Top 10 apps to improve the quality of Instagram content
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Top 10 apps to improve the quality of Instagram content


With the launch of the exclusive photo-sharing social media platform, Instagram, technology has indeed gone to a completely different level – several notches higher than where it was originally. Almost all youngsters use Instagram to upload and share pictures among their friends and family today across the globe. Instagram is easy to use and the quality of pictures/videos here is far better than other social media sites. As more and more people keep subscribing to Instagram with every passing day, many technology companies have understood that there is still a huge potential in this market which is remaining untapped. Therefore they have come up with some brilliant apps, which when downloaded, can provide photos and videos international class quality. If you are an avid Instagram user and love sharing lots of photos on a daily basis, use one or all of these 10 apps and see the difference that they bring to your photos!

  1. Aviary – Photo Editor

One of the drawbacks in Instagram is that you cannot crop the images that you upload to remove the unnecessary portions. To overcome this, Aviary has launched this app, which when downloaded can help you in cropping, correcting colours and bringing other effects to your picture.

  1. Afterlight

When you download this app, you will be surprised at the number of filters that it comes with for applying in your images. One of the best features of this app is that it will make your picture (even if it was taken from an out-dated mobile phone) look absolutely professional and awesome.

  1. Snapseed

Want to bring out the artistic elements of a picture in a real-time scenario? Use Snapseed for best results. With this app, you can pop out certain parts of an image, edit filters, straighten images and change the complete texture of an image easily.

  1. Tiny Planet

When you are looking to capture huge landscapes with great detail, Tiny Planet comes to your rescue, with its fisheye appearance effect. With this app, you can bring about the necessary details in huge images. This is usually used by business owners in their pictures.

  1. Overgram

While you can only upload pictures on Instagram, it is not possible to type any text on specific areas of your photo, with the existing features on it. For some photos, you may want to add text boxes in specific areas to provide some useful information to people viewing your pictures. Overgram app helps you do this. When you download this app, you can create text boxes wherever you want on the picture.

  1. Facetune

This is one of the most commonly used Instagram apps to correct faces/portraits so that the images look absolutely professional. You can use this either to correct your selfies or to slightly alter the portraits of your employees on your business account.

  1. PicFrame

As the name suggests, this is an app which will help you to bring different photos in a single frame. Once you download this app, you can select the pictures that you want to appear together and form a collage out of it before posting the same to your account.

  1. Vintagio

When you post many videos in your account, this app can be of great use for you. When you download this app, you can create an exclusive vintage texture to your videos, thereby making them look very authentic, natural and professional at the same time.

  1. Everlapse

This is one of the best apps when you want to convert your images into a nice video. Download this app and choose the images that you want to upload to this app. Once you select some your nicest pictures and click on the app, watch with surprise as your photos come one by one as a nice and compact video upload.

  1. DXP Free

Sometimes you might want to give a shady/dreamy or a double visual effect to your pictures. All you need to do is to download this app for the desired effect. With its 18 different effects, you can try various versions of your images to get the desired smoky feel. These kinds of dreamy pictures work well for travel and fashion accounts as it helps to accentuate the various properties of the objects.

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