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The Students App by LinkedIn is Gaining Popularity Fast


After serving as a networking platform for the working professionals, LinkedIn has now built a new app for the post-graduation students. This app is mainly meant for the students who have completed their graduation or post-graduation and are looking for their ideal roles.

The app will not only help the students to establish relations with people who are already in the professional world but also help them to identify their areas of competence where they would be able to excel.

It basically relates data regarding the course that they have subscribed to and the university which they are affiliated to help a student find a job profile suiting his interests.

It works in a similar manner to Tinder. One can create a new account or avail the features from their existing account. It has a friendly user-interface which helps the users to operate it at ease. The multiple tabs are not used here. Instead, there is a card-like structure where you can swipe between options.

It is a common experience among graduates that they become frustrated with the jobs that they are being offered and do not observe any scopes of improvement or growth. They therefore plan to undertake post-graduate courses in order to get better job opportunities. The scenario has worsened with time and finding the ideal job is no less than a challenge.

Keeping all these in mind, LinkedIn has come up with the idea of this student’s app. They have also decided to modify this app for use by the people of various countries. The app has already been used by thousands of students from the reputed colleges of USA. It is expected to become equally popular in UK too. The app is now available in the Apple iTunes store and Google Play stores for the Apple users and Android users respectively.

The app can help the graduates or pupils undertaking their first post-graduation course in three different ways-

  • It will help them to find their dream jobs in a company of their choice.
  • It will help them to enrol themselves in an internship program that suits their career.
  • It will help them to identify what postgraduate courses they should participate in.

In short, it will guide them through the different career options and study options that are open in front of them.

The students can also start networking with the alumni of their universities that have acquired some important position in a particular company and can be of great help to them in future.

It is not necessary that a student will pursue a career in the same subject which he or she is studying. They might feel like changing their stream and look for off-beat career options. LinkedIn has also made arrangements for the same. It will allow the students to select their sector of interest and then guide them accordingly.

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