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How to improve traffic with your LinkedIn account?


The popularity of LinkedIn is increasing and businesses can use the opportunity to source right kind of candidates to fill-in various job profiles. Individuals can use the platform to figure out the emerging opportunities so that they can move up in their career ladder. LinkedIn is the unique platform where employers as well as employees will be benefited. The LinkedIn search can be used to find LinkedIn profiles. If you optimize your account, the visibility will increase. There are some simple and efficient tips which will help you in this direction.

Optimizing the profile page

The number of views can be detected with the help of the ‘How You Rank’ feature. You can figure out the number of views in real-time without any issues. You can access the profile page under the posts section. You should fill the page with required information so that the optimization will be done very efficiently. Right kind of keywords should be used so that you can make the most of your investment.

The profile page should contain the description, experience, projects undertaken, volunteering efforts and relevant information which help employers in picking up your profile. By using the standard job titles, the optimization of the content will be efficient. Instead of showing a job title as a jack of all trades, you should focus on features as well.

Promotion of LinkedIn profile

The LinkedIn profile can be promoted in various ways. If you place the link in email signature, it will help in promotion of your profile. You can also place the link in various social networking sites so that inbound links will be generated in an effortless manner.

If you share relevant information on social networking sites, the link will be shared by users vigorously so that the promotion will take place efficiently. It will help in creation of new connections and you will attract link juice which is crucial to improve the visibility as well.


The endorsements made by other users will improve your popularity. It will affect your rankings. The value of your profile will increase when you take the most appropriate steps. If you endorse others’ profiles, your profile will be endorsed by others. You can also send requests to close connections so that the endorsements will take place on your site.

Anchor links

The LinkedIn profile comes with three links and it includes a blog and website as well. You can include the descriptive information in the anchor link and the anchor link can be changed as per your needs. The LinkedIn profile can include up to three links. The ‘Contact Info’ section can list up to three links.

You can link it to your website and blog. In fact, Blog and Website are default options. If you would like to link a blog, you are advised to use a keyword-rich title. The anchor text can be changed so that descriptive information can be provided. You can include right kind of keywords as well. The public profile should be visible as you post the content publicly. It can be changed from the Settings.

As you optimize a website to increase traffic, you should optimize the LinkedIn profile page as well. The profile can be updated with a profile photo and can mention recommendations as well. You can use the ‘profile strength’ tool to complete the profile in a very efficient manner.

Expand your membership

When you join in various relevant groups, your membership will be expanded. The SEO performance will improve as the group name will appear in the profile. The search engine crawler will go through the information without fail.

LinkedIn is a perfect platform to connect with your colleagues. It will help you maintain the work – like balance in a very efficient way. The connections which are not relevant to Facebook can be diverted to LinkedIn. If your LinkedIn profile is closer to the real name, you will ensure that the promotion of the profile is very efficient.

You should use the best features of LinkedIn to improve your profile’s visibility and the keyword stuffing should be avoided so that there will not be any negative impact. Your LinkedIn profile can be promoted at other locations such as Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.

what social media channel is best for your business
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Wondering What Social Media Channel Is Best For Your Business?


What you should know

Today, it is practically impossible to run a business without making your online presence known. Whereas a website may have been all you need for visitors and customers to find you, social media has taken over and you need to at least have a presence in one or two channels to have a wider reach. With so many social media platforms available it can be confusing as to which one is best for your business.

When it comes to choosing the best channel for your business, you should start by being clear about elements such as content production bandwidth, which platforms you like most and which platforms your key audiences are likely to use most. LinkedIn is, for instance a professional kind of social platform that attracts business people, whereas Facebook is not selective and you will find all kinds of audiences on it. The goals you have as a brand will of course help you select the best channel for your business strategies, but you should at least know what each channel is about and what is in it for your business.


Initially it was all about connecting family and friends, but it has since opened up for advertising and changed business prospects. It is a suitable platform for those who don’t mind competition and is a very popular network. It can however be a little too crowded for your business updates and you would need to be very creative using it. On Facebook you can connect and engage the audience using messages, comments, likes and business pages. You can also strategize using ad formats that are creative, optimize ads, enjoy adverts on multiple device, measure performance and use demographics, location and even behaviors to target ads.


It is the channel of choice for those interested in younger and tech savvy crowds. It is the modern newsroom of social media where people are free to share opinions and thoughts and also learn updates and happenings from direct sources. The channel offers an opportunity for you to connect with your target groups and build relationships that are reliable and strong. Using Twitter, you can increase brand awareness through direct communications in the form of mentions, hashtags, replies, tweets and likes. You get the chance to also empower brand image, network with influencers and brand advocates, get current updates in your industry and measure tweet performance through analytics and metrics available.


This social channel is best for those who can play business game. The audience on the platform is great for insights related to job hunting, networking and work productivity. It is the best channel for B2B companies and it makes it possible for you to connect with industry changers and find partners you can work with to improve your business. LinkedIn generally has a professional feel to it and attracts people strictly in improving their business networks and making all the right connections with influencers in the relevant industries.


If photography is your thing, then this is the social media platform that will work best for you. The best thing about the platform is that you can connect it with your Twitter or Facebook pages to gain even more value for your business. It has a powerful global presence and is fast growing. This visual platform gives your business the chance to portray your brand as a lifestyle concept thus allowing target groups to focus on what you are all about. You can actually tell your business story using photos and videos. Using Instagram, you can drive high brand awareness levels with compelling photos, carousel and videos, connect and engage with audiences using comments, likes, follows and messages, optimize ads and measure ad performance using data available on Facebook. You can use in conjunction with Facebook so you have expanded audience and unified management.

These are of course only some of the largest and most popular social media platforms. You can also consider others like Google+, Pinterest, snapchat and polyvore among others for your business. At the end of the day you would need to consider what the channel can do for your business and how effective it is in reaching the groups that you are targeting.

in learning

Linkedin Learning – Videos to Boost Your Career


The business and employment-oriented social networking service, LinkedIn, has now acquired at a hefty $1.5 billion which means now you can also upgrade your skill set through videos on the same platform you showcase your professional skills! specializes in offering learning videos on a monthly fee basis. had specialized in developing and marketing learning videos for more than 15 years. Originally the focus was on training courses for software programs like and Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Excel and the likes. But in recent years, increasingly expanded its presence in the business area, with learning videos on marketing and strategy. It seems for now that this collaboration will prove to be quite productive: with’s 9000 videos available to 450 million LinkedIn users it will be possible to know about an individual’s work experience, skills, contacts and now even the videos she checks out and in how frequently.

You can now learn skills from over 1000 business courses to help you gain that extra edge over your contemporaries. In the U.S. it has now become a standard practice for HR officers and company managers to look into the LinkedIn profiles of employees before their personnel files. LinkedIn Learning can soon make synced LinkedIn profiles with a professional learning video library a yardstick for professional development programmers in companies. Discover and develop skills with recommendations based on your LinkedIn profile, learn on your mobile devices even when you are offline and you get to learn all these from industry experts with real-world experience.

Build skills for leadership, communication, online marketing, project management, productivity tools and more with the new LinkedIn learning feature. Not only that, you also get to offer IT training on networks, business intelligence, big data and a wide range of essential applications. Inspire learning in design, video, 3D animation and photography and much more. LinkedIn experts curate content into series of courses on dozens of topics so that the learners can stay current. They can also use data-driven insights to assemble their own series, providing learners with truly individualized instruction. Trends and technology are always evolving; LinkedIn Learning provides 24/7 service for thousands of up-to-date and cost-effective business, creative and technology skills training videos designed for both desktop and mobile learning. LinkedIn users can avail all these for a monthly fee of only $25, while LinkedIn Premium members get free access. Currently, most videos are offered in English, but a drive has been created for the production of German, Japanese and Spanish contents as well.

LinkedIn learning can very well prove to be a new revolution in the world of professional skills if this idea is harnessed right.

microsoft bought linkedin

Microsoft Bought LinkedIn – Is it Working Out?


We all know that Microsoft has bought LinkedIn for a lump sum of $26 billion in June 2016. Microsoft has previously been unsuccessful in its attempt to excel by buying other brands like Nokia. So, why did it again take the risk of buying another brand by spending so much of money? What is the impact of this acquisition that took place in the month of June this year?

Microsoft and LinkedIn can together form a great combination since Microsoft’s online Office Suite and thousands of users that LinkedIn has can complement each other very well for serving great purposes.

The event has also been described by some as a bonding between the professional cloud and the professional network. So, one can easily toggle between a productivity software and social networking site.

Microsoft has been able to monetize LinkedIn which would not have been possible for anyone else. This investment will help LinkedIn to excel in a better way. So, LinkedIn users would be able to experience more benefits which would not have been possible under normal circumstances by using its own funds.

The relationship between Microsoft and LinkedIn is intermediate between an autonomy and synergy. So, both Microsoft’s and LinkedIn’s products are being promoted. LinkedIn is getting benefitted in various ways and its users can now enjoy more benefits thanks to the connected devices, cloud computing technology, big data handling and artificial intelligence.

LinkedIn still remains as a stand-alone entity under the wings of Microsoft. It is, however, benefitting Microsoft in every possible way. Microsoft products like Office 365 and Dynamics that were previously not so popular are being bought by the LinkedIn users. After all, it is the biggest professional social media platform in the world. Moreover, LinkedIn stands at a better position with respect to its competitors as compared to the other brands bought by Microsoft in the past. LinkedIn will offer it some valuable data that has applications with respect to recruiting. It would also provide some great per

LinkedIn had been lacking an adequate software prowess so far. Now, with the help of Microsoft, it is emerging in a better way. The users are thus being able to leverage the datasets better thanks to the Microsoft Office and Dynamic CRM Footprints. Especially the Enterprise Sales people will be benefited as a result of this. They will be able to receive massive dividends in terms of closing duration and sales efficacy.

In future we would expect that the training tools of LinkedIn will help Microsoft in building the virtual reality applications too. Microsoft, on the other hand, can increase the number of users and also the revenue of LinkedIn in the upcoming years.

Thus, it can be said that the synergy between Microsoft and LinkedIn is yielding out benefits as expected. We hope they continue to remain the same!

studets app by linkedin
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The Students App by LinkedIn is Gaining Popularity Fast


After serving as a networking platform for the working professionals, LinkedIn has now built a new app for the post-graduation students. This app is mainly meant for the students who have completed their graduation or post-graduation and are looking for their ideal roles.

The app will not only help the students to establish relations with people who are already in the professional world but also help them to identify their areas of competence where they would be able to excel.

It basically relates data regarding the course that they have subscribed to and the university which they are affiliated to help a student find a job profile suiting his interests.

It works in a similar manner to Tinder. One can create a new account or avail the features from their existing account. It has a friendly user-interface which helps the users to operate it at ease. The multiple tabs are not used here. Instead, there is a card-like structure where you can swipe between options.

It is a common experience among graduates that they become frustrated with the jobs that they are being offered and do not observe any scopes of improvement or growth. They therefore plan to undertake post-graduate courses in order to get better job opportunities. The scenario has worsened with time and finding the ideal job is no less than a challenge.

Keeping all these in mind, LinkedIn has come up with the idea of this student’s app. They have also decided to modify this app for use by the people of various countries. The app has already been used by thousands of students from the reputed colleges of USA. It is expected to become equally popular in UK too. The app is now available in the Apple iTunes store and Google Play stores for the Apple users and Android users respectively.

The app can help the graduates or pupils undertaking their first post-graduation course in three different ways-

  • It will help them to find their dream jobs in a company of their choice.
  • It will help them to enrol themselves in an internship program that suits their career.
  • It will help them to identify what postgraduate courses they should participate in.

In short, it will guide them through the different career options and study options that are open in front of them.

The students can also start networking with the alumni of their universities that have acquired some important position in a particular company and can be of great help to them in future.

It is not necessary that a student will pursue a career in the same subject which he or she is studying. They might feel like changing their stream and look for off-beat career options. LinkedIn has also made arrangements for the same. It will allow the students to select their sector of interest and then guide them accordingly.