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The 8 Most Popular Travel Accounts on Instagram


Travellers are the most popular and active lots on Instagram. Avid travellers share their amazing travel pictures on this platform. It is a delight for the person who has posted the pics when gets showered with appreciations. These pics are also an inspiration to the viewers to go and explore those places by themselves.

Today I am sharing the most popular travel accounts on Instagram that feature some amazing travel photos.

@samhorine Instagram Sam Horine

  1. @samhorine: Sam Horine
    Sam Horine is a passionate traveller from New York. He takes great interest in exploring places and cultures that have been forgotten, avoided and ignored for a long time. This includes dark alleys, closed down factories and graffiti walls. He teaches at the New York University and contributes photographs to the New York magazine, The Village voice and Time Out New York. His instagram account has been labelled the best by the Village voice.@kirstenalana Instagram Kirsten Alana
  2. @kirstenalana: Kirsten Alana
    Kirsten Alana was a very enthusiastic wander once upon a time! But now is has established her base in New York City. But she has not entirely given up on travelling. She has been actively blogging about her adventurous travels on the blog Aviators and a Camera. Her mission is to inspire and motivate people to do their part in improving our world and to make it a better place. Her photographs tell the story of the various cultures, food and people that she has encountered on her various travels.
    @muradosmann Instagram Murad Osmann
  3. @muradosmann: Murad Osmann
    Murad Osmann’s vibrant photos are not to be missed. His theme is very unique. Holding his girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova’s hand this photographer has clicked beautiful scenes with his girlfriend in native attire creating brilliant photographs. His project earned him fame when it was featured in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Osmann grew up in Russia and then moved to England to pursue a civil engineering degree. Presently he stays in Moscow and is always globe-trotting to capture the beautiful world through his unique eyes.@expertvagabond Instagram Matthew Karsten
  4. @expertvagabond: Matthew Karsten
    Matthew Karsten is a true vagabond who has been walking and roaming all over the world for around 4 years now. He was becoming uncomfortable in his comfort zone. So he gave up his lucrative job and career to take a trip to Guatemala. According to Matthew Karsten, his modest method of travelling has made him more emphatic towards others opinions and views. Similar to his approach towards life, his photos are exciting and adventurous.
    @ovunno Instagram Oliver Vegas
  5. @ovunno: Oliver Vegas
    Oliver Vegas started travelling from the very young age of 17. He was born in Barcelona and believes that his photographs capture the image and essence of life. His has a unique perspective in his photography and in his attitude towards various places. Another distinguishing feature of this photographer is that he also does sports photography and makes contributions to Nike. His instagram account features photos that have been clicked from unique angles including interesting selfies.
    @gmateus Instagram Gabriela
  6. @gmateus: Gabriela
    Gabriela is smart and clever. She is not at all apologetic about clicking clichéd photographs. But her photos don’t exhibit the cliché. The photo angles are very new. Her photos portray symmetry and she is a fan of clean lines! She provides new outlooks to the clichéd structures like The Louvre.
    @NVRguys Instagram Kent and Caanan Reiersgaard
  7. @NVRguys: Kent and Caanan Reiersgaard
    Their photographs tell the story of their fun-filled daily lives together which includes hanging out at the restaurant, running or hanging out with their other buddies. Their take on travel photography is that we don’t have to travel to exotic locations or remote places to capture wonderful experiences. This is the reason why they have branded their instagram account as NVR which stands for No Vacation Required. Since they work doesn’t require them to be stationed at a particular place, they have the benefit to travel whenever they want. This has made it possible for them to make contributions to Expedia Viewfinders. So although they travel for Expedia, their Instagram account mainly features photos related to the theme – NVR@wheresandrew Instagram Andrew Evans
  8. @wheresandrew: Andrew Evans
    His former job was with the National geographic which made him travel frequently. His first trip was from Washington to the ice bergs of Antarctica. His photos portray his authentic love for travelling.

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