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how to promote your brand on instagram

Can you promote your brand with Instagram?


For the promotion of products and services, you can use various social networking sites. Instagram is different from other social networking platforms. You will be able to connect with the right audience and sales can be enhanced by having a great presence on the platform.

Instagram has monthly users more than Twitter. Instagram is used by many businesses to improve awareness of products and services. The message will be conveyed in image format so that users will be able to go through the information very easily. The audience will remember the message for a long period and they will take the most appropriate action at right time. By presenting appealing information, the sales will take place automatically.

Market your brand

Instagram offers great opportunity to market your brand. The first step to making the most of the platform is to set up the business Instagram account. You should present content on the media which is relevant to the audience. If you have personal information, it should be shared on the personal account. A certain level of professionalism should be maintained when you access and manage social media account.

Optimization of social media presence

There should be greater customer appeal through the professional Instagram account. If you can present a compelling content, the visitor will click on the link to land on your site. Hence, the opportunity should be utilized in the best possible way.

At the top of the Instagram page, you can provide a bio. As you provide the name and description of your business, you will provide the link which takes to your website. The link should take the visitor to the targeted page on the website.


Your brand should be recognized by the audience by using consistent content and image. The font color, font size and font type will have a great impact on your success. The content format should be easily identified across various social media platforms. By delivering a professional appearance, audience will be able to identify your brand very easily.

The content should be presented in such a way that Instagram community will identify it very easily. You will not want to focus on keywords and hashtags as visitors will not use them to search for content. However, you can include a hashtag if you run a hashtag campaign. The bio can be changed to promote the latest campaign. However, the link should be presented so that audience can reach your site by clicking on the link.

Compelling Instagram posts

You should focus on production of outstanding content. As soon as the visitor goes through the image, the information should be conveyed implicitly. The absorbing nature of information is crucial to attracting audience. The audience will not make special efforts to go through the content. The customer will be glued to the image and would like to visit the site again. The user will not hesitate to share the content with his or her friends in the network.

You should understand the fact that Instagram is an image-centric platform. The comments that you receive for a post with images will be double to the comments that you receive on a post with text and links. The images will be engineered by experts so that they will alert the visitor’s brain instantly. Being aware of the Instagram culture, you will settle for the best course of action.

No hard selling

The brand’s social media will have a great influence on sales. Even though customers will be influenced by the friends and social media references, the role played by the brand’s social media is very much important. When you embrace Instagram as an effective medium to promote your products and services, authentic information should be provided on a consistent basis. You should offer the choice and in-depth knowledge about product or service should be provided. There should not be any hard selling.

When visuals are presented, you will not want to yell about products. By providing creative photos about your products and services, you can grab the attention of the prospective customer. By providing detailed images about the product, there will be a complete openness. The information about the product, features and the customer support should be easily available so that a quick comparison will be done by the audience. Thus, the traffic on Instagram can be converted into sales by managing the social account in a professional way.

social media tips for your business
How Tos

Social Media Marketing Tips To Take Your Business To A Whole New Level


Social media marketing is internet marketing that uses social media networks to achieve branding goals and marketing communication necessary. It has become one of the most reliable marketing approaches considering that the social networks are popular globally and businesses are therefore promised a broader reach in any marketing campaign they chose to engage in.

This type of marketing revolves primarily around sharing content, images and even videos for the marketing purposes. Businesses can also enjoy what is referred to as paid social media advertising on the social networks to get them more visible to a large audience. But just like any other marketing channel, you will need to start off your social media marketing with a plan. You must think about your company goals before putting together a marketing campaign so in the end you have something that is bound to be a success and fetch you the results that you are after.

The plan should target all important elements, including who your targeted audience is, your expectations, target audience preferences and the message you are proposing to spread using the social networks. Whether your aim is to increase website traffic, raise brand awareness, build conversations or create brand identity, you must know exactly where to start so you are able to measure ROI at the end. With a carefully executed plan, you will enjoy positive returns from your marketing campaign regardless of the social platform you choose to use. Here are some helpful tips that can help you get it right with social media marketing.

Tip 1 – Build a plan. This cannot be emphasized enough because it is the major thing that will determine the results that you get from your social media marketing efforts. Brainstorm content ideas and research keywords that are more appropriate so you capture your target audience.

Tip 2 – Choose content that will win. The information that you offer in your marketing campaign should be valuable to the groups you are targeting. You can diversify the content by implementing the different tools you have on social media, including videos, images and even infographics. There is so much you can do to create interesting content that will get you the kind of attention you are looking for from your target audience.

Tip 3 – Make sure you keep your brand image consistent across all platforms. It does not necessarily mean using the same content across all platforms you choose to use for your marketing campaign, but you should make sure that your business identity remains consistent so you do not end up confusing your customers.

Tip 4 – Consider blogging. It is one of the strongest social tools you can use to share information and any other content with your readers. If you have a company blog, you can have it serve as your marketing blog on social media. This way, you will be in a position to keep readers up to date with any social media events, contests and efforts easily and effectively.

Tip 5 – Let links work for you. You really can’t afford to be selfish when using social media for your marketing purposes. Try and link outside articles that are relevant to your field of business and you just might have the favor returned. The truth is that there are so many other sources out there relevant to your business that can provide valuable, interesting information that will interest your target audience. Linking is also a simple way of improving reliability and trust; it will definitely bring you good tidings.

Tip 6 – Keep an eye on your competitors. It is the one thing you should never ignore. The only way you will be able to beat the competition is by knowing what they are up to and what is working for them and then doing it better than them. Tracking competitors will not only help you get valuable data that can assist keyword research, but can also guide you to best industry links and marketing techniques.

Tip 7 – Use Google analytics to measure your success. It allows you to track data and measure how successful your marketing techniques are. Monitoring your campaigns allows you to make changes whenever necessary.

facebook marketing tactics

Marketing Tactics That Are Actually Working On Facebook Currently


If you are among people with a general feeling that Facebook is being overshadowed by other popular social platforms or that the increasing algorithm updates and news feed are making it hard for your brand to be noticed, you may need a change of tactic for your marketing efforts to pay off in the end. More brands seem to be posting more content on Instagram compared to Facebook, but this doesn’t mean that Facebook is not valuable anymore.

By using tactics that are presently working on this platform, you should be able to get your message out there and achieve the kind of results you are looking for. This post should be able to help you make a few changes to your marketing strategy and use methods that will actually work for the business objectives you may have.

Use dark posts – On Facebook, dark posting is publishing posts that do not appear on the timeline. These posts are usually targeted to selected audiences and can be really helpful in split testing. You can actually create three different variations of the same post with the intention of finding out which type works best of performs the best in relation to your expectations. You can use Facebook ads manager and Power Editor to get started with the dark posts. You simply need to follow instructions and you will be able to put together the creative dark posts.

Share quote photos – This tactic is not new and the truth is that it is still very strong on the platform. People always seem to be moved by inspirational quotes that can motivate them or stir a particular emotion and you can enjoy post interaction and shares when you choose to use the quote photos. Sharing on the platform is an integral part of social proof and this leads to more fans and friends, finding your page and probably even liking it.

Try native videos – Videos have definitely taken over photos on Facebook and you can get very good results especially with native videos. Users get compelled with the slightest move and your video will definitely draw them in. There is always a high likelihood that they will stop and actually play the video. But to make it yield some good results, you should ensure that it is short, easy and quick. The video should also contain a very strong call to action to be relevant to your efforts. Native videos are those posted directly to Facebook and they seem to bring better results than those linked from other sites like Vimeo or YouTube. Still on videos, you can consider featured video and creating video playlists on Facebook.

Target organic posts – It is possible for your posts to be limited to smaller audiences, but you can make a difference by ensuring that they are the exact audience you are targeting. Publishers now have numerous new tools they can use on Facebook and you can experiment with targeted audiences for organic posts. Targeted posts generally attract higher engagement compared to posts that are not targeted.

Make use of your Call to Action button – It is what gives users’ direction on what to do next and this is exactly where you want your Facebook presence to do for your business. You will enjoy new visits on your page and without a proper CTA, you could end up losing value from such visits. Facebook offers different calls to action that you can use depending on the services or products you are offering or what you want your visitors to do next. You can strongly invite them to sign up, shop now, use app, contact us, book now or even watch video. It all depends on the contents of your page intended direction you have laid out for the visitors.

Other tactics you can effectively use on Facebook to make a difference in your marketing efforts include zeroing in on key topics, posting frequently but relevantly and being creative with topics that are trending. It could also prove very beneficial to study negative feedback so you know what your audience does not like. This way, you will be able to make important changes and discover patterns that can guide you into themes, language use and post types that work for your audience.