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Top 10 Sexiest People in Instagram
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Top 10 Sexiest People in Instagram


Instagram has some of the sexiest men and women in the world posing in exposing or “barely there” clothes. These people shower their profiles with some of the most sensuous photos one can ever think of and receive millions of likes. Sometimes it is the nudity, sometimes it is the background of the places and sometimes it is the clothes that they were (or the fact that they do not wear anything).- Whatever may be the reason, the profiles of these people are the sassiest and the most exciting in the Instagram. Let us have a look at the ten sexiest profiles on Instagram:-

@melwitharosee: Carmella Rose has one of the sexiest profiles on Instagram. The model cum traveler cum foodie cum animal lover is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous ladies of Instagram and posts photos in some exotic places of the world wearing some revealing attires. Not only does she click sensuous photos in two-piece swimming costumes and stuffs like that, she also makes it innovative with ideas like flowers covering her busts as she wears just a panty. One of the photos which deserve mention is the one where she is sitting in a sanctuary at Phuket, Thailand wearing a two-piece along with a robe.

Jourdan Dunn: The British Fashion Model Jourdan Dunn has one of the sexiest profiles on Instagram. She posts photos in semi-nude poses and also uploads those clicked on the ramp. One of her pictures which have received millions of likes in Instagram features her in a bikini, sunbathing at the beach.

@evelin.niicole: Evelin, the Fitness Blogger from Sweden posts some sexy pics and her well-toned and super-fit body makes her photos quite attractive. She looks hot in whatever she wears, starting from beachwear to yoga clothes. Her profile also describes the fitness routines she is involved with. The exercises she performs has earned the name “squatsevelin”.

@baddiewinkle: She is not one of the young bods on Instagram and is as old as 87! Yet she has one of the sexiest profiles on Instagram. This grandmom from Kentucky wears her granddaughter’s dresses and uploads chicky photos. Not only are the dresses exposing, they are also vibrant in color. The background she chooses for her pictures are also apt for her dresses and poses. She even has Miley Cyrus and Rihanna as her best friends.

@yoga_girl: Rachel Brathen from Aruba is an yoga trainer of international fame. Not only does she upload pics which you will surely find sexy, she also makes her profile inspiring with some motivational quotes. The Instagram yoga sensation also posts photos with her handsome husband Dennis. Her photos also reflect the luxurious lifestyle she leads and exotic places such as Caribbean Island that she visits. Bikini-clad Rachel doing handstands also wins thousands of likes in Instagram.

Samantha Hoopes: The Sports model has been the eye candy of many in Instagram. She is known as the queen of swimsuit and poses in different kinds of swimming suits each day.

@danbilzerian: Another sexy profile that you could look at is that of Dan Bilzerian. No girls, we do not mean that he is a sizzling hot guy whose profile you could follow. Rather, his profile is full of naked or half-naked women who are sure to give pleasure to the boys. Also, fast cars and big guns can be found….what else could a boy ask for??

@niykeeheaton: She has a sexy yet girl-next-door image. Sometimes she poses topless and often she engages herself in nude pizza parties. She is also found to wear low waist pants exposing her abdominal muscles. The American pop singer also writes lyrics on her nude back and poses in front of the camera.

Chrissy Teigen: Flaunting her assets is something very usual with Chrissy Teigen. From the controversial “#freethenipple” to hairstyling in a semi-nude pose… Chrissy Teigen has made Instagram hotter and more happening.

@jimchapman: Why should boys have all the fun? Jim Chapman has something to excite the girls too! His Instagram profile is enriched with some hot pics of him with squinty legs and pouty eyes that are sure to make the gals go gaga over him. But the saddest part is that he is now married! He also uploads photos with his wife which receive innumerable likes on Instagram.