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Top 10 celebrity profiles to follow on Instagram


We all grow up imagining ourselves in the shoes of our idols, which mostly include celebrities from across the globe. Be it for fashion, sports, intellect, movies and so on.

Some, however, manage to live their set of dreams by bumping into these well-known artists on the red carpet. But, many others, never get the opportunity to put wings to their dreams. This is when Instagram comes into the picture.

Instagram is a platform to engage like-minded people in order to share common interests. It is a platform for those who like to meet the stars on social media and directly converse with them. It’s a platform where one can enter into the lives of their popular stars without hindering anyone’s privacies.

On Instagram, one meets several celebrities who they can only dream about meeting in person. It gives you an inset into the not-so-private lives of stars that you may hardly come across any news websites or newspapers.

Thus, we have made your work easier by listing out top 10 best celebrity websites, who are always trending among fans. Below is the list of stars that you must MUST follow right away.

  1. Selena Gomez: We have also seen the pop singer grow up on Disney channel. Gomez has grown to be one of the most stylish icons among youth of the US. Her Instagram profile is entertaining as hell and will always keep you glued. One can follow her to get fashion tips from makeup to apparels to almost everything under the sun. She carries herself gorgeously well and her profile is to die for.
  2. Priyanka Chopra: An active Instagram user, Chopra’s profile is famous for her daily posts. She posts pictures and videos from her family affair to film shoots to celebrity gatherings. A popular Indian actress and now ruling the USA charts, too, Chopra has come a long way. She has a huge bunch of fans following her for her genuine yet interesting updates.
  3. Twinkle Khanna: A popular Indian writer and former actress, Khanna is known for her sense of humour and intelligent updates. Khanna posts updates from family gatherings to books shows to everything witty and smart. Her posts are crisp and to the point and very entertaining too.
  4. Lindsay Lohan: Here, you will get snippets of Lohan’s day to day life, which is anything but boring. All pot-heads can follow the Hollywood actress for her quirky updates. Her posts are very sincere and relatable. It’s just not possible to relate your life with Lohan’s updates. Stay tuned!
  5. Anne Hathway: The adorable Hollywood actress posts updates just like her personality. From her baby bump to honeymoons, to up close and personal meetings with other famous celebrities. You can see them all here. Her every post will leave you wanting for more. If you are her big fan and want to get scoops on her life and career first hand, you ought to follow her profile right away.
  6. Emilia Clarke: Now, who doesn’t Clarke? You need not be a Game of Thrones fan to love her. Shes lovable as much as her posts are. She is extremely active on the social media and her posts are rib-tickling and smart. Her fashion sense is clearly visible in her gorgeous beauty posts. So what are you waiting for? Her fan following grows with every damn second.
  7. Miley Cyrus: The pop singer and Hollywood actress has been controversy’s favourite child. Now, you don’t want to hear scoops on her activity through news websites, do you? Follow her profile right away and be the first one to know what Cyrus is up to these days. You never know, the news of her engagement with Liam Hemsworth may just be on the cards.
  8. Blake Lively: Her profile is the plethora of relationship goals. Her photos with husband Ryan Reynolds are to die for. Shes a huge foody too. And, loves to share pictures of the delicious food she eats on a daily basis. Wait no more and press FOLLOW, in case you don’t want to miss out on love, food and more.
  9. Amanda Seyfried: Dog lovers and pet owners head straight to this profile. Seyfried is a huge animal lover and is constantly updating posts with her adorable pet.
  10. Anna Faris: She might not be seen on the big screen a lot now, but she has surely managed to get a huge following in the past few years. In order to stay in touch with her life, follow her.

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