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Top 10 accounts book-lovers need to follow on Instagram


Book-lovers are very hard to find. With the rising popularity of social media, it has become possible to form communities that share common interest. But, among other platforms, one always tend to stand out. It is none other than Instagram.

On Instagram, you can meet million other book lovers who you can discuss with on various common subjects and also share immense knowledge. Here, you can meet people who are willing to share ideas and thoughts that will definitely interest you.

There are several budding accounts on Instagram that are slowly gaining momentum in terms of popularity and even followers. Here, they share the bestselling author books and ideas to find cheaper books online. Here, people also share the best quotes that they come across while reading a paragraph in one of their favourite novels. For all you know, these quotes might become your favourite, too.

To make your job easier and simpler, we have listed out the top 10 best accounts that you ought to follow right away if you claim yourself to be a book lover. Read on and stay tuned.

  1. Catbookclub: If you love cats as much as you love books, this is the right page you must follow. The account is filled with adorable cat pictures along with owners, interrupting their reading time. If you think it is relatable enough, this page is meant just for you.
  2. Terribly Tiny Tales: Started by a bunch of Indian students, this account is only reaching heights today. It is aimed at writing shortest of stories in a matter of two to three lines which are bound to pierce your heart. Every story based on a theme is very relatable and heart warming. Started in India, it has now reached the global audience in a matter of only couple of months. Every tiny tale will leave not just book lovers but almost anyone in a slight smile or a small tear. Don’t wait anymore and follow this account right away.
  3. Subway Book Review: This account and website has a very unique concept. This account is dedicated to readers and their current selection in NYC. The whole account is only shot in black and white leaving you thoroughly obsessed with every picture and caption that comes with it.
  4. Book Baristas: This account embraces both the worlds of book reading- books and ebooks. There are benefits to both the worlds and it is good to see there is some account dedicated to both of them equally. This account guarantees to keep you glued and give you new and innovative ideas of book reading every day. Follow them today!
  5. Novel Heart Beat: This account is meant for lovers of the YA fiction. YA novels have a tendency of attracting readers from all the age groups and thus this account has a huge fan following. The account if full of favourites from the Divergent series to much much more. You are ought to get addicted to this page, it is our guarantee.
  6. City of Deja: The photographs in this account are simplistically gorgeous. Every snap will leave you thoroughly amazed without any doubts. Unlike any other mainstream bibliophile loving account, this one is definitely exceptional.
  7. Rantings of a Beautiful Mind: This page is dedicated to people who love everything small and crisp. The just writings in this page are beautiful and absolutely stunning. You will look forward to every new post every day as they are that interesting and intriguing. Don’t forget to press follow at this end of article!
  8. Bookishmaug: You will definitely drool over this page and that is our guarantee. Do not waste time over wrong accounts and get here already.
  9. Graces Library: Here, you will get all the right tips in the world. From where to get books on discounts to what book matters, everything is available here. Just press FOLLOW and you should be good to go. Get ready for the best guidance in the world to improve your love for books.
  10. Unseelieprince: All sorts of wow is the best sentence to explain this account. It will surely deepen your love for books.

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