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Wondering What Social Media Channel Is Best For Your Business?


What you should know

Today, it is practically impossible to run a business without making your online presence known. Whereas a website may have been all you need for visitors and customers to find you, social media has taken over and you need to at least have a presence in one or two channels to have a wider reach. With so many social media platforms available it can be confusing as to which one is best for your business.

When it comes to choosing the best channel for your business, you should start by being clear about elements such as content production bandwidth, which platforms you like most and which platforms your key audiences are likely to use most. LinkedIn is, for instance a professional kind of social platform that attracts business people, whereas Facebook is not selective and you will find all kinds of audiences on it. The goals you have as a brand will of course help you select the best channel for your business strategies, but you should at least know what each channel is about and what is in it for your business.


Initially it was all about connecting family and friends, but it has since opened up for advertising and changed business prospects. It is a suitable platform for those who don’t mind competition and is a very popular network. It can however be a little too crowded for your business updates and you would need to be very creative using it. On Facebook you can connect and engage the audience using messages, comments, likes and business pages. You can also strategize using ad formats that are creative, optimize ads, enjoy adverts on multiple device, measure performance and use demographics, location and even behaviors to target ads.


It is the channel of choice for those interested in younger and tech savvy crowds. It is the modern newsroom of social media where people are free to share opinions and thoughts and also learn updates and happenings from direct sources. The channel offers an opportunity for you to connect with your target groups and build relationships that are reliable and strong. Using Twitter, you can increase brand awareness through direct communications in the form of mentions, hashtags, replies, tweets and likes. You get the chance to also empower brand image, network with influencers and brand advocates, get current updates in your industry and measure tweet performance through analytics and metrics available.


This social channel is best for those who can play business game. The audience on the platform is great for insights related to job hunting, networking and work productivity. It is the best channel for B2B companies and it makes it possible for you to connect with industry changers and find partners you can work with to improve your business. LinkedIn generally has a professional feel to it and attracts people strictly in improving their business networks and making all the right connections with influencers in the relevant industries.


If photography is your thing, then this is the social media platform that will work best for you. The best thing about the platform is that you can connect it with your Twitter or Facebook pages to gain even more value for your business. It has a powerful global presence and is fast growing. This visual platform gives your business the chance to portray your brand as a lifestyle concept thus allowing target groups to focus on what you are all about. You can actually tell your business story using photos and videos. Using Instagram, you can drive high brand awareness levels with compelling photos, carousel and videos, connect and engage with audiences using comments, likes, follows and messages, optimize ads and measure ad performance using data available on Facebook. You can use in conjunction with Facebook so you have expanded audience and unified management.

These are of course only some of the largest and most popular social media platforms. You can also consider others like Google+, Pinterest, snapchat and polyvore among others for your business. At the end of the day you would need to consider what the channel can do for your business and how effective it is in reaching the groups that you are targeting.

branding tips for Instagram
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Simple Tips To Help Your Brand Work Around Instagram


Instagram may be a social platform that is a photo and video centric, but this does not mean that you cannot manage to create brand awareness on this platform. In fact, whichever social channel you choose to you, your efforts are as good as your creativity and you can really achieve anything that you want. The most important thing you can start with is to understand how Instagram works. Create a professional profile and sell your company on the bio every possible way.

It is also important that you understand how to navigate the app and all important features you can employ to your efforts in making your brand visible. It may be one of the most interesting social channels for people who love sharing their best moments but it can also be a powerful tool for your brand awareness strategy. If you still are not very sure of how you can use Instagram to your advantage, go through the simple tips listed below and you might just come up with the best plan to find your way around the channel.

  1. Ensure that all posts relate to your brand. If you are a business trying to make a name for yourself, resist the temptation of posting photos that you personally love and are not relevant to your line of business. Animals, fashion and food, maybe some of the most popular photos of the platform, but if they do not in any way relate to what you do, you will only manage to confuse your followers. You can of course use such photos in a creative manner that makes them relevant to the business, but otherwise you should avoid them as they only make your marketing look disjointed.
  2. Remember links do not work on captions. Linking is a very important tool to use in social media marketing. But like mentioned above, you need to know what works for the platform you have selected to take your marketing campaign. When it comes to Instagram, you will only manage to share working links on your profile and not on photo comments or captions so you are able to take users to your business website. You can change the default link on your bio so that it specifically directs the users to your desired page on your website. Do not forget to mention in your caption that they can find the link on the Instagram profile.
  3. Always remember to respond to comments by users – When you post photos on the platform, you will be expecting comments. When users actually comment, make sure that you respond so you interact and show that you are paying attention and value them too. Whether the comments are positive or negative ensure that you do not ignore, but instead respond in the most appropriate way possible. By making your followers and customers feel valued, you will be encouraging them to keep checking you out and interact with your pictures every time.
  4. Embed posts on your website. Instagram is a mobile app, but it has a desktop version and using this you are able to embed code so you can add specific videos or images to your official business website. Remember that not all users will first find you on Instagram; some will land your business website first and you will only make your Instagram presence known when you embed some Instagram posts on the website. It is a simple process, you need no help with. Simply click on ellipses button on the bottom right corner after selecting the photo or video you wish to embed and select Embed then follow the prompts to place it on the website area you want.
  5. Consider running promotions and giveaways once in a while. It is one of the simplest ways of involving your followers and customers in marketing your brand. You can have them repost images using custom hashtags in their profiles using custom hashtags to enter into the contest, sales or giveaways. When you make such promotions, interesting enough for your audiences, you will manage to drive considerable traffic to your profile thus extending your reach and improving your visibility.
Instagram Advertising Strategies to make money

Instagram Advertising Strategies You Should Try


Instagram has taken social media by storm and has gained loads of popularity. Businesses have found the platform very effective in driving advertising messages home. No matter how limited advertising can seem on this social network, it is not entirely impossible for you to publicize your business and gain followers who add value to your business as customers.

When thinking of advertising on Instagram, you should start by remembering that it is a photo and video centric platform. Instagram makes advertising possible in three different formats. You can go for photo ads which are posts that look like regular photos, but contain sponsored label on them. There are also video ads that are regular video posts, but come with a sponsored label as well. The third format is carousel ads which mimic photo ads only that they feature multiple photos users can swipe through to see.

The three formats appear on home feeds when users are scrolling through Instagram app and they support clicks, video views, mass awareness and mobile app installations. Many businesses have ignored Instagram when it comes to advertising because it seems too complicated. However, there are lots of strategies you can try on the social network to fetch your business some valuable exposure to your target audience; you only need to be creative and the network will prove worthwhile to your advertising efforts.

Take photos to show off services or products. It is definitely one of the easiest and most obvious strategies you can use on Instagram to let people know about your existence and the kind of products or services you have to offer. You can share pictures of products that are most popular under your company or any new products you feel a need to create awareness on. If you are in the service industry, you can still share photos of what you do. For instance, you can take snaps of the top foods on your menu if you run a restaurant or take photos of professionally done hairdo if you what you have is a hair salon.

Give viewers a tour behind the scenes. It is an interesting way of gaining the trust of your customers, especially when it comes to quality and all. People tend to trust what they see and when you take them through your production process using photos, you can be sure to get positive feedback and responses. You can showcase a process that most customers always seem to be asking questions on to create interesting content they will love going through.

Allow customer to show off photos they have taken with your promotional materials or products. You can create incentives or create some kind of contest to encourage them to share photos of the products or services you have to offer. You can create custom hashtags and Instagram handles for such so other users who could be interested in what they see can have an easy time finding you. It is also important that you make sure you comment and like photos your customers post so they can feel encouraged to continue doing so.

Offer exclusive deals. Nothing works better on any advertising plan than giving back to your customers. You can offer discounts on certain products and services to your Instagram followers.

instagram content creation

Creating Content And Interacting With Other Users On Instagram


What you need to know

Instagram has become among the most popular social networks and mobile photo-sharing apps. It now has millions of active users and even though it is video and photo centric, users can share short stories and live videos on a temporary basis. Temporary here means that they get deleted or disappear after 24 hours. It is nonetheless still a great platform you can use for business purposes. To be a success using this network, you need to be creative around content that you share and how you interact with other users.

Adding your photos

Adding photos on the platform is easy and you can actually even make edits so you get to post a high quality one that will interest other users. You can for instance adjust brightness, saturation, color and structure of the photo. Editing can also add highlights or remove shadows and even tilt-shift the photo.

When adding the photo, decide whether to make it public is to send it directly to an individual. If you want it public, then it is wise that you caption it to describe it. You should also add location and tag people as appropriate. The best thing about photos on Instagram is that you can turn off comments.

As a business, consider using hashtags to maximize exposure. Users on the platform are looking in search of hashtags and use them to peruse photos fitting their interests. Using them, therefore increases chances of bringing more followers and interests.

Adding Instagram stories

They are posts that disappear after 24 hours. They are very good, especially for events that are only relevant for a specific period of time. These stories can also be videos intended to give users a snapshot of something that is relevant to the business. The best thing about the stories is that once they have ended, they cease to exist anywhere.

When adding the stories, make sure they are most relevant and are carefully structured to deliver the intended message quick and easy before they disappear. Keep the content relevant and to the point, so their short life can actually get you the kind of reactions you are looking for.

Interacting with other users

Instagram is not only about sharing photos, there are so many other ways that you can use to interact with other users for the benefit of your business. Some of the options you have include:

Mentioning – It uses @ symbol to tag specific users to post captions or comments. It is a simple way of replying directly to the users so they do not miss out on the notifications.

top 8 Instagram accounts
Top Lists

Peep Into These 8 Instagram Accounts


Art galleries are not affordable for everyone, not to mention the amount of time and effort that one has to invest in order to find the perfect one. Here enters Instagram; it’s easy, quick, just a few clicks away and free! Art doesn’t always need to be very structured and formal; it can be little dewdrops you see on wild weeds or a dandelion on your regular newspaper- and if one wants to see the beauty in daily things and share them instantly with her followers, Instagram is the place. Give a visit to the profiles of these 8 Instagram artists and find out how they are living their life; you have my assurance of finding them interesting.

  • Evoca1: A Dominican artist based in Miami, Evoca1 is a self-taught urban artist/activist who beautifully amalgamates humanity and art. Check out his amazing graffiti and life-sized paintings on his Instagram wall and for more you can also follow Evoca1 is also the brand ambassador for @Liquitexofficial and @winsornewton_usa and he is doing some great work around.
  • daleast: unique in every way imaginable, daleast’s work is avant-garde if you ask me. He uses dark base and bright edges to make his art look life-like; they seem to be jumping out of the canvas any moment now. I also find his creation to be very soothing and have a calming effect on me and I hope you feel the same.
  • Daniel Arsham: architectural art isn’t a new thing but Daniel Arsham does more than that. His modern designs and contemporary outlook make it worth watching out for. Daniel wraps the most regular and basic things of your life in quirky foils and presents them to you in a way you may have never imagined before.
  • Pixel Pancho: Robots meet art in Pixel Pancho’s creations. “Animal, Plant and Robot! Human kills them all” – with this tagline in his bio, the artist presents a blend of quirkiness and intricate detailing in his creations.
  • Oleknyc: this conceptual crochet artist explores sensuality, feminism and the development of communication through colors. Check out her pink house which is a beautiful piece of crochet work and explore her unorthodox creations.
  • Ryan McGinness: This man is wild. From his haircut experience to his deep dark secrets, he shares it all on Instagram. Typographical phrases and abstract pieces once dominated his work but this guy is pretty versatile; from acrylic maquette to porcelain and digital painting, Ryan explores it all. Take a peek at his journey and enjoy this artist’s madness!
  • Michael Kagan: The painter is obsessed with outer space human efforts and portrays how rocket-science (don’t take it literally) affects human beings. Winner of the best Art Vinyl of 2013, Michael was commissioned to create three paintings for Smithsonian.
  • Petra Collins: Petra Collins is an enigma to most people and hard to digest as well. This twenty-three year old has achieved a lot in much less a time (I feel ashamed of myself for being the lazy oaf I am!). Check out her brazenly feminist Instagram account and don’t blame me for not warning you; she might make you feel uneasy or intrigued-it depends on how you look at life.
instagram sport account
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Most Followed Sportspersons On Instagram


Social networking sites have always managed to bring people together and have connected people from all across the globe. Of the various social platforms, Instagram is one growing networking sites which has created an impact on many. It’s being admired by all, be it the common masses or celebrities.

Even sports people have a strong presence on Instagram with millions of followers. And these sportspersons too take part actively by sharing regular posts, photos and various other updates which their fans look up to.

Let’s have a look at some of the most followed sportspersons on Instagram, see if you have been following one of them.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who doesn’t know him? He is enjoying over 38.5million followers and is believed to be most followed footballer in the world. This Portuguese forward who’s also a Real Madrid talisman is said to have seen around 76% increases in his follower count. He not only enjoys a great following on field but off field too he is amazing.


This Brazilian player has a total following of 36.1million, and he has seen an increase of 67 percent over the past year. He is even piped against Lionel Messi to the silver medal. It is notable that he had carried his country’s 2015 World Cup with grace.

Lionel Messi

The all time favorite, Lionel Messi enjoys 29.8million followers. There is no doubt over the fact that he is a great footballer, and the same can be witnessed both on and off field. He enjoyed 73% increase in his following in the year 2015.

David Beckham

He has a total following of 16million, and this Manchester United star became an active member of Instagram in 2015, and within a year he has seen massive growth in his following.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

This Sweden player has a following of 9.8 million and his popularity on Instagram saw an increase by 83 percent over the past one year. He is a striker who had helped PSG to Ligue 1 splendor and enthused Sweden to a Euro 2016 play-off win over rivals Denmark. His following indeed speaks for his fandom.

The Rock

Then we have the mighty, Rock, which proves that football is not the only dominating sport on Instagram. He has over 14.7 million, and apart from wrestling, his celebrity status in Hollywood films too have helped him make a mark on the social networking platform,

Floyd Mayweather

The boxing lovers across the globe would surely know Floyd and his massive Insta presence. He has over 7.1 million followers who are always keen to know of his whereabouts. And he too obliges them by posting all the latest stuff.

Thiago Silva

Looks like we absolutely can’t do without Footabll, this sport is completely ruling Instagram and maximum sportspersons which are followed the most happen to be soccer players. Silva is another who enjoys 5.1 million followers. He is not only a great player on field but is an equally great social media enthusiast. His posts are very regular, and he certainly knows how to keep his followers happy and connected.

If you are a sports lover, don’t forget to follow one of these legend players!

top eating accounts
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Top Healthy Eating Instagram Accounts


Instagram is no more limited to fun photo sharing; this social networking platform has become a global sensation, and is widely spread in every field around. From fashion and lifestyle, to travel and adventure – Instagram has a vast presence; thanks to the vivid followers it has.

Even food is a favorite on this platform, and if you are a fan of healthy eating – you can get numerous Insta accounts to follow. These sites share some amazingly wonderful food photos and healthy eating tips.

If you love being healthy and eating healthy by choice, the following healthy eating instagram accounts are a must to follow. Have a look:


Here you can come across some yummy plant-based dishes and smoothies. Also, this account features all gluten and sugar free delicacies. What more can you ask for, isn’t it? The page regularly shares photos, videos and quick tips related to cooking the healthy plant based dishes. Follow them on


If you are always concerned about your meals, this is another page to look forward to. Here you can number of nourishing meal ideas picked from all over the world. So this is one page where you can get the best of the best. Follow them on


Sugar may taste good, but it certainly doesn’t does good to your body. But quitting sugar is no easy task; however this insta page is dedicated in helping you quit sugar. The page shares step-by-step plan for avoiding sugar, and brings in some easy to make sugar free recipes. So, if you want to quit sugar, follow


Run by Miranda Hammer – an authentic dietician, this page features different recipes related to soups and desserts as well as breakfasts. It has some quick to make breakfast ideas, particularly for those who lack time to do so in the morning. Stick to this blog if you want to bring in a healthy change in your lifestyle.


This insta page is run by Carina Wolff, and while she is not a dietician by profession, she has invested her time in exploring plant-based healthy recipes which she keep sharing with her fellow bloggers and insta followers.


If you have though that healthy is always boring – this page is one to look out for. Run by Kevin Alexander, this insta page provides various healthy recipes for pizzas, burgers and delicious snacks and desserts which are all healthy.


If you love salads, this is the right place to be in. here you witness some artful salads, fresh vegetables, inspiring quotes, with a slight tinge of healthy humor. Get over your regular salads and try something innovatively new with this.


Run by Sara Forte, here you get to see some wonderful sprouts idea, different from what we make in routine. It’s healthy, natural and more importantly absolutely delicious.


Who says chocolate can’t be healthy! This page is dedicated to all chocolate lovers and offers various chocolate recipes with a healthy twist. So, if you crave for chocolate and want to be healthy at the same time, you know which page to follow!

Light up your kitchen with these healthy recipes, and enjoy the natural flavor with your loved ones!


instagram fun profile

Add Fun to Your Instagram


Today’s age where we can relate more to an object than to a human being, Instagram has its top funniest Instagram accounts to give you a reprise from the otherwise dull day! Here is a list of some top funniest Instagram accounts which are guaranteed to make you go, ‘Woah! That just made by day!’ Follow them quick and get your share of daily fun!

  1. Girl with no job

This account is owned by Claudia Oshry. There are already about 2.4 million followers. If you would like to read a fun mix of memes, you are in for a treat with this one! This is a prime example of turning a no job situation into a decent one! Every day, Claudia posts hilarious pictures with witty captions that express a relatable feeling.

  1. Texts from your Ex

Somebody’s tragedy is another’s comedy. Here is an account which claims to have ‘uninspirational’ real texts from the ex! Follow them for a quick relief from your troubled life. Post your experiences to the email mentioned with the account. Never know; the next image shared could be your text!

  1. Late Notes

Are you one of the dads who find it a real struggle to wake your child to get up and go to school every morning? Well, if you are, you know that routine often does not go according to plan and you do need excuses to be made to the child’s school. Here is when you will love this account! You will find hilarious notes with all sorts of creative excuses to offer to your child’s teacher!

  1. Passenger Shaming

Are you in the list of people who have been witnesses to embarrassing situations whilst traveling? Well, of course! This is a profile that has a portfolio of pictures showing people in the most absurd behavior. Well, did you not take the hint from the name!

  1. Pee Jet

Are you interested in following a friend of international stars…better yet, the best friend of international stars! He can be seen everywhere with them, at parties, restaurants and best yet, even at their homes! Yes, you guessed it right! It is the mix of Photoshop and the creative imagination of this funny man. For all the star struck fans, this account is one you have to follow!

  1. Miserable men

Here is a profile that captures men in fun and unusual situations! Would you like to see an unlucky man captured in a hilarious position? This is the perfect account to follow! Have you wanted to take pictures of your friend in a funny situation? Well, this account may just do it for you!

Memes have surely caused a stir and none can us can complain! There is nothing better than a little humor to liven up your day! Check out these top funniest Instagram accounts and you will not be able to resist tagging your loved ones in the comments! Come on! Make your Instagram feel funny! Follow these accounts and add a little smile to your day!


instagram story

Stories by Instagram Increases the Addiction of Users to it


Instagram has recently introduced ‘Stories’ which is just like the central feed of Snapchat. The name of this central feed was also stories and it helped the social media site experience a drastic increase in its revenue. It also encouraged the users to post more about their lives. Using this, the users could post more frequently and more frankly about their personal lives. And Instagram has now come up with something of the same form.

You will now find a row of circular icons at the upper portion of your Instagram feed. Each of these circles represents an account followed by you on Instagram and includes the images and videos lesser than 10 seconds that he or she had shared on the previous day.

As soon as you tap on these circles, it will start showing you the images and videos. You can even tap on the left-hand side of the screen in order to go through a feedback of some earlier post.

The stories are visible by almost everyone and not only by the ones who follow you. One simply needs to tap on the profile picture of a user to find the story of that person. If you badly like a post and feel like sharing it, you can add it to your traditional Instagram feed by tapping on the picture and clicking on the ’Share’ button.

how to use instagram stories

There are three drawing tools in this camera- the regular pen, the highlighter and the neon pen. There is a set of color filters too, that would help in making your image more attractive and bright. There are no particular names to these color filters, though.

You will not find any face filter, geo filter or time stamps in the ‘Stories’ by Instagram since they have tried to follow the style of ‘Stories’ of Snapchat all throughout.

‘Stories’ has been created with the main aim of promoting the app amongst an even greater number of users. It is a means of sharing the moments that do not conform to the higher limit of traditional posting on Instagram. It is understandable that Instagram has developed ‘Stories’ since it was losing out to Snapchat on competition. While the number of users on Instagram was undergoing a decrease, that on Snapchat saw a remarkable increase at the same time.

However, the Stories of Instagram appears in a Slideshow form and is quite similar to that of the News Feed you find on Facebook. It aims at capturing both the dull as well as brighter moments of one’s life instead of a few chosen moments.

It is basically a form of ephemeral messaging that is no more used in Facebook and Snapchat to a large extent but finds use in Instagram now. Kevin Systrom, the co-founder and CEO of Instagram is quite hopeful about this new development of Instagram and feels that it will capture a giant market very soon.

instagram new features

Instagram gets better… With a range of new features and a stylish look!


Instagram is the ideal place on social media where you can upload your photos. Starting from your selfies to pictures with your pets- Instagram welcomes all kinds of photos along with suitable hashtagings. Recently it has been adding some new and innovative features with an aim to become even more popular!

One such feature that has been recently incorporated is the saving as draft. Ever since the beginning, Instagram users felt the need of saving things as drafts. However, such a provision wasn’t there so far. Now, with the latest update of Instagram, one can easily store his or her content in the form of a draft. So, if you had started a post previously but couldn’t complete the upload process due to some reason, you can now complete it without the need to start it afresh.

Another area where Instagram has produced remarkable changes is the comments. The comments against your post are now customizable. So, if you feel that a certain comment is spamming, trolling or negative in some way, you can easily filter it using the latest features of Instagram. This filtering facility helps the business-owners to keep their brand image intact by keeping their area on Instagram clean.

You can even add colors to your text now! Just swipe through the colors on the keyboard and choose the color in which you would like to see your text.

Instagram has not only enriched itself with newer technological developments but has also changed it’s logo to present itself in an entirely different form. The user interface has also been improved and made more stylish so that the photos and videos look more vibrant.

Over the five years that have passed since its birth, Instagram has incorporated millions of users into its community. It has a set of tools such as Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse in order to make the user experience better. The icons for these tools have also been changed along with the main icon of the app in order to give the entire thing a new look.

Another development that had been announced by Instagram back in the month of March was the optimization of feed depending on the area of interest of a person. It has been observed through the years that almost every Instagram user has a tendency to follow too many people and as a result have their news feed flooding with lots of posts, out of which many are irrelevant to them. That is why the app has come up with the facility of feed optimization that will be done depending upon your relation with the users under consideration and also the timelines of the post.

Lastly, we would also like to mention that Instagram is all set to support multiple accounts! You can access more than one account from the same device. You can swipe between two accounts by pressing on your username at the top of the page.

Update your Instagram app and enjoy these features!