Top 10 travel photographer profiles to follow on Instagram
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Top 10 travel photographer profiles to follow on Instagram


If you are an avid traveler and are wondering where to store all those memories, we have the right solution for you. What is the whole point of wanderlusting when you have no good memories to show to your loved ones? The fix is Instagram account.

There are millions of accounts opened by amateur and professional travelers across the globe on Instagram. The platform helps you store the moments you’ve lived and most loved. These moments are guaranteed to stay with you forever, till you die. Instagram is special in providing you this service. No matter how long your trip lasted, the memories shall live forever in your account.

Just like you, there are many others on this planet who have been one step ahead and already opened accounts on Instagram to show the world what they are up to. With over a million followers for each, their accounts are even trending on social media for the crazy stuff they are up to.

To give you travel goals and inspire you to get your backpacks and just leave, we have listed out top travel photographers on Instagram for you. The list is surely going to leave you jealous but also develop the urge the get set go.

  1. Murad Osmann: Murad was not even a known face to this world before he joined Instagram. And now? He is a superstar, also being covered by several news channels and websites and other travel portals. Murad hand in hand with his girlfriend Natalia Zakhorava travels the untouched and most visited places across the globe and clicks breathtakingly amazing pictures. There is always something unique about these pictures that makes Murad’s account so famous. Wonder why? He has a style of making his girlfriend pose with her back towards the camera and him holding her hand with a gorgeous background of the destination they are presently at. Outstanding right? Exactly what we thought as well.
  2. Kirsten Alana: Alana is a professional photographers who travels around to give her followers photos of fashion, food and other significant moments. Her account is to die for, so is her life. Alana will give you major travel goals and make you want to leave your home right away. Do follow her to know where she is at, while you read this article.
  3. Brooke Saward: Follow Brooke’s handle worldwanderlust to reach the highest level of jealousy. Brooke is an expert at creating a variety of pictures. Her Instagram account itself is so colourful that you cannot even imagine. You’d actually have to zoom into her pictures to confirm their chasteness. Brooke usually gets on to such adventures all by herself which makes her account so special. A young girl in her 20s already has bagged a substantial number of followers to her account. You too could add to her happiness!
  4. Matthew Karsten: Matthew walks and roams around almost anywhere. His vagabonding nature will make you want to fall for him on your knees. Sadly, he apparently broke up with her girlfriend and left his job in 2010 to quench the thirst to travel inside him. Even if your love hopes have been shattered, there is always a chance to stalk him and see for yourself what he is up to by following his account right away.
  5. Gabriela: She is smart and it clearly shows in her photographs too. She definitely knows a lot about shapes and sizes and silhouettes and other dramatic factors that make a frame perfectly natural. Follow her account and see out of the box pictures that will surely leave you mesmerised.
  6. Andrew Evans: If you are a fan of animals, nature and cuteness, Evans will show you how to capture them! His pictures are an epitome of love!
  7. Annette White: Very lively and genuine photography is what you get to see her. Annette very well captures the good and unforgettable moments for her Instagram scrapbook.
  8. Liz Carlson: If you believe and follow storytelling, this is the account you must stalk right this moment.
  9. Elise: Roundtheworldgirl is curious as much as you are in and about life. She is one step ahead though and will teach you what exploration means.
  10. Kiersten: Theblondeabroad will make you red in enmity but leave you astonished to what all a person can do in one human life.

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