top business technology trends in 2019

Top 6 Technology Trends In 2019


2018 was a year full of technology innovations. The technology trends have a huge impact on businesses now more than ever. That’s why this year is expected to be a year to remember in technology.

Every year business data becomes more and more valuable. The use of data is now more than ever important for the success of businesses. The right data can be used to reduce business costs or drive growth.

So, now that we are in the age of data, what’s coming next? Here are our predictions for technology trends in 2019:

#1. Increased Automation

In 2019 more tools and apps are going to help both business owners and consumers. Many of the time-consuming or monotonous tasks can be easily passed off and automated to take pressure off. The more tasks your business company can automate, the more time your human resources will have for other tasks.

#2. A Blockchain Comeback

In 2019, blockchain is expected to come back. We will see new apps and developments in this area. Not only this but large companies like Microsoft are preparing to accept crypto. Over time more companies will follow. In addition, there are games that are starting to use the blockchain for the purpose of in-game currency.

#3. Better Human/AI Collaboration

Many companies gave AI a chance in 2018 and it proved to be useful in specific tasks, such as programmatic ones. However, some companies realized they gave AI too much decision-making power in the recruiting process. This year business owners and big companies will focus on getting datasets consistent and teaching humans to collaborate with AI without giving it too much power.  

#4. Upgraded Cybersecurity Using ML and AI

It is no surprise that cybersecurity is already keeping up with our adversaries by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict and protect against attacks. They can help IT security professionals to achieve cyber hygiene. In 2019 we will see a less costly response to our adversarial attacks.

#5. Higher E-Commerce Sales of Everyday Items

Nowadays, E-Commerce is one of the most preferred ways to shop. People can easily check and compare prices. This is the most time-efficient way to look for something on the internet. More people are expected to start purchasing everyday consumables online. Toothpaste and paper towels are among the items that are expected to see a boost in online sales.  

#6. Growing Commitment to Data Security

Data leaks weren’t something unfamiliar in 2018. It is believed that 2019 will be the year of information security. Currently, companies try to get as much data as possible without caring about data security but in 2019 that will change. More and more companies will start outsourcing it or opening new security departments.

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