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The most popular hashtags on Instagram


If you are not already on Instagram, then you most probably are the only one left behind. Instagram has been hot for quite some time now and businesses are actually taking advantage of this and doing great with all the traffic and increase in sales.

There are lots of people who are also utilizing the post planner so as to find the Instagram photos that are hottest for any of the hashtags used. There are some really amazing hashtags that you can use on Instagram so as to increase the number of followers that you have. The hashtags also make you more exposed on Instagram. When you get exposure, then you get more followers and ultimately, more engagement.

The most amazing thing about Instagram is the fact that you can leverage it so as to be more appropriate for your particular business. This is something that you can achieve by using some of the hashtags that are most popular on Instagram.

Searching for the popular hashtags

There are different apps that have been set up so as to help you search for different photos that are based on a particular hashtags. The apps such as post planner app make it so easy to find the content from other social networks like twitter and Facebook. They also allow you to cross post different photos from your account.  With such apps, it is very easy to link back to the photo that was originally posted and this may lead to even more followers.

#manthisisagreathashtag. J: This is hashtag that is more a spur of the movement thing. Nobody may really follow this and you shouldn’t post it expecting too much. The best idea is to use the hashtags that are already trending on Instagram. This may help you to relate to other users that follow such hashtags. They may also interact and like the posts that you make once they appear in their feeds.

#love: there are over 600 million posts on Instagram that have this hashtag. With valentine around the corner, it may just be one hashtag to get you the following that you have always desired.

#instagood: this is yet another very popular hashtag. It has made an appearance in around 314 million posts. There are popular people who have posted pretty awesome pics using this hashtag.

#me: this is yet another popular hashtag. Over 297million posts have this hashtag. This allows other users to get up close and personal with the real you.

#tbt: another amazing hashtag and most especially for people trying to learn how marketing on Instagram works. It is also called throwback Thursday. It is a hashtag that encourages users to post images that were taken in the past. Over 272 million posts have been made using this hashtag.

#cute: yet another hashtag that will get you noticed. It has been used in over 258 million posts on Instagram.

#follow: this one has been used on over 258 million posts. It is a nice way to find people who want to be followed and help them find you. This hashtag has been somewhat successful in increasing the followers and likes on Instagram.

#photooftheday: this is a hashtag that is constantly used on the very best shots that you take. 237 million posts have used this hashtag and the numbers seem to be going up constantly.

#beautiful: another hashtag that has been typed well over 212 million times and seems to get the job done. Well, who doesn’t like beautiful things?

#girl: it is another amazing hashtag that has always been popular on Instagram. There are many photos that can go amazingly well with this one.

#selfie: the selfies craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The selfies is a favorite to many. Selfies work like magic even in social media marketing. It is a hashtag used over 185 million times so far.

#summer: this is a hashtag that is seasonal and as of now, it has been used over 168 million times on Instagram.

#smile: another popular one and it has had some 163 million posts.

#friends: this is one of the greatest experiences one can have on Instagram it has been used so many times already and it seems to work magic.

These are the hashtags that may get you some recognition on Instagram.

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