments made if the count is a manageable one. If it is not then thanking your followers by posting a photograph with such a caption would be a great approach towards your audience.
  • Taking good photographs: This is perhaps the most important of the lot and frankly it goes without saying. You have to know about the aesthetics of photography and what it takes to create a good photograph. If the content and perspective of the photographs are not of a higher quality, the number of likes would still be limited, no matter how hard you try.
how instagram changed the world

How Instagram Has Changed the World


Social Media has transformed the world in more ways than one. There have been changes in the mindset of people on issues that range far and wide. Various industries have also been affected due to this rise in the number of users on these social media platforms. Instagram has been one such medium that has caused a change in the life of 400 million people! Yes, you read that right: that is precisely the number of active members on Instagram who use this application on their smartphones. Almost 50 percent of the users are under the age of 25, which establishes the growing popularity of Instagram amongst the young generation. Instagram has gone through some changes since its inception, with the core structure remaining the same. Some tweaks have been developed which has only upped the user experience and made people more glued on to this fantastic application.

Now let us take a look at how Instagram is really changing the world and if so, in which sectors and in what respect:

  • Travel: We are travelling across the world while viewing the photographs posted by our friends on this platform. We get to see so many exotic locations that literally bring the whole world in our 5 inch screens! Instagram photographers are getting popular with every passing day and their photographs are being purchased and used for marketing purposes by various agencies which are out there to promote travelling. Instagram is opening its horizon to places like Iran which is a place not accessed that much. For travel brands, Instagram is now a medium to understand the places where people are showing more interest in visiting. That would give them the perfect window to promote their tours and programs.
  • Food: #foodporn: The world would never have known that these two words could go hand in hand if there were no Instagram. You go to a popular restaurant in your city and taste the most popular dish out there. It is almost impossible that you would not take a few snaps of the delicacies that had been spread and showcase it to your followers via Instagram. Food photography has come to the scene in a very large way where photographers are experimenting with this genre with the help of Instagram. It has become a very powerful media for food bloggers across the world with Instagram Food Meets being organised in major cities around the world. A con of this practice is that people nowadays are more focused on getting the perfect shot on the dining table rather than focusing on the spread in front.
  • Fashion: Designers and fashion brands are also not left far behind in using this social media platform to promote their new range of designer wear. The Instagrammers get a sneak peek into the range of upcoming products that are set to get launched soon. The trends that get set here become a reality. Models also get a platform to make their dreams into reality. Designers also get to know what their customers are willing to try out and customer reviews on their latest products can be easily accessed. The buyer-seller connect has now become quite easy thanks to platforms like Instagram.
  • Art: Not only are the changes restricted to the fashion world, the art forum is also seeing a sea change in the way people perceive artists. In many ways, art and fashion go hand in hand and becomes difficult to isolate one from the other. Artists also get to post their videos on how to go about doing a particular project and their thought process behind the kind of work that they do. The audience also gets a taste of the intricacies of the work behind the beautiful paintings, photographs and sculptures that they see in an exhibition.
  • Fame: This is one aspect which is getting more people to join this band wagon. It is a place where if your talent gets recognized, your followers list would keep rising at a rapid rate. It serves as a motivation for an artist to keep trying out innovative techniques to create something new. Photographers are also getting hired if their photographs are getting viral and are getting appreciated.
instagram or facebook
Facebook, Instagram

Instagram vs Facebook: Which One Is Better for Your Brand


Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger, Instagram is a photo sharing app. Well it’s not a just app for the professional photographer, it is a platform to share from a picture or may be a number of pictures that you want to share with the world. The pictures have a story to tell. This app also has pictures of stores who promote their brand through Instagram, pictures of fashion icons…..and the list is never ending.

Facebook was created by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg along with his fellow Harvard student on 4th February 2004. Since then Facebook has been a huge platform for interactions, socializing, marketing, brand promotions and fan base of celebrities. Facebook attracts 1.4 million users every year.

Well both Instagram and Facebook are under the common Owner Facebook since April 9th 2012. On that date Instagram was acquired by Facebook at a net worth of $1 billion of cash and stock. Even after this we cannot consider both the apps as a single entity. Each of these apps has separate market for promotions of brands and their products.
Facebook and Instagram have their respective markets with respect to age group, customer’s profile and the product details. Undoubtedly Facebook has more than four times the users logged in on a daily basis as compared to Instagram. But Instagram posts are a visual treat for the users, only the picture-oriented posts seem clutter free. They are similar in many aspects as they have the same list of contacts, apart from the people following you now and then. Facebook is a place where even the smallest of a business owner opens a page which may not be logged in ever again .Facebook has become the place of sharing information where people mandatorily feed their information.

Well let’s discuss how these platforms differ from each other as a marketing tool based on various aspects.

  1. Young users – Instagram is mainly used by the people of age below 30 whereas Facebook doesn’t attract comparable of amount of young population. This will surely affect the market of products encircling the young people. Well if the young people don’t use Facebook than who does? Well the answer is older ones do. And here comes the benefit of advertising in Instagram over advertising in Facebook. The older people are generally wealthier with a higher bank balance than the younger population. And thus Facebook could act as a great advertising platform for your brand if it is an investment firm.
  2. Engagement- We know it clearly that Facebook engages more number of people than Instagram does. But when we speak about posts, Instagram generally wins the battle. What Instagram does is the demonstration of the issue with pictures and a catchy caption is. And people generally get attentive about pictorial content than textual ones. But if a client wants to contact the owner or the advertising head of Facebook or Instagram, Facebook goes way ahead Instagram due to its compatible functionality.
  3. Host a giveaway – A giveaway is generally associated with a contest where people need to share and tag a picture of the brand product and just wait to get lucky to get a hamper.
  4. Pay an influencer – What does an influencer do? He posts catchy stuff on your product details and advertises your product over the Instagram account and facebook account by adding the link of the product site. Adding direct links to the posts on Instagram is not yet an option.
  5. Platform Strength – Instagram has a small user base and options as compared to Facebook. In Facebook the advertising agent can create groups, invite people for events, and post lengthy videos beating the 1 minute videos allowed on Instagram. But Instagram is hassle-free and the small customer base which is loyal. The user sticks to Instagram and doesn’t get distracted as on facebook because of the several options it offers.


Both Instagram and Facebook are great way to reach out to the desired group of customers. The main mantra of marketing is the research before it, to know the place and people for whom the products are being made and to concentrate on the marketing techniques that will be suitable for the target audience.

impresive instagram accounts
Instagram, Top Lists

Top Impressive Instagram Accounts


In the recent couple of years, Instagram has mounted as a strong social networking platform which is not limited to selfies and a random collection of pictures. Instagram is even helping out businesses across to promote their brand and products.

The prime reason behind the growing popularity of Instagram is the fact that in the present scenario, virtual content has become an integral part of business marketing. Instagram gives a distinct opportunity to utilize the power of virtual content and present a brand in the most personalized manner. Instagram advertising gives you an edge over your competitors.

And if you have yet not taken the plunge, the following insanely famous Instagram accounts will surely leave you impressed. Let’s have a look:


Heard of co-working communities? Well, if you haven’t WeWork is the place to look for. It offers shared work spaces in various cities and countries worldwide. And they have utilized their Instagram page very effectively to showcase their striking co-working communities. They have a collection of photographs featuring wonderful office space that eventually They do an amazing job photographing the spaces in ways that make followers like us wish we could jump into the photos attract followers to like and share. And their #hashtags are simply amazing.


A dreadful disease like cancer can never be a reason to smile, but Grandma Betty has been giving all possible reasons to fight cancer and brighten up life. She is an inspiration to others and her Instagram page regularly posts lively clicks and inspiring messages.


GoPro showcases fan-provided images captured with a GoPro. The page has many followers and their posts are always creative and innovative ones. From grocery stores to surfing photos, with GoPro you always come across some impressive shares.

National Geographic

With over 60 million of followers, National Geographic has carved a niche when it comes to brand image on Instagram. Their page has contributors from travelers of exotic countries to small African villages. It is notable that National Geographic was found in 1888 and before venturing into the online arena, they were active in print magazines. But it’s really commendable that over the years, they have made an impressive transition.


Staples are the masters when it comes to Instagram postings; but there are two things which set them really apart and on top of the game. Firstly, they engage with their followers by posting interactive questions and answers; and other think is the inclusion of call-to-action which works towards building more engagement.

Vin Farrell

Vin Farrell is a creative working on the agency region for larger clients and has an aptitude for photography. He does amazing photography, while the majority of images are from NYC, you will find ample number of images that are simply ecstatic.

These are just the tip of ice berg, and you have many more impressive Instagram pages that have been utilizing this social platform with perfection. Do check out a few of these pages, and plan an equally striking Instagram strategy – targeted around your brand, business or service.

instagram advertising tips
How Tos, Instagram

Ways You Can Advertise Successfully On Instagram As A Small Or Medium Business


Advertising can be quite costly, especially when you are a small or medium business with a budget that is too tight to think very expensive campaigns. Instagram is unfortunately a very expensive platform to do advertising and the truth is that this social network only works with limited ad partners. With this in mind, it can prove tedious to try advertising on the platform, but it does not mean that it is entirely impossible for you to get some light on your products and services using it.

If at all you are to make it big advertising on Instagram, you must walk away from traditional advertising options and to be a little creative and willing to take your chances. The essence of any business is to grow into a reputable and profitable brand and only the daring, but strategic make it to that level. It may be hard to post ads on Instagram but there are definitely ways you can still be a success in making your company known and gain valuable exposure to your targeted audiences. It may mean including paid media efforts, but the results will make everything you do worth the effort.

  1. Allow an influencer to take over your business account

Account takeover simply means allowing a guest instagrammer to post to your account for a certain period of time. In this case, you should make sure that you stick to influencers in your relevant business field for the takeover to yield the kind of results you have in mind. Among the greatest benefit you stand to gain from this approach is having your brand introduced to targeted followers with similar tastes and interests with the influencer you have selected. This will instantly lead to an increase in the number of followers you have, clicks on your bio as well as likes on your posts. It should be expected however that the influencer will let his followers know that they are taking over a certain brand’s account; don’t expect that they will do it exclusively for your brand benefit.

  1. Host a giveaway on the social network

The giveaway can be solo branded or partners, but it creates a very effective channel to create awareness of your brand on the network. The good thing about Instagram is that it does not have too many promotion rules, especially when compared to other social networks like Facebook. You only need to acknowledge that your promotion is not associated, administered, endorsed or sponsored by Instagram and to ensure that you accurately tag content. Contents that seem to work extremely well on the network in creating brand awareness are those that require interested users to tag others on the comments section to enter the giveaways. You can also use a different approach where interested entrants post videos or photo on their profiles mentioning or tagging your business on their posts. Creativity will rule the day with such giveaways and the rules make it very easy for you to remain flexible.

  1. Pay an influencer to highlight your brand

Apart from welcoming an influencer to take over your Instagram brand account, you can also consider paying them to post positive commentary about your brand. You can for instance pay models to shoot with your giveaways or products and post on their profiles. By aligning yourself with all the right accounts, you will be amazed by the huge following you get to receive through the influencers. To make this work you of course must choose an influence who shares the same aesthetics as your brand and has something to offer in the field. It is the only way posts will be of relevance to their followers fetching you some valuable traffic in the process too. Remember to also select influencers who are not too expensive to work with but be willing to spend a reasonable amount to make the effort worth your while.

Instagram remains to be a platform that supports creativity and you can have an impact with the community on the network by letting your creative side guide you. There is still so much you can do with your posts and advertising approaches to gain your brand the kind of exposure it requires to grow.


Misconceptions you should ignore for Instagram

Misconceptions You Should Ignore For Instagram To Work For Your Business


In a short period of time Instagram has managed to grow exponentially. It is indeed among the rising platforms on social media may be because of its unique approach of focusing more on photos for visual marketing and interactions. Brands get the chance to diversify content to broaden the online presence and reach using the network and app, but there are some that turn away from Instagram because of misconceptions about what the network is all about.

By shunning out Instagram as a brand, you end up missing out on a very strong user base that could have made a huge positive impact on your business. The reasons keeping you from using this platform could end up being untrue and it is therefore important to unearth the truth before ignoring the platform all together. Below are some of the most common misconceptions you should steer away from so you are able to use Instagram for the benefit of your brand.

Instagram is only for photo posting – Most brands even the top ones, unfortunately hold this as the gospel truth. Even though it is a platform that is more focused on photos, there are so many other approaches you can use to share your content. You can even use videos and Instagram stories to pass your message along. Some brands have been successful using user generated content. Hash tagging offers great advantage even when using the photos so do not be afraid to explore what the platform features can do for your business.

Instagram reserves the right to sell photos – It is one of the misconceptions that have lasted for a considerable time. It came up after Instagram updated its Terms of use with rumors spreading the right to sell photos to third parties of their choosing. The negative feedback led to a reworking of the Terms to try and correct wording that seemed to give the impression. The truth is that you remain to be in full ownership of your photos. You have no reason to worry about your photos being sold outside the app. It is always wise to read through the terms and conditions of everything so you do not end up being misguided by poor interpretations.

Instagram is only for those selling visual products – Just because you are a service provider does not mean that you cannot share photos on instagram to market what you do. The photos should actually be treated as effective incentives to get your brand out there. As long as you have entertaining, compelling and valuable images, you can be sure that sharing with the right audience will help you meet your goals regardless of the products or services you have to offer them. You need to remember that even though you may not have any products to show on instagram, you can still use photos to show your company culture, celebrations, merchandise and employee goodwill.

Instagram is for big brands only – No single social network is designed for specific brands. In fact, all networks offer all brands both big and small equal opportunities to grow and expand using provided features. You may be a small company, but there is so much you can do with Instagram to make it benefit the company. Explore the platform and everything it has to offer, then be creative on how to use it to benefit your small or big brand. There is really something for everything the platform, so do not be left out because of a simple misconception.

It is impossible to measure results on Instagram – It came about because Instagram does not have any built-in insight tool, hence people assume tracking and monitoring is a task they have to do manually. The truth is that it is very possible to monitor your activity on Instagram using web based apps like Statigram, SimplyMeasured and SumAll. Tracking and monitoring your activity is important because it gives you insight on what is working and what needs to be changed. It is the only way you can tell how successful your brand presence is so find an app that gives you an easy time doing so. You can also use IOS apps for the same function.