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Can you generate new leads with social media?


There are simple and proven ways to improve traffic to your website. The online promotion can be done in a very efficient way so that you can generate new leads very quickly and it is possible to increase sales volume in the shortest possible time. Leads are nothing but potential customers who provide contact information so that you can reach them and convince them to buy your products or services. When the leads are passed to sales professionals they will ensure that leads are converted into sales.

Leads creation on social media

Instead of using cold calls and SMS, you can promote your products and services through the social media. The opinion expressed by a customer on the social platform will have great value and it will be noticed by other prospective customers. Especially, if the positive opinion is viewed by a friend or colleague or a family member, it will have great influence on the buyer. The sale will be closed to the extent of 90% with the positive feedback provided on the social network. The rest of the work should be fulfilled by the brand by providing useful information on the website or blog.

The commercial website or blog should have Facebook widget so that users will visit the page and will come to know about your followers. The information shared by your followers on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus will have great influence on customers.

The sales team should have access to a steady stream of leads so that they will ensure that the cycle is completed at the earliest. It is very much important to generate quality leads so that the conversion rate will be very high. The social platform will help you reduce the leads acquisition cost as well.

Gated content

You will give access to users after providing basic information such as email address. As you will provide quality information on the landing page, the user will share the email id without any issues. You can provide access to various kinds of content such as white papers, webinars, case studies, blogs, infographics and videos. If the user providers contact information, you can understand that the user is willing to find more information about your products and services. Hence, the conversion of the lead will be very quick.

Organize contests

You can organize various kinds of contests so that there will be widespread participation by targeted audience. The content should be based on a unique theme so that users will compete for the prize money. The contest should add value to the user. You can offer free upgrade or extended trail version of a software as well. You can ask for comments, shares, likes and the information about the contest will spread very quickly. You can collect information about users through the contest entry form.

Social media advertising

You should collect quality leads as per the established criteria. Through the Facebook lead ads, you will connect with users without leaving the social platform, Facebook. As the Facebook will populate the lead form automatically, the prospective customer will be connected very quickly. The leads generated through the Facebook ads should be passed on to the sales team.

You can also explore Instagram lead ads. The working of Instagram lead ads will be different from the Facebook lead ads. The form will populate with information such as name, email address, phone number and gender. The other details should be filled by the user.

By using the LinkedIn’s lead generation forms, you will allow potential customers to share relevant information in a very efficient manner. The conversion will be optimized by using three or four fields present in the form. Users will be connected from the mobile phone also as no further typing is required with LinkedIn.

Hangout/ live streaming

The lead generation will be quick by using the Hangout of Google Plus. You can also choose a live streaming option on YouTube so that the message can be conveyed to targeted audience and leads can be generated very quickly. You can also conduct webinars as it is the best option to convert leads generated through the gated content.

Social selling

Social selling is nothing but the culmination of social hearing, lead generation and sales tactics. You will strive to build and establish relations in a very efficient manner.





social media reputation
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Why social media reputation is very important?


You should protect your online reputation so that the credibility of the brand will not be tarnished. You can go through the tips offered by experts to protect your online reputation.

The following tips can be followed in this direction:

  • The profile should be set to private on various social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can find the option from the Settings in the profile section.
  • If you find any fake profiles, they should be reported immediately. There is possibility for impersonation on various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. As you fill the online form, the complaint can be raised very quickly. If there is any offensive online content, you should not join those groups. There is possibility of linking your profile with offensive groups. As your reputation will be damaged, you should not take risk. A well calculated approach should be implemented by not following risky groups.
  • Friend request should be accepted from trustworthy people only. If there is an offensive user, you should not hesitate to block the user. Even though you manage a mutual friend through online contacts, you should not add the friend without knowing them offline. Some users might harass you or threaten you. It is possible to block such users without any issues. You should search for name, email address and username through various search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. If there are fake profiles or accounts, they can be traced very easily. In this process, you will get a better understanding about digital footprint.
  • You should think twice before posting online content. Even though you remove from your website or blog, it will not be deleted from the server permanently. If you are not using online accounts, you are advised to delete or deactivate those accounts. If you are not using Bluetooth, it should be hidden or disabled. There are certain vulnerabilities in Bluetooth technology by which users might get access to the address book, images and content present in your phone. You should change the name of the device also so that others will not be able to identify you.
  • The geotagging on the mobile phone should be disabled. When you add location data to photos and content, you will take risk. By going through the metadata, users might be able to trace the location where photo was captured. As child pornography is prohibited, you should not contain nude pictures of others who are under the age of 18. They should not be forwarded to others as well. There will be severe legal prosecution and you are liable for imprisonment as well.

Reputation management on social media

You should be able to maintain the reputation of your business by having active participation on the social media. You should refine your approach so that you will not take risk in disseminating unwanted information. The reputation of your business will have an impact on sales. Hence, you should take all possible steps to maintain the correct image and the negative opinion should be addressed in a professional way.

Even though you provide exceptional customer service, the reputation of your business should not be spoiled by offering negative reviews by few customers. Through the reputation management measures, you will nurture positive opinion about your business. You will ensure that honest reviews are highlighted so that users will get correct opinion.

The negative review will be read and responded in a professional way. When you engage highly skilled reputation management professionals, your business will move to the next level without any issues. There should be proactive solutions to address negative comments. If negative comments are raised, you should get an alert immediately. You should use automated tools so that the information will be conveyed very quickly.

The reviews should be monitored on daily basis and you should engage with customers in a very efficient way. As you manage positive reputation, there will be higher sales. By addressing issues in a very effective way, you will focus quality time on important issues. New strategies should be developed and implemented to deal with the reputation issues. Consumers will make an informed decision based on reviews. The reputation management will be done in the best possible way by engaging current customers as well as new customers.

social media is crucia for business

Why is social media crucial for your business


Social media plays a great role in building the reputation of the brand. You will be able to attract new leads as well in a very efficient manner. To improve your chances of success, you should follow certain steps. You can create accounts on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms. The following tips will help you in this direction:

Social media plan

A social media plan should be created so that you will use the available options in a very efficient way. The social media that is appropriate for your business can be selected. If you place a plan, it can be referred to your team without any issues. Instead of signing up on many sites and not playing an active role, you should restrict the sign up for few sites and there should be active engagement on them. By defining a good social marketing strategy, your business needs will be fulfilled very efficiently.

Consistent presence

A routine posting schedule should be developed and it should be implemented in a very efficient way. The content that you publish varies from one social media to another social media. You might send two to four Tweets per day. The Facebook Page can be updated once in a day. You can update some sites once in a week. By maintaining the schedule, you can reach to the audience in a very effective way. You should have plans to reach out to influencers. If you fail to publish content on a regular basis, space will be used by your competitors.

Share appropriate information

The information that you have on social media should be relevant. It should be accurate and appropriate for the occasion. The content should be entertaining and should be relevant to your audience. By giving a clear insight into the information, you can build an opinion without any issues. There are automated tools which will suggest topics and keywords that are relevant to your business. The trending topics should not be ignored. The tools offer suggestions based on keywords and data feeds. However, you should study the relevance of such suggestions and valuable content should be posted. The best content should be prepared and it should be presented in the correct form.

You can add reputed sites which post high-quality content as per your needs. Those websites can be added to an RSS reader so that latest posts from sites will be readily available on the dashboard. As you will be aware of the relevant content, the content can be posted quickly.

Social media management

The social presence can be managed in a very efficient way by using a tool. By using a social management tool, you can publish content on various platforms very easily. Posts can be scheduled very easily. The collaboration is made simple with social media management tool. It is possible to manage all social media feeds from a single dashboard.

The tracking and measuring of results will be done in a very efficient way. Businesses can perform social media presence obligations by using the best management tool.

Track results

It is crucial to measure the impact of social media promotion. Efforts made by social media team should be tracked and analyzed. It is very much important to track the social media ROI so that the strategy can be modified to fulfill the interests of business.

The Likes on Facebook, the reach of Facebook and views and impressions on Twitter should be figured out. You should also find out the views and actions on Google Plus. There are impressions, clicks and interactions on LinkedIn. The Likes and comments on Instagram and Pinterest should be gauged. You should invest more on platform which delivers great results. The results should be tracked on weekly basis as well as monthly basis.

Paid advertising

To boost your business promotion chances, the paid advertising can be used. There will be quick results to paid advertising. As Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media offer a variety of paid advertising platforms, you should choose the right platform and service to optimize results.

Social media efforts should be accelerated by measuring, analyzing and streamlining the social media strategy.

leads through social media

Generation of leads through social media


Social media has great potential to generate swift leads. You can target the audience precisely and you can nurture relationships as well. By creating compelling landing pages, you will be able to convert visitors into customers. The analytics software will be useful and you will be able to make the most of the online promotion by channelizing resources in the right direction. The buying behavior of customers, age group and lifestyle can be studied and best marketing methods can be implemented to make the most of your investment.

Nurturing the prospects

You should nurture prospects until they are ready to purchase products or services. By using the social media channel in a very efficient manner, you can generate inbound links in the best possible way. It is possible to improve the quality of web traffic. The internet is used to buy business solutions. If you can offer solutions to issues faced by various businesses, you can achieve great results.

Communicate in unique style

You should communicate with audience in unique style so that you will captivate them with your convincing skills. There should be means to analyze the success of your efforts. You should have a plan that includes KPIs so that the results can be tracked very efficiently.

By implementing an automated program or creating a list builder, the automation platform can be run in a successful way. You should present vivid information on the social media. The testimonials offered by customers should be presented so that new users will be convinced to use your services.

By offering case studies, prospective users will have the opportunity to go through the details in a systematic way. Call to action parameters should be presented at various locations and you should include the phone number as well.

Buyer-supported content

You should offer content which is supported by buyers so that there will not be any issues. The social media participation will be efficient when you present the required information in a way that it most appropriate for your business. The product information can be presented in the form of PDF files. Images and videos should be presented on the website so that users will be able to go through the information very easily.

Participate in discussion groups

The lead creation will be quickened when you participate in groups. You should offer information required for the customer and the queries raised by visitors should be answered promptly. You should allow new connects or followers to go through your activity. They should be able to review your profile. When new users click a link, they will reach the landing page and the lead generation will take place in a very efficient manner.

You should communicate to prospects in an approachable manner. By offering a sound advice and maintaining a respectful presence, you will be able to make the most of your time and efforts. The website should have call to action buttons at various locations. You should offer those buttons to connect your business through various platforms including Twitter, StumbleUpon, MySpace, LiveJournal, LinkedIn, and YahooMail.

Sell messages

The social media engagement should take place in a successful manner. The engagement proportion on Instagram is very high. Through engagement, you will accomplish trust-building measures in a very efficient manner. The sell messages can be pumped to prospective users as soon as you establish the content and trust.

If you have a Twitter account, the account should be active. You should tweet on a regular basis. You should present information in a helpful manner. You should play the role of ‘trusted advisor’ so that there will not be any issues. There are special online programs which help in the study of online activity and the influence.

The marketing automation should be done so that marketing leads will be transformed into sales-ready leads in the best possible way. The revenue generated through the social media promotion should be gauged so that you can participate in social campaigns in a vigorous way.

There will be visitors from various geographical locations. You will come across new visitors as well as old visitors. The browser used by the user, the mobile OS, time spent on the site and the social pages visited by the users will help you devise the best plan to generate leads.

Social media as lead management funnel

4 Social media as lead management funnel


Social media as lead management funnel

The social media will act like the lead management funnel so that you will be able to make the most of your investment. The social media drives traffic to the website. It is possible to convert traffic from the form. You can nurture engagement in a very efficient way so that the traffic generated on the website will be converted into customers. There are various tools through traffic will be generated. The content management, blogging, social media, SEO and analytics are great tools to attract traffic.

Social media for lead generation

The conversion of traffic will take place through leading pages, lead intelligence, lead management, and analytics. By using publishing, promotion and optimization, the website will be found. Through marketing means, educational content will be created. The content will be promoted through ads, blogs, website, social media, and referral sources.

The sales people will be able to promote products and services through their social profiles. The promotion will take place through conversations and discussions. It is possible to achieve social media relationship building as well. The prospects will be nurtured until they are ready for sales.

Market intelligence

The social media will contribute to market intelligence as well. It is possible to identify business opportunities and you can build trust in prospective customers and current customers. The blogs and content will help you build trust. The market research and customer support can be delivered through the social media so that there will be great satisfaction.

Google Page Ranking

With the recently modified Google Page Ranking system, the social weight will also be taken into consideration. The social media links are considered in the ranking algorithm. The links can be presented on blogs, videos, tweets and social network updates. Audience will be attracted towards the audience. It is possible to generate links to the site. If you present quality links, there will be higher search rankings.

Combination of search and social

It is noticed that a higher percentage of conversion is achieved through the integration of search marketing with social marketing. The SEO-friendly content can be increased with the help of social media. There is profound generation of inbound links with the social media. The quality of traffic will also be affected with social media.

The above factors will lead to increase in search engine rankings. There will be more number of organic search leads. With the creation of higher quality leads, the conversion rates will increase in a very efficient manner.

If a visitor is in search of a keyword from the search engine like Google, the search results from blogs, twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms will also be displayed. As prospects will access online information, sales volume will increase in a very efficient manner. There will be frequent communication with the social media channel.

Influence on buying process

Social media has great influence on the buying process. Prospective buyers will go through awareness campaigns. They will consider the product after going through the pros and cons. The reviews and feedback offered by customers will have a positive impact on customers.

Prospective visitors will make the purchase decision after going through the information presented through various social media platforms. Businesses should choose one or more social networking sites and they should play active role. The regular interaction with customers and visitors will build a relationship. The relationship will lead to sales in the long-term. It is possible to promote sales from the existing customers as well by engaging them in the best possible way.

Lead generation

The lead generation activity is crucial for the growth of your business. It is possible to reach the target industry and target company with the help of the best service provider. The current trends should be followed very closely while engaging with online community. If there is shift in usage of a new browser, you should be able to offer the new browser so that you will not lose your customer. The changes in lifestyle and user behavior should be tracked quickly and necessary changes should be incorporated in the social profile. Thus, the social media acts a lead funnel and you can increase sales in a very efficient manner.

Online marketing powered by social media

Online marketing powered by social media and content marketing


Content plays crucial role in communicating your thoughts and goals. You should implement the best content management strategy so that you will be able to make the most of your investment. By managing highly efficient content, you will be able to attract prospects in the best possible way. You can educate buyers and overcome various kinds of objections in the best possible way. By using high quality content, you can build credibility and trust without any issues. You can tell your story in a very efficient way and it is possible to build a loyal list of followers.

Benefits of content

The content has the potential to attract customers. You should use quality content to educate prospective buyers. The objections raised by users should be overcome with the presentation of accurate information. There should be solid proof and evidence so that users will not be able to deny the facts. If you provide authentic information about the niche, the traffic on the site will increase gradually. By including social media buttons on the main website, it is possible improve the social media membership.

The credibility and trust can be established with the help of highly efficient content. It is possible to build buzz about various activities so that new set of customers will be attracted in an effortless manner.

Objectives of content management

You should prepare groundwork as per the objectives of your business. The marketing efforts should be integrated so that you will be able to make the most of your money.

There should be focus on the requirements of your audience. If you are aware of your audience, you can present the content in the best possible way. Instagram is very popular among young users. On the other hand, Facebook is popular among adults and seniors as well. The selection of social media platform should be done as per your needs so that there will great satisfaction. If there are any issues with your audience, you should take steps to resolve them.

The content that you circulate through the social media should include information about your competitors. There should be means to analyze the success of the social media strategy. The success of your efforts should be gauged. The social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus should be used as per the popularity of users. If you fail to garner audience on a specific social networking site, you will not want to invest your time and effort on that site. On the other hand, you should invest on highly efficient social networking sites so that you can achieve great results.

Different forms of content

The content can be presented in the form of podcasts, webinars, demonstrations, and webcasts. High quality content should be distributed through various channels including white papers, blogs posts, case studies, and technical briefs.

If you would like to present tutorials, you can choose e-books. The content should be published in various formats including email, website, news & reports. You can collect information about visitors through the online form. The email address and other details will be included in the email marketing program or list builder. You should follow the best practices of landing pages so that the new visitors will be impressed by the layout and you will collect necessary information from the user without any issues.

A professional content marketing service provider can be approached so that your social media marketing will be aligned properly and there will be great results in the shortest possible time.

Connecting with prospective customers

You should present quality content through initial contacts. When you are able to attract attention from customers, you will be able to communicate with right kind of messages. The objections that are likely to be raised by customers can be overcome very easily.

You will offer later messages which support buyer decisions. There will be better search engine ranking when blogs are filled with right kind of content. The content should be updated on social media sites are regular intervals. New links can be created through the blog commenting. You can also add links on various social networks so that new traffic will be generated from various sources.

When you combine the power of content marketing with social media plus points, there will be great change in the profitability of business.

how to boost sales in social media
How Tos

Tips to Boost Sales by Using Social Media


Social media has great potential to transform your business. It offers equal opportunity to online business as well as offline business. The opportunities are endless for startup as well as a multinational entity. The business should implement the best marketing strategy so that sales will be boosted in a very efficient way. The key element for sales is the traffic on the website. You should address all the issues that are associated in hindering the traffic to your site. As a powerful magnet attracts iron objects from different directions, you should be able to create a powerful funnel to attract targeted audience in a very efficient way.

Enhanced sales and conversion rates

Social selling is a great challenge faced by all kinds of businesses. The tips offered by experts will certainly help you achieve a great breakthrough to enhance sales through your website.

Social involvement

Social involvement is the key to the promotion of your brand. Through regular conversations, you will build a bridge with audience. There should be two-way communication so that apprehension about the brand will be removed trust-building measures will be enhanced.

Use advertising

By using social media advertising, the promotion of the business will be very much enhanced. You should choose the best Pinterest and Facebook strategy. New articles can be posted on these platforms so that new sales leads will be generated.

Answer questions

The questions posed by audience should be addressed quickly and efficiently. By using simple language, the message should be conveyed very effectively. When existing customers are satisfied, it is possible to get new customers very easily. The concerns of customers should be addressed so that they will suggest your product to their friends and associates without any issues. Thus, you will be able to convert your customers as brand ambassadors.

Follow your customers

You should establish connections with customers by following customers in a very efficient manner. The social media is the most effective means to add new visitors on your site in the shortest possible time.

Fine-tune your website

To reap the benefits of social media promotion, you should manage a professional website. The website or blog should be built and managed as per the latest standards. There should be consistency in the presentation of the content. The colors, fonts, font size and logo should be consistent across all the web pages of the site. The consistency should be maintained across various social sites as well. The website should have the buttons, links and other ways to connect with social platforms. There should be ways to share links with others in the network.

Content that adds value

The content that you post on the website and social media should add value to the audience. The content should be fresh and it should be filled with facts. There should be images, videos and presentations as per the business niche that you belong. Through visual marketing, the story behind your company can be conveyed. The goals and mission of the business should be conveyed prominently. The growth achieved by the company should be depicted so that audience will trust your brand.

Highlight the unique proportion

The unique proportion added through your business should be highlighted on various social platforms. If you focus on sales as well as support in a very efficient way, relevant facts should be presented. By using the most appropriate keywords, you can attract new set of visitors on your site.

Invest on R&D

There should be research and development on various changes that take place in user behavior, lifestyle and expectations. If there is change in technology, you should make swift changes so that your business will not lag behind in offering the smart services to users. By offering a simple and cost-effective mode of communication and service, the customer satisfaction will be enhanced. You will also be able to attract new customers very easily.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is the key for any organization. If there are any disputes, they should be addressed in a professional way. The argument should be traced and suppressed at the earliest. If there is failure on the part of the business, a quick apology should be offered and the negative perspective of the customer should be overtaken with positive support.

It is very much important to choose few social media platforms and focus on them to get best results than having inactive presence on multiple platforms.

social media

Reasons Why Social Media May Not Be Yielding Expected Results


Social media networks make some of the best tools for businesses that are looking to widen their reach and strengthen position in the marketplace that is competitive. Regardless of the line of business you are in, you are bound to meet stiff competition and it is up to you to come up with ways to remain relevant amidst all the competition and to actually grow. Social media marketing strategies are working very well in modern times, especially considering that they have become a way of life for millions of users globally.

But for the approach to work for you and yield the kind of results you expect, you need to have a plan that is targeted in every way. When you have everything figured out social medial channels will be a success and yet the smallest errors can end up causing damage to your brand image and integrity. If you have been giving it a try, but social media do not seem to be brining you the kind of results you expected, it could be because you are making common mistakes most business people make when using the platforms. Find out what you could be doing wrong and make changes as appropriately and social media could turn to be the best marketing tool you ever chose.

You are using one plan for all your social platforms – If you are treating your social media campaign as a one size fits all it will not work as optimally as you expect it to. Each one of the media channels has features that could be unique to it and therefore content that works for one platform may not necessarily do as well on the other channels. You need to base your content on specific channels and the kinds of audiences, it attracts to be a success. The approach you use should differ from one channel to the next. Alternatively, consider using only one network or at least two instead of trying to have a presence on all the channels.

You are talking at your audience – Social media remains to be just as the name suggests, social. Remember, it is not a newspaper, radio or TV for you to broadcast at audiences. Your conversations should therefore be two ways so you are able to encourage consumer interaction at the end of the day. Learn to talk with your audiences instead of talking at them if at all you are to be able to create better relationships that are rewarding. Avoid taking a sales pitch in every one of your posts and instead share fun, informative, valuable and interesting content most of the times to keep the engagements going.

You are posting too little or too much – Posting too much turns annoying for your followers and users especially because it clogs their newsfeeds. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why users unfollow or unlike pages. On the other hand, if you end up posting too little will suggest apathy and this will only make it hard for you to retain followers. People tend to move on very quickly on social media because of the short attention span the channels naturally promote. It is very easy for you to be forgotten if you are not a regular poster. Try to find a balance; post at least one daily, but do not go beyond three posts either in a day. It is also very important that you ensure anything you post is relevant, informative, valuable or interesting.

You keep inserting yourself in the wrong place – Not every trending topic will be relevant to your business and neither will all topics offer any value to you. Stealing mindshare on topics your business has no relevance in will only end up making you look insensitive and ignorant. No matter how popular a topic may seem, if it has nothing to do with your line of business, try to avoid a force-in otherwise it can easily make your followers questions you and your business. Choose topics and conversations to join with care so you only choose what is really of value to your business and can give you the right exposure to your target audiences.

social media tips for your business
How Tos

Social Media Marketing Tips To Take Your Business To A Whole New Level


Social media marketing is internet marketing that uses social media networks to achieve branding goals and marketing communication necessary. It has become one of the most reliable marketing approaches considering that the social networks are popular globally and businesses are therefore promised a broader reach in any marketing campaign they chose to engage in.

This type of marketing revolves primarily around sharing content, images and even videos for the marketing purposes. Businesses can also enjoy what is referred to as paid social media advertising on the social networks to get them more visible to a large audience. But just like any other marketing channel, you will need to start off your social media marketing with a plan. You must think about your company goals before putting together a marketing campaign so in the end you have something that is bound to be a success and fetch you the results that you are after.

The plan should target all important elements, including who your targeted audience is, your expectations, target audience preferences and the message you are proposing to spread using the social networks. Whether your aim is to increase website traffic, raise brand awareness, build conversations or create brand identity, you must know exactly where to start so you are able to measure ROI at the end. With a carefully executed plan, you will enjoy positive returns from your marketing campaign regardless of the social platform you choose to use. Here are some helpful tips that can help you get it right with social media marketing.

Tip 1 – Build a plan. This cannot be emphasized enough because it is the major thing that will determine the results that you get from your social media marketing efforts. Brainstorm content ideas and research keywords that are more appropriate so you capture your target audience.

Tip 2 – Choose content that will win. The information that you offer in your marketing campaign should be valuable to the groups you are targeting. You can diversify the content by implementing the different tools you have on social media, including videos, images and even infographics. There is so much you can do to create interesting content that will get you the kind of attention you are looking for from your target audience.

Tip 3 – Make sure you keep your brand image consistent across all platforms. It does not necessarily mean using the same content across all platforms you choose to use for your marketing campaign, but you should make sure that your business identity remains consistent so you do not end up confusing your customers.

Tip 4 – Consider blogging. It is one of the strongest social tools you can use to share information and any other content with your readers. If you have a company blog, you can have it serve as your marketing blog on social media. This way, you will be in a position to keep readers up to date with any social media events, contests and efforts easily and effectively.

Tip 5 – Let links work for you. You really can’t afford to be selfish when using social media for your marketing purposes. Try and link outside articles that are relevant to your field of business and you just might have the favor returned. The truth is that there are so many other sources out there relevant to your business that can provide valuable, interesting information that will interest your target audience. Linking is also a simple way of improving reliability and trust; it will definitely bring you good tidings.

Tip 6 – Keep an eye on your competitors. It is the one thing you should never ignore. The only way you will be able to beat the competition is by knowing what they are up to and what is working for them and then doing it better than them. Tracking competitors will not only help you get valuable data that can assist keyword research, but can also guide you to best industry links and marketing techniques.

Tip 7 – Use Google analytics to measure your success. It allows you to track data and measure how successful your marketing techniques are. Monitoring your campaigns allows you to make changes whenever necessary.

what social media channel is best for your business
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Wondering What Social Media Channel Is Best For Your Business?


What you should know

Today, it is practically impossible to run a business without making your online presence known. Whereas a website may have been all you need for visitors and customers to find you, social media has taken over and you need to at least have a presence in one or two channels to have a wider reach. With so many social media platforms available it can be confusing as to which one is best for your business.

When it comes to choosing the best channel for your business, you should start by being clear about elements such as content production bandwidth, which platforms you like most and which platforms your key audiences are likely to use most. LinkedIn is, for instance a professional kind of social platform that attracts business people, whereas Facebook is not selective and you will find all kinds of audiences on it. The goals you have as a brand will of course help you select the best channel for your business strategies, but you should at least know what each channel is about and what is in it for your business.


Initially it was all about connecting family and friends, but it has since opened up for advertising and changed business prospects. It is a suitable platform for those who don’t mind competition and is a very popular network. It can however be a little too crowded for your business updates and you would need to be very creative using it. On Facebook you can connect and engage the audience using messages, comments, likes and business pages. You can also strategize using ad formats that are creative, optimize ads, enjoy adverts on multiple device, measure performance and use demographics, location and even behaviors to target ads.


It is the channel of choice for those interested in younger and tech savvy crowds. It is the modern newsroom of social media where people are free to share opinions and thoughts and also learn updates and happenings from direct sources. The channel offers an opportunity for you to connect with your target groups and build relationships that are reliable and strong. Using Twitter, you can increase brand awareness through direct communications in the form of mentions, hashtags, replies, tweets and likes. You get the chance to also empower brand image, network with influencers and brand advocates, get current updates in your industry and measure tweet performance through analytics and metrics available.


This social channel is best for those who can play business game. The audience on the platform is great for insights related to job hunting, networking and work productivity. It is the best channel for B2B companies and it makes it possible for you to connect with industry changers and find partners you can work with to improve your business. LinkedIn generally has a professional feel to it and attracts people strictly in improving their business networks and making all the right connections with influencers in the relevant industries.


If photography is your thing, then this is the social media platform that will work best for you. The best thing about the platform is that you can connect it with your Twitter or Facebook pages to gain even more value for your business. It has a powerful global presence and is fast growing. This visual platform gives your business the chance to portray your brand as a lifestyle concept thus allowing target groups to focus on what you are all about. You can actually tell your business story using photos and videos. Using Instagram, you can drive high brand awareness levels with compelling photos, carousel and videos, connect and engage with audiences using comments, likes, follows and messages, optimize ads and measure ad performance using data available on Facebook. You can use in conjunction with Facebook so you have expanded audience and unified management.

These are of course only some of the largest and most popular social media platforms. You can also consider others like Google+, Pinterest, snapchat and polyvore among others for your business. At the end of the day you would need to consider what the channel can do for your business and how effective it is in reaching the groups that you are targeting.