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Ten Poets to Follow on Instagram


Many people are under the misconception that Instagram is all about perfectly edited pictures and pretentious selfies. But there is a whole lot of gem hidden in the form of poetry which is waiting to be unraveled. Many might think that short poetry is very easy to compose, whereas it is just the opposite. Short poetry requires the poet to punch in a lot of feel and emotion within a limited space, hence the job is very difficult. If you have got an eye for poetry, then you need to follow some of the best ports that Instagram has to offer. We have listed them down below. Have a look:

  1. Atticus poetry, @atticuspoetry: This one is so inspirational in nature that many people have often chosen to get the tattoos of these lines. The best of his poetry is the short ones, mostly of one or two lines.
  2. Tyler Knott Gregson, @tylerknott: This poet is based in Montana and has risen to popularity mainly for the Typewriter Series. His Instagram account contains handwritten poetry along with photography as well as pieced from the Typewriter Series.
  3. Christopher Poindexter, @christopherpoindexter: His poems, like Gregson, are also written in the Typewriter format. Love, loneliness, as well as human conditions, are the topics of his poetry.
  4. M. Drake, @RMDRK: He has become a favorite among the celebrities and he has quite a few books to his name too. He has almost half a million fans.
  5. Towne Jr, @k.towne.jr: Poignant as well as catchy, his poetry has the element of rhyme in it which is not found much in the Internet poems these days. Typed pieces along with occasional drawings comprise his account.
  6. Make Blackout Poetry, @makeblackoutpoetry: This is an organization which is run by the poet John Carroll. The poetry is created by taking a piece from any article or even newspaper and erasing certain parts. The exposed part forms the poem.
  7. K., @poeticpoison: Rhyming poetry is the characteristic feature of this poet. She writes poetry of mainly 3 to 4 lines and shares excerpts of prose on her Instagram page too.
  8. The Poetry Bandit, @the_poetrybandit: This account is that of a Canadian poet who composes short poetry which is portrayed to be products of an antique typewriter. Depression, recovery as well as loss are the themes of his poetry.
  9. Alicia Cook, @thealiciacook: Mostly written in verse, her poetry highlights one or two phrases which will grab the attention of the reader to that particular section of the poetry which is the main crux of the poetry. Her poetry has detailed imagery of memories.
  10. M. Broderick, @r.m.broderick: A writer based in California, this poet has a beautiful combination of personal photographs as well as poetry. He writes chiefly about love, life as well as growing up. The best of his poems are of a few lines.

Check out these brilliant poets on Instagram and know more about their poetry!

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