Instagram tips and tricks 2016
How Tos

Tips and tricks for Instagram 2016


There are many Dos and Don’ts that need to be followed to the letter for a successful account on Instagram.

Right Timing

Instagram users mostly login and view their feed during the evenings and during their free times and hence would view posts mostly at this time. Users have to post at the right time in order to get most views and in turn most likes. This is mostly in the evenings after work or school. Users also have to use popular hashtags in order for their post to appear on the explore tab when searched with the hashtags enabling them get views. There are many popular hashtags for example: #tbt (Throw Back Thursday), #instadaily, #photooftheday, #instagood which make the viewers search for pictures with the captions of the hashtags. Including such popular hashtags increases the chances for viewing of the pictures and chances for likes and views.

Make posts attractive

Users should ask questions in the captions to drive more comments and intrigue them to make them follow the account. Another suggestion involves including conducting contests such as voting to attract attention to the account and also for entertainment. The users should also include teasers such as tempting shirts of a collection or cakes that are soon to be on sale as they would kinder the interest of the followers and make them eagerly waiting for future posts increasing the rating of the account. Users also need to make note of the candid shots as they gain more popularity rather than glorified artificial superficial shots that resemble the life of a celebrity and would not be more relatable to the everyday citizen and makes followers hard to come by. But some candid behind-the-scenes shots would also increase popularity keeping in mind that the account is not entirely like this.

Maximum use of apps

Users should also use as many apps as possible to beautify and to enhance the photos of the promotions and to make the photos more presentable and receive the best feedback. You can also ask the users for help and questions that make the page the best “explore” page on Instagram. Use as many Instagram videos as possible as they are the best method of communication with the followers and various other users. You can also increase your popularity among Instagrammers by including the links in your captions as this would attract followers from the guests account and also better the perception of your personality in front of your followers.

Users can also attract attention by reaching out to popular Instagrammers asking them to endorse your brand or mention the products you’re endorsing to gain more like and followers. Also users should not forget to thank the followers who mention your products and the brand you’re endorsing without any request from you. Show gratitude to the followers and express you’re thankful to them at regular intervals of time to better your public relations with your followers and also to be relatable and personable to the followers of the account.

What to avoid

There are also some pitfalls that one needs to avoid when on Instagram. Users should never neglect using videos as a mean of communication as it is very effective. Don’t like everything posted by a popular Instagrammer or Instagram handle as this would reflect badly on the account. Users should not go crazy with the hashtags just to ensure the viewing of the post. This would also reflect as desperate and needy for attention. Users should also be consistent with their posts and should not include a lot of negativity in their posts. When endorsing a product the user should not deviate from the plan and stick to the course as well as not just focus on advertising on the products as followers would not like to be supressed to advertising 24×7 and should include other entertaining material as well. Successful Instagrammers should not post disrespectful comments and take all perspectives into account when posting as their posts directly influences or affects their followers’ views and would prove to be hurtful.

Users when handling relations and maintaining a profile should respond to all comments made by followers to ensure the bond and also to increase reputation. They should also not forget to comment on good post that requires their comments. These tips and tricks should help readers to create successful accounts and create a good reputation with their followers.

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