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how to increase youtube views and engagement
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How to Increase YouTube Views and Engagement. Part 1


Want to get more YouTube views? Nowadays, generation X alone enjoys 1.5 billion videos on YouTube every single day. As well as the average viewer spends more than an hour every day to simply watch videos on their mobile phones.

With numbers like that, it can be frustrating to see your own YouTube view counts stay low or the same. That’s why we’ve created this straightforward guide to help you grow your target market. Let’s take a look at the first 5 ways to get more YouTube views.

5 ways to get more YouTube views

  1. Encourage existing audiences to subscribe

People who are already watching as well as appreciating your videos are an excellent source of potential views for future content. Once they subscribe, they can pick to be notified each time you upload brand-new material. This will bring in instant views every time you release a brand-new video.

The most basic means to get viewers to subscribe is to, well, ask them to subscribe. Add a call to action at the end of your video asking users to subscribe. You should also include a link in your video description. It will make it very easy for them to do so. Also, you can use a time calculator to help you to calculate your video duration, which is very important.

  1. Ask your target market what they intend to see

The human brain is incredible. Amazing things happen when you ask your subscribers what they need and want and then you create a video for them – they think you read their mind! Incredible! That’s what many YouTube makers do.

Providing the content your subscribers wish to see is a guaranteed way to build viewer loyalty and keep people coming back for even more.

Ask your subscribers and customers what they want to see more of. After that create the video or content they’re requesting for. Simple, right? And highly effective.

  1. Use playlists to keep people watching

YouTube’s very own numbers reveal that “top-performing brand names on YouTube construct and also advertise twice as several playlists as the bottom 25%.”.

Those top-performing brands understand the power of auto-play. If the content is excellent, you’re possibly going to maintain watching after the auto-play, right?

Let’s see how to create a YouTube Playlist

  1. Browse to the initial video you want to add in the playlist.
  2. Click Add to.
  3. Select an existing playlist, or select Create a new playlist. Give this playlist a name
  4. Select your playlist’s privacy setting. Considering that you’re going for YouTube views, it would be best to keep it Public
  5. Click Create.
  6. Use cards, end screens, as well as watermarks to advertise other videos or your YouTube Channel.

Cards, as well as end screens, are both opportunities to route a viewer to your other videos, encouraging them to watch more. Watermarks, on the other hand, provide a possibility to promote your Channel.

Cards function like pop-ups that appear during the video itself, while an end screen appears at the end of the video. Watermarks appear at the exact same time in all video clips, in the bottom right corner.

Given that your focus is on getting extra YouTube views, you’ll likely want to use a channel card to link your channel. Or, you could use a video or playlist card to point viewers to your other videos and playlists.

How to add an end display.

  1. From your YouTube account, click the Creator Studio link under your account icon.
  2. Click Video Manager > Videos.
  3. Click Edit on the video you want to add the end screen to, after that click End screen.
  4. Choose whether to duplicate an existing end screen, create one using a YouTube template, or create one from scratch using the Add element option.
  5. When you are more than happy with your selections, click Save.
  6. Focus on your niche.

It’s counterproductive to assume that concentrating on a smaller potential audience can get you more YouTube views. Don’t attempt to create content for everybody. Aim to create content for a specific type of individual and let them decide whether they want to dig what’ you are doing.

Those that end up digging your content will stick around and also become faithful followers who are eager to see each new video you poss. Those that do not proceed to something that fascinates them a lot more – they were not the best fit for your YouTube channel anyway.

It’s more valuable to obtain repeat views from devoted subscribers who are likely to become clients than from people who never ever return.

Make sure you follow these steps if you want to increase your YouTube Views as well as Engagement. we have prepared for you another 5 things you definitely need to do and we will release it in the following week. So, stay tuned.

promote product and services with youtube

How to promote product and services with YouTube?


YouTube offers various features to promote your products and services. You can post short as well as lengthy videos in a systematic way to attract and retain audience. You can use YouTube to create brand awareness. Small businesses will be greatly benefited with the help of YouTube promotion.

Presentation of useful content

The information about your business can be presented in a very efficient way with the help of YouTube. Testimonials are great means to influence prospective customers. It will set right expectations on the products and services offered by the business. You should include a watermark with the video so that it will deliver professional appearance.

You should use various kinds of videos to attract visitors to your blog and business website. As a matter of fact, it has become quite common to include a short introduction video on the blog or website in the sidebar. You should utilize the 2-minute video to present the most appropriate content so that you can set right expectations to the user. The user should be compelled to visit your website or blog so that the purpose of the video will be fulfilled.

Adding videos to sales pages

You can add videos to sales pages or landing pages. If you present quality video prepared by professionals, it will have the potential to attract a casual visitor to your business website. The conversion rate will be very high if the landing page is treated in a very efficient manner. You can use the sales page to promote video training programming.

If you offer insight about the product or service, there will be great impact on the user. The video can be used to demonstrate the product or service. It will build confidence in the user so that the user will not hesitate to subscribe to emails and further enquiries. The sales team should take advantage of these developments and it is possible to close the sale very easily.

Promotion through customers

You can use your existing loyal customers to promote your products and services. By offering a special incentive for sharing your business, you can expect higher sharing in the shortest possible time. It is possible to launch various kinds of promotional campaigns with the active participation of users.

By conducting interesting and theme-based promotions, there will be great craze for products and services. If you offer valuable discounts or coupon codes, you can expect large-scale participation of audience. It will lead to short-term as well as long-term results. The results can be tracked and analyzed by using the Google analytics and other tools. The set of keywords that deliver best results can be increased and the campaign can be modulated to deliver best results. It will also help you set right goals to your future campaigns as well.

Share and care

Users will post comments about videos and you should take steps to reply those comments. When users get answers to their queries, they will be able place an order on the website in a confident way. You should also follow videos of other brands which are relevant to your niche. When you post a comment, you will get an opportunity to place a link. Based on the value added through the comment, you can attract new users to your website or blog.

You should post interviews of eminent personalities that are related to your niche. As you post authoritative content, the page rank of your landing page will increase. The traffic on your website will increase with the improvement in page rank. It is possible to find your website on top of the search results in search engines. The content should be optimized so that it will be mobile-friendly as well as SEO-friendly as well.

Question and answer sessions are a great means to spread the popularity of your website. There will be absolute clarity on your products and services and you can avoid the ambiguity that arises in the minds of prospective customers. The upcoming event can be covered in the best possible way by using the short videos. You can present a link in the video that will take the user to the business website or blog.

Thus, it is possible to promote your business in a very efficient manner with the help of YouTube.

youtube new features

YouTube Undergoes Developments… A Number of New Feautres are Being Added


YouTube, the website that is highly popular among internet users across the world still continues maintain the undisputed #1 site for uploading and viewing videos. However, it has been receiving challenges from the other forms of social media who are grabbing a major share of the commercial videos and emerging as threats to YouTube in the world of social media marketing.

As a result, YouTube is now developing some new features that would help it to retain its position in the world of social media marketing. Some of the new developments in YouTube that will benefit the users in a great way are described below:

  • Displaying Notifications: As we all know, YouTube has a large number of channels displaying contents of various types in which the different users will find interest. A user subscribes to a channel that he likes.

The latest technology will allow them to receive notifications from the channels that they have subscribed to, and thus get informed of a new video that is posted in their favourite channels.

  • A Variety of Cards: A variety of cards, such as the channel cards are being developed which will help the users to promote contents, carry on merchandise, collect funds and serve other purposes. The cannel card which will allow you to share different stuffs with your friends in the other channels of YouTube.
  • Filtering of Comments: YouTube has decided to filter comments and display only the relevant ones which add value to the users or are acceptable to everyone. Junk comments, which make the users feel distracted and irritated at times will be prevented from being posted.
  • Easier Subscriptions: The users will find it easy to subscribe to the different channels of YouTube. The new developments with respect to the subscriptions will also allow the users to decide whom they would allow to be subscribed and whom they will not.
  • Faster Creator Studio App: This app will help the creators to develop their contents in a better way and also make their decisions optimized. It will also allow them to interact with the users in a better way.
  • Video Management Features: It is now possible to manage the videos even while you are travelling. You will also be allowed to enable or disable monetization on your videos and update custom thumbnails from your mobile phone.
  • A Better View: In order to offer a better view of a particular location, YouTube has made provisions for 3D videos and 360-degree views. These features will help you to view things along all the dimensions of the location under consideration.
  • Creator Community: The creators in YouTube badly needed to have a forum of their own. And a new initiative taken by YouTube has made this possible. They are now being able to discuss matters and establish a unity among themselves.

With these features, YouTube is all set to make both the user and creator experience even better!

how to be youtube star
How Tos, YouTube

How To be Popular on YouTube?


YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites over the internet. It is so popular that it generated billions of unique viewer everyday which can mean a very good opportunity for you as well as for your business to flourish. Only thing that is standing in between you and success is generating good views for your videos over YouTube. To make this happen, there are many things that you can do, let’s have a look at some of the easy hacks which can generate good viewers for your videos over YouTube:

Create your own brand

Deciding what the overall theme of your videos is going to be is very crucial for the success of your videos on YouTube. As there are thousands of videos uploaded, everyday it’s very important that your videos are professional looking and distinct from others. It’s very important that you get to be popular as someone who makes amazing, entertaining videos instead of those which are already over there.

Name of your channel is also very important and should be something which will give a distinct idea for niche.

Create videos in professional tone

Most of the viewers are looking for a video which are created in a professional manner. Videos which can teach something to the users are very important and are widely liked all around the world. Creating a topic in which you have earned speciality can be very effective and can provide you good popularity. Make sure that the videos that you create are in simple language which can be understood by everyone, videos with unnecessary jargons can make the overall process a lot difficult.

Get positive reviews

Reviews are very important and give an indication to the users if the channel or video is good or bad. If you create a video then make sure that you get good reviews over that particular video. You should also ask your friends and family members to view and post a positive review for the video. This will create a very positive hype in the minds of the users and provide you a good fan following. Getting more number of followers over your YouTube channel can be very effective not only for this particular video but also for other video that you would upload in the future.

Create Tags

Tags are very important way to promote your video. They provide YouTube a way to categorise videos into different categories which makes it easier for users to search and view the videos. While creating tags it’s also very important that you create tags which are relevant to your videos and not those that are created randomly on the basis of things which are trending over YouTube.

Videos should neither be too long nor too short

Length of the videos is very important for the purpose of catching the attention of the users. A video should be of perfect size and not be very long or very short. For example if you are creating a video for Halloween makeup then it should be of 15 sec rather than for 30 minutes.

facebook video challange to youtube
Facebook, YouTube

Why are FaceBook Videos an Open Challenge to YouTube?


Both Facebook and YouTube are leading social networking sites which help the users to experience entertainment in an enhanced form. They also keep the users informed about the latest news and technological developments in the world.

But there is one area where YouTube had been in the lead since beginning and that is the videos. Everyday a number of videos are uploaded on YouTube. Facebook, in comparison, has been the platform for posting a lesser number of videos, the ones that are uploaded an individual in order to share it with their friends and family.

Recently, Facebook has been trying to modify the different features related to video posts in order to emerge as a greater platform for video posting and expects the professional videographers to upload their content apart from the amateur ones. Here are the reasons that leads to an increased number of video posting on Facebook:

  • Controlling Features: Videos in Facebook can now be controlled at your will. One can post multiple videos and then decide on which of them they want to be activated and which others they want to be deactivated though all of them continue to exist there. This saves the people from having their news feed flooded with videos yet allow them post as many videos as they want to.
  • More Capacity: Videos of larger size can now be uploaded at ease. The maximum permissible size for a video is 1.5GB now (which is almost equivalent to 45min). So, people can now share different items such as clipping from television programs, commercial ads and other such stuffs.
  • Privacy Settings: Previously there were only a few privacy options to choose from with respect to the viewing of the videos. While some were meant only for friends, some were for everyone. But now there is a host of new options to choose from. One can decide the target group for his videos depending on the location and also on the basis of their age or gender. This will prevent unwanted videos from appearing in the feeds of the users and also allow a user to stop his video from being viewed by unwanted people. Additionally, options of subtitles are also there which enables the users to share videos of a particular language with people who are not quite familiar with the same.
  • Easy Sharing: Earlier, only the videos on YouTube were sharable in the other social media platforms. A large number of users could share the videos in other websites with mere clicks of the mouse. Facebook has now incorporated this feature and the embed property associated with the videos are helping the users to share with their friends them easily.

There is another area on which Facebook can work in order to beat YouTube in the world of videos and that is taking a lesser part of revenue earned by posting ad videos. It is expected that Facebook would implement it and woo YouTube very soon!