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Most Followed Sportspersons On Instagram


Social networking sites have always managed to bring people together and have connected people from all across the globe. Of the various social platforms, Instagram is one growing networking sites which has created an impact on many. It’s being admired by all, be it the common masses or celebrities.

Even sports people have a strong presence on Instagram with millions of followers. And these sportspersons too take part actively by sharing regular posts, photos and various other updates which their fans look up to.

Let’s have a look at some of the most followed sportspersons on Instagram, see if you have been following one of them.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who doesn’t know him? He is enjoying over 38.5million followers and is believed to be most followed footballer in the world. This Portuguese forward who’s also a Real Madrid talisman is said to have seen around 76% increases in his follower count. He not only enjoys a great following on field but off field too he is amazing.


This Brazilian player has a total following of 36.1million, and he has seen an increase of 67 percent over the past year. He is even piped against Lionel Messi to the silver medal. It is notable that he had carried his country’s 2015 World Cup with grace.

Lionel Messi

The all time favorite, Lionel Messi enjoys 29.8million followers. There is no doubt over the fact that he is a great footballer, and the same can be witnessed both on and off field. He enjoyed 73% increase in his following in the year 2015.

David Beckham

He has a total following of 16million, and this Manchester United star became an active member of Instagram in 2015, and within a year he has seen massive growth in his following.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

This Sweden player has a following of 9.8 million and his popularity on Instagram saw an increase by 83 percent over the past one year. He is a striker who had helped PSG to Ligue 1 splendor and enthused Sweden to a Euro 2016 play-off win over rivals Denmark. His following indeed speaks for his fandom.

The Rock

Then we have the mighty, Rock, which proves that football is not the only dominating sport on Instagram. He has over 14.7 million, and apart from wrestling, his celebrity status in Hollywood films too have helped him make a mark on the social networking platform,

Floyd Mayweather

The boxing lovers across the globe would surely know Floyd and his massive Insta presence. He has over 7.1 million followers who are always keen to know of his whereabouts. And he too obliges them by posting all the latest stuff.

Thiago Silva

Looks like we absolutely can’t do without Footabll, this sport is completely ruling Instagram and maximum sportspersons which are followed the most happen to be soccer players. Silva is another who enjoys 5.1 million followers. He is not only a great player on field but is an equally great social media enthusiast. His posts are very regular, and he certainly knows how to keep his followers happy and connected.

If you are a sports lover, don’t forget to follow one of these legend players!

top eating accounts
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Top Healthy Eating Instagram Accounts


Instagram is no more limited to fun photo sharing; this social networking platform has become a global sensation, and is widely spread in every field around. From fashion and lifestyle, to travel and adventure – Instagram has a vast presence; thanks to the vivid followers it has.

Even food is a favorite on this platform, and if you are a fan of healthy eating – you can get numerous Insta accounts to follow. These sites share some amazingly wonderful food photos and healthy eating tips.

If you love being healthy and eating healthy by choice, the following healthy eating instagram accounts are a must to follow. Have a look:


Here you can come across some yummy plant-based dishes and smoothies. Also, this account features all gluten and sugar free delicacies. What more can you ask for, isn’t it? The page regularly shares photos, videos and quick tips related to cooking the healthy plant based dishes. Follow them on


If you are always concerned about your meals, this is another page to look forward to. Here you can number of nourishing meal ideas picked from all over the world. So this is one page where you can get the best of the best. Follow them on


Sugar may taste good, but it certainly doesn’t does good to your body. But quitting sugar is no easy task; however this insta page is dedicated in helping you quit sugar. The page shares step-by-step plan for avoiding sugar, and brings in some easy to make sugar free recipes. So, if you want to quit sugar, follow


Run by Miranda Hammer – an authentic dietician, this page features different recipes related to soups and desserts as well as breakfasts. It has some quick to make breakfast ideas, particularly for those who lack time to do so in the morning. Stick to this blog if you want to bring in a healthy change in your lifestyle.


This insta page is run by Carina Wolff, and while she is not a dietician by profession, she has invested her time in exploring plant-based healthy recipes which she keep sharing with her fellow bloggers and insta followers.


If you have though that healthy is always boring – this page is one to look out for. Run by Kevin Alexander, this insta page provides various healthy recipes for pizzas, burgers and delicious snacks and desserts which are all healthy.


If you love salads, this is the right place to be in. here you witness some artful salads, fresh vegetables, inspiring quotes, with a slight tinge of healthy humor. Get over your regular salads and try something innovatively new with this.


Run by Sara Forte, here you get to see some wonderful sprouts idea, different from what we make in routine. It’s healthy, natural and more importantly absolutely delicious.


Who says chocolate can’t be healthy! This page is dedicated to all chocolate lovers and offers various chocolate recipes with a healthy twist. So, if you crave for chocolate and want to be healthy at the same time, you know which page to follow!

Light up your kitchen with these healthy recipes, and enjoy the natural flavor with your loved ones!


top five singer profies on isntagram
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Top five singer profiles on Instagram


Instagram is the next big thing in social media, going by the kind of waves that it has been creating in the digital world. It is perhaps one of the best means to reach out to a great number of people. Instagram provides one with the necessary popularity, especially in the case of performers and artists. They can showcase their works over Instagram and connect with their fans across the world at the same time. The performers and singers of these days use Instagram to the fullest hilt and have taken social networking to a different level with Instagram. Also, they can give a sneak peek into their lives as well.

Singers are some of the most coveted stars that the field of performing arts has to offer. Singers use the prowess of their vocal chords to mesmerize the world and consequently, they acquire their fans. Earlier, singers had their fan following strictly on the basis of their fans who admired their music. Now, with the arrival of Instagram, fans get to see the stars and their idols at a much more personal level. Fans get the opportunity of knowing various intimate details of their favorite stars that are shared by them. These are some of the singers who have gathered the maximum number of followers on Instagram:

  1. Selena Gomez: This teen sensation has 100 million followers on Instagram and has about 1239 posts on her account. She has a massive fan following, mostly youngsters. She posts short videos of her various performances in concerts across the world, her pictures taken during different photo shoots, glimpses of her stage performances, the fun that she has with her team in the backstage.
  2. Taylor Swift: Possessing 91.5 million followers on Instagram, Swift posts pictures of her trips across the world and also with other celebrities like Gigi Hadid. She is very close to her pet cat, Meredith and often posts her snaps with Meredith. She has posted moments from the Grammy’s, her adorable childhood pictures. Also, she posts a lot of funny memes, giving us a clue of her funny bone.
  3. Beyonce: Having 85.4 followers on Instagram to her credit, Beyonce was once hailed as the queen of pop music after Madonna. She has 85.4 million followers and is mostly seen in her posts with her daughter Blue Ivy Carter. She uploads shots of various photo shoots, her love performances.
  4. Ariana Grande: A possessor of 85.1 million followers, Grande is one of the recent stars who has risen to quick popularity. Her pictures at gigs form the largest part of her posts. Also, she pokes fun at herself by posting fun pictures of hers. Pictures with her pet dog are also galore.
  5. Justin Bieber: His fans are called “Beliebers” and he has about 61.6 million followers on Instagram. Mainly a teenage pop sensation, he rose to fame with his hit, “Baby”. He has deactivated his account temporarily but we hope to see him back soon.

If you are a singer and want to be a part of a list like this you have to do a lot of hard work and to have a good team for beats creation, music mastering and mixing and etc. Follow these singers on Instagram if you want to know more about them!

celebrity profiles to follow on Instagram
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Top 10 celebrity profiles to follow on Instagram


We all grow up imagining ourselves in the shoes of our idols, which mostly include celebrities from across the globe. Be it for fashion, sports, intellect, movies and so on.

Some, however, manage to live their set of dreams by bumping into these well-known artists on the red carpet. But, many others, never get the opportunity to put wings to their dreams. This is when Instagram comes into the picture.

Instagram is a platform to engage like-minded people in order to share common interests. It is a platform for those who like to meet the stars on social media and directly converse with them. It’s a platform where one can enter into the lives of their popular stars without hindering anyone’s privacies.

On Instagram, one meets several celebrities who they can only dream about meeting in person. It gives you an inset into the not-so-private lives of stars that you may hardly come across any news websites or newspapers.

Thus, we have made your work easier by listing out top 10 best celebrity websites, who are always trending among fans. Below is the list of stars that you must MUST follow right away.

  1. Selena Gomez: We have also seen the pop singer grow up on Disney channel. Gomez has grown to be one of the most stylish icons among youth of the US. Her Instagram profile is entertaining as hell and will always keep you glued. One can follow her to get fashion tips from makeup to apparels to almost everything under the sun. She carries herself gorgeously well and her profile is to die for.
  2. Priyanka Chopra: An active Instagram user, Chopra’s profile is famous for her daily posts. She posts pictures and videos from her family affair to film shoots to celebrity gatherings. A popular Indian actress and now ruling the USA charts, too, Chopra has come a long way. She has a huge bunch of fans following her for her genuine yet interesting updates.
  3. Twinkle Khanna: A popular Indian writer and former actress, Khanna is known for her sense of humour and intelligent updates. Khanna posts updates from family gatherings to books shows to everything witty and smart. Her posts are crisp and to the point and very entertaining too.
  4. Lindsay Lohan: Here, you will get snippets of Lohan’s day to day life, which is anything but boring. All pot-heads can follow the Hollywood actress for her quirky updates. Her posts are very sincere and relatable. It’s just not possible to relate your life with Lohan’s updates. Stay tuned!
  5. Anne Hathway: The adorable Hollywood actress posts updates just like her personality. From her baby bump to honeymoons, to up close and personal meetings with other famous celebrities. You can see them all here. Her every post will leave you wanting for more. If you are her big fan and want to get scoops on her life and career first hand, you ought to follow her profile right away.
  6. Emilia Clarke: Now, who doesn’t Clarke? You need not be a Game of Thrones fan to love her. Shes lovable as much as her posts are. She is extremely active on the social media and her posts are rib-tickling and smart. Her fashion sense is clearly visible in her gorgeous beauty posts. So what are you waiting for? Her fan following grows with every damn second.
  7. Miley Cyrus: The pop singer and Hollywood actress has been controversy’s favourite child. Now, you don’t want to hear scoops on her activity through news websites, do you? Follow her profile right away and be the first one to know what Cyrus is up to these days. You never know, the news of her engagement with Liam Hemsworth may just be on the cards.
  8. Blake Lively: Her profile is the plethora of relationship goals. Her photos with husband Ryan Reynolds are to die for. Shes a huge foody too. And, loves to share pictures of the delicious food she eats on a daily basis. Wait no more and press FOLLOW, in case you don’t want to miss out on love, food and more.
  9. Amanda Seyfried: Dog lovers and pet owners head straight to this profile. Seyfried is a huge animal lover and is constantly updating posts with her adorable pet.
  10. Anna Faris: She might not be seen on the big screen a lot now, but she has surely managed to get a huge following in the past few years. In order to stay in touch with her life, follow her.
Top 10 Sexiest People in Instagram
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Top 10 Sexiest People in Instagram


Instagram has some of the sexiest men and women in the world posing in exposing or “barely there” clothes. These people shower their profiles with some of the most sensuous photos one can ever think of and receive millions of likes. Sometimes it is the nudity, sometimes it is the background of the places and sometimes it is the clothes that they were (or the fact that they do not wear anything).- Whatever may be the reason, the profiles of these people are the sassiest and the most exciting in the Instagram. Let us have a look at the ten sexiest profiles on Instagram:-

@melwitharosee: Carmella Rose has one of the sexiest profiles on Instagram. The model cum traveler cum foodie cum animal lover is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous ladies of Instagram and posts photos in some exotic places of the world wearing some revealing attires. Not only does she click sensuous photos in two-piece swimming costumes and stuffs like that, she also makes it innovative with ideas like flowers covering her busts as she wears just a panty. One of the photos which deserve mention is the one where she is sitting in a sanctuary at Phuket, Thailand wearing a two-piece along with a robe.

Jourdan Dunn: The British Fashion Model Jourdan Dunn has one of the sexiest profiles on Instagram. She posts photos in semi-nude poses and also uploads those clicked on the ramp. One of her pictures which have received millions of likes in Instagram features her in a bikini, sunbathing at the beach.

@evelin.niicole: Evelin, the Fitness Blogger from Sweden posts some sexy pics and her well-toned and super-fit body makes her photos quite attractive. She looks hot in whatever she wears, starting from beachwear to yoga clothes. Her profile also describes the fitness routines she is involved with. The exercises she performs has earned the name “squatsevelin”.

@baddiewinkle: She is not one of the young bods on Instagram and is as old as 87! Yet she has one of the sexiest profiles on Instagram. This grandmom from Kentucky wears her granddaughter’s dresses and uploads chicky photos. Not only are the dresses exposing, they are also vibrant in color. The background she chooses for her pictures are also apt for her dresses and poses. She even has Miley Cyrus and Rihanna as her best friends.

@yoga_girl: Rachel Brathen from Aruba is an yoga trainer of international fame. Not only does she upload pics which you will surely find sexy, she also makes her profile inspiring with some motivational quotes. The Instagram yoga sensation also posts photos with her handsome husband Dennis. Her photos also reflect the luxurious lifestyle she leads and exotic places such as Caribbean Island that she visits. Bikini-clad Rachel doing handstands also wins thousands of likes in Instagram.

Samantha Hoopes: The Sports model has been the eye candy of many in Instagram. She is known as the queen of swimsuit and poses in different kinds of swimming suits each day.

@danbilzerian: Another sexy profile that you could look at is that of Dan Bilzerian. No girls, we do not mean that he is a sizzling hot guy whose profile you could follow. Rather, his profile is full of naked or half-naked women who are sure to give pleasure to the boys. Also, fast cars and big guns can be found….what else could a boy ask for??

@niykeeheaton: She has a sexy yet girl-next-door image. Sometimes she poses topless and often she engages herself in nude pizza parties. She is also found to wear low waist pants exposing her abdominal muscles. The American pop singer also writes lyrics on her nude back and poses in front of the camera.

Chrissy Teigen: Flaunting her assets is something very usual with Chrissy Teigen. From the controversial “#freethenipple” to hairstyling in a semi-nude pose… Chrissy Teigen has made Instagram hotter and more happening.

@jimchapman: Why should boys have all the fun? Jim Chapman has something to excite the girls too! His Instagram profile is enriched with some hot pics of him with squinty legs and pouty eyes that are sure to make the gals go gaga over him. But the saddest part is that he is now married! He also uploads photos with his wife which receive innumerable likes on Instagram.

top five travel accounts on Instagram
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Draw inspiration from these top five travel accounts on Instagram


Are you passionate about travelling and wondering where to go on your next vacation? Are you spending lots of time checking with your friends and searching on the internet for some travel ideas? Bid goodbye to all these time-consuming activities right now. Log on to your Instagram account and check out the following accounts to draw inspiration for your next vacation. Instagram has become one of the most powerful social network sites today in terms of pictures. Therefore, you don’t have to look beyond this for your travel options. These accounts are held by travel buffs who have visited to various parts of the globe and have posted some of the most expressive pictures from the places they have visited, in order to share their wonderful experiences with their followers. All you need to do is to just log in to your account and follow the accounts mentioned below to get updates of diverse destinations within minutes, right from the comfort of your home!

  1. @BucketListJrny

If you are a travel enthusiast but are holding back due to certain apprehensions, this is the travel account that you need to visit first. The owner of this account is Annette White. She is a real inspiration for people who want to travel to a variety of places in the globe. She had prepared a list of 34 countries in her list and keeps filling her account with exotic pictures from the places that she travels to on a regular basis. Her pictures are full of life, capturing the intricate moments of different lifestyles, food and culture present across the globe. Fears cannot and should not cut off your travel aspirations at any cost – this travel account is a perfect example to this rule.

  1. @theblondeabroad

Are you feeling insecure to leave your lucrative corporate job and pursue your travel ambitions? You need to visit this account owned by Kiersten Rich. She quit her well-paid finance job so that she could carry out her travel plans without any hindrances.  She knew that travel was her passion when she visited Spain as part of her studies and there was no turning back thereafter. As of now, Kiersten has visited 40 countries and she updates her account with bold and entertaining pictures which help travel enthusiasts to dream about destinations that they never thought of initially.

  1. @thefella

If you are a professional photographer and care about minute details, this is the travel account that you need to follow to get latest updates. The owner of this account, Conor MacNeill is a professional photographer and specialises in architecture and landscape photography. His pictures speak so much more than his captions as he takes care of every single detail about his object. One look at his pictures and you will know exactly where it was captured as MacNeill uploads his pictures along with their location. If you are a travel buff, all you have to do is just to follow his account and make a note of the places that catch your attention and start making your travel plans. MacNeil’s pictures have the power to inspire anybody and make them yearn for the places where he had been to, purely because the expression and beauty that they exude.

  1. @chaiwalla

If you thought flashy and loud pictures are the best, you are badly mistaken. You have to visit this travel account owned by Allan Edward Hinton to know what we are talking about. This is an account Hinton has posted his pictures with minimal styles and subtle designs. In a bevy of travel accounts available on Instagram today, this account clearly stands apart purely because of Hinton’s unique style of photography. His adventurous experiences all over the world in about a year and 2 months are captured perfectly in this account, inspiring travel-cum-adventure enthusiasts all over the globe.

  1. @leeabbamonte

What better way to draw inspiration for your travel from this account  owned by Lee Abbamonte, age 36 and the first American to have ever visited all the 193 United Nations sovereign nations in the world? Abbamonte’s travel account is filled with pictures from his trip to all these countries dominated by exuberant colours. Adventure is his forte and this is reflected in all the pictures in his account. One look at his account and you will feel a rejuvenated energy running up in your veins!

Top 7 Instagram feauters
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Top 7 Instagram features you should know about


Many of us use this photo sharing application, however a handful of us know of the powerful features Instagram offers us for our sharing, editing and browsing purposes. Here is a rundown of 7 of its top features –

  1. Notifications when favourite people posts –
    Never need to miss an Instagram post from your most loved individuals again? You can get a notice each time a particular users post another photograph. You should simply turn on warnings for every user independently. To turn on warnings for a particular user: Visit that user’s profile, and open up one of their posts. At that point, tap the three dabs in the base right-hand corner of the post, and click “Turn on post notifications” that shows up.
    Instagram favourite people posts
  2. See every one of the posts you’ve ‘Loved’ –
    Ever needed to see the posts you’ve liked, all in one spot? You should simply go to your own profile and tap the “Choices” catch (an apparatus symbol on iPhone/iPad and three specks on Android). At that point, click “Posts You’ve Liked.” To un-Like any of the posts you’ve liked, just go to the post and deselect the “heart” symbol underneath it. The user won’t be get to know that you’ve un-Liked their post.
    Instagram see every one of the posts
  3. See the posts your companions have as of late liked or commented on –
    You definitely know how to see the posts of yours that others have liked as of late. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the posts the general population you take after have Liked as of late? On the other hand what they’ve remarked on others’ photographs, besides? To see the users you follow, just click the heart symbol at the base of the home screen that shows which individuals have liked your photographs. At that point, pick the tab close to the top that says “Following”
    Instagram see the posts your companions have as of late liked or commented on
  4. Look through pictures without agonizing over inadvertently Liking them –
    To look through somebody’s Instagram photographs without “twofold tap suspicion,” look through their food profile while on airplane mode. Without web access, you won’t have the capacity to like their photograph regardless of the possibility that you unintentionally twofold tap it.
    Instagram look through pictures without agonizing over inadvertently Liking them
  5. Clear your search history –
    To clear your search history, just go to your own particular profile and tap the “Alternatives” catch (a rigging symbol on iPhone/iPad and three specks on Android). Look down and click “Clear Search History.” When asked for reconfirmation, click “Yes, I’m certain.”
    clear your search history in Instagram
  6. Reorder the filters, and conceal the ones you don’t use –
    On the off chance that you utilize Instagram a great deal, odds are you have a couple of most loved filters you utilize constantly, and others you never touch. To make altering photographs less demanding, you can reorder the filters in your altering window and even conceal the ones you never utilize.

    • To reorder or conceal filters, transfer a photograph and start altering it, as you would when altering another post. When you get to the filters page, look to the precise far right of your filters choices and click on “Manage.”
    • To reorder filters: Simply hold your finger down on the three dark lines on the most distant right of the filter you’d like to move, and drag it to reorder.
    • To conceal filters: Deselect any filters you’d like to stow away by tapping on the white check imprint to one side of the filter.
    • When you’re set, leave the filter administrator by tapping the “X” on the upper right of your screen.
      Reorder the filters Instagram Reorder the filters Instagram 2
  7. Use Instagram as a photo editor without posting any picture-
    Adore Instagram filters and altering abilities, yet would prefer fundamentally not to present the photograph for you at this moment (or ever)? To utilize Instagram as a photograph supervisor without posting anything, you should simply distribute a photo while your telephone is on off-line mode. To begin with, make certain you have “Spare Original Photo” turned on in your settings. Next, take after the ordinary strides to present a photograph on Instagram: Upload the photograph, alter it, and press “Share.” A mistake message will show up stating upload failure but the photo will get saved to your phone’s gallery.
     Instagram as a photo editor
Top 100 Instagram Hashtags
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Top 100 hashtags to get your pictures trending on Instagram


Each one of us are now addicted and absolutely in love with Instagram – the social photo sharing application which has caught the world by storm! And like everyone else, we want to make a mark on the social world. So what’s the way you make your mark in this scenario? How can you get the people to check your posts and photographs and promote yourself or your product that you so badly want to?

The answer is simple – Hash-tags. Yes the one with the “#” symbol. Hashtags are valuable to use on Instagram and different channels when utilized accurately. On the off chance that your Instagram record is open, anybody scanning for a hash-tag you utilized will have the capacity to see your photos. This is one strategy for increasing more engagement for your photographs and more followers for your record. Try not to overuse those hash-tags with your photos and videos, try to utilize just about three to five at maximum for every post.


To help you out, here is a list of the top most 100 hash-tags that are used in Instagram which can keep your posts trending across the globe.

1.#love – 143,817,139 photos
2. #instagood – 97,570,915 photos
3. #me – 80,693,198 photos
4. #tbt – 75,411,509 photos
5. #cute – 75,047,873 photos
6. #photooftheday – 70,995,806 photos
7. #instamood – 64,925,462 photos
8. #beautiful – 54,570,181 photos
9. #picoftheday – 53,776,027 photos
10. #igers – 52,997,258 photos
11. #girl – 52,960,538 photos
12. #instadaily – 51,313,415 photos
13. #iphonesia – 51,124,375 photos
14. #follow – 46,372,281 photos
15. #tweegram – 44,656,230 photos
16. #happy – 43,360,681 photos
17. #summer – 42,718,347 photos
18. #Instagramhub – 42,101,798 photos
19. #bestoftheday – 40,202,550 photos
20. #iphoneonly – 39,287,795 photos
21. #igdaily – 36,932,129 photos
22. #fashion – 35,815,277 photos
23. #webstagram – 35,073,684 photos
24. #picstitch – 34,965,202 photos
25. #nofilter – 34,196,209 photos
26. #sky – 33,913,231 photos
27. #jj – 33,899,949 photos
28. #followme – 33,865,057 photos
29. #fun – 33,069,338 photos
30. #smile – 30,236,252 photos
31. #like – 29,636,123 photos
32. #pretty – 27,687,567 photos
33. #sun – 27,583,417 photos
34. #food – 27,409,451 photos
35. #Instagramers – 26,197,524 photos
36. #friends – 26,182,561 photos
37. #lol – 24,989,254 photos
38. #hair – 22,859,451 photos
39. #bored – 21,586,314 photos
40. #swag – 21,569,900 photos
41. #cool – 21,370,212 photos
42. #funny – 20,780,049 photos
43. #onedirection – 20,410,001 photos
44. #life – 20,334,119 photos
45. #nature – 20,266,828 photos
46. #family – 19,848,462 photos
47. #christmas – 19,542,006 photos
48. #my – 18,660,172 photos
49. #blue – 18,489,451 photos
50. #pink – 17,953,933 photos
51. #dog – 17,943,442 photos
52. #beach – 17,670,037 photos
53. #art – 17,538,396 photos
54. #hot – 17,384,494 photos
55. #tagsforlikes – 17,089,894 photos
56. #photo – 16,794,388 photos
57. #amazing – 15,979,281 photos
58. #repost – 15,893,445 photos
59. #girls – 15,820,604 photos
60. #instahub – 15,466,981 photos
61. #sunset – 15,426,384 photos
62. #party – 15,419,737 photos
63. #awesome – 15,292,933 photos
64. #red – 15,223,775 photos
65. #baby – 14,963,775 photos
66. #statigram – 14,813,215 photos
67. #black – 14,756,443 photos
68. #versagram – 14,670,529 photos
69. #cat – 14,587,895 photos
70. #music – 14,582,697 photos
71. #instalove – 14,561,589 photos
72. #likeforlike – 14,451,644 photos
73. #night – 14,371,566 photos
74. #followback – 13,602,164 photos
75. #throwbackthursday – 13,395,605 photos
76. #clouds – 13,228,789 photos
77. #white – 12,911,807 photos
78. #bestfriend – 12,393,864 photos
79. #yummy – 12,388,898 photos
80. #yum – 12,280,256 photos
81. #like4like – 12,151,613 photos
82. #textgram – 12,025,992 photos
83. #eyes – 12,014,859 photos
84. #green – 11,927,125 photos
85. #2012 – 11,722,646 photos
86. #sweet – 11,696,715 photos
87. #all_shots – 11,652,778 photos
88. #school – 11,642,671 photos
89. #igaddict – 11,568,790 photos
90. #style – 11,470,768 photos
91. #i – 11,304,169 photos
92. #beauty – 11,016,473 photos
93. #harrystyles – 11,009,421 photos
94. #instacollage – 10,942,042 photos
95. #jj_forum – 10,905,037 photos
96. #foodporn – 10,647,412 photos
97. #nice – 10,633,312 photos
98. #boy – 10,414,825 photos
99. #instago – 10,314,053 photos
100. #best – 10,271,100 photos

Information taken from – The most popular hashtags