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A Number of Social Media Apps are Flooding the Digital World!


Social Media platforms are always competing against each other. Apps cater to the needs of the Internet users across the world and they are super easy to use as well. Social media platforms are used more actively than ever by Canadians and about 56.7 % adults use them actively. There has been a rise in the use of instant messaging apps as well as other apps that serve various needs of the connected consumers. Certain latest apps are creating waves in the digital world due to their user-friendly nature. A few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Anchor: This app is mainly for podcasters who want to be heard but they have not felt comfortable while using other mediums. Hence they have found a community in Anchor, the free iPhone app. This app makes the job of broadcasting short audio clips easier and it is done in a matter of a few seconds reaching out to a global audience. The listeners can join in the action by providing replies to the clips and feedback too. The users can also listen to authentic humor, knowledge as well as inspiration and debates from the global collective of personalities of Anchor. Also, Anchor provides a great opportunity for the businesses to listen as well as engage in the conversation in the form of collaborative podcasting which is opposed to generic podcasting.
  2. Yo: This is an iPhone app which leads the group of notifications based on context. The app has been redesigned in order to be a content notification clearinghouse. The app is so beneficial that it allows its users to send push notifications to other users who are present in the app in the form of “Yo”! The user base of the app is over 1 million. Publishers have used Yo for the purpose of delivering updates from the election of November 2015. One can also use the app for ordering pizzas, getting deliveries after shopping or even to pick up laundry when it is ready.
  3. Viber: Worldwide, this app has 664 million users. The simplified emojis as well as stickers have provided the young generation with novel ways of communicating with each other. It is one of the most prominent instant messaging apps in the market nowadays. The app has also allowed its users to follow the conversations of celebrities, brands as well as sports personalities. One of the biggest examples of the publishers using this app is Buzzfeed. Brands can also incorporate their own opinion in the form of promotional sticker packs.
  4. Vimeo: Having 100 million users, this is the first video sharing site which has the potential to support high definition videos. The users mainly include professionals from the creative industry, which are basically people like the filmmakers, photographers as well as marketers. The primary focus of these people is to display the production quality if their videos. This app has customized branded player and premium users have the option of replacing the Vimeo logo with theirs.

These apps constitute the future of the digital world undoubtedly.