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Top 7 Instagram accounts that need to be followed by entrepreneurs


Instagram is one of the most talked about social networking sites today. It is a repository of information and provides a great deal of inspiration to people across all fields. This rule applies to budding and professional entrepreneurs as well. Many successful and reputed entrepreneurs have Instagram accounts that prove to be a guide for many youngsters who aspire to start their own ventures. These accounts hold a lot of information and guidance for budding and aspiring entrepreneurs; hence they are absolutely worth following. Mentioned below are 7 top successful Instagram accounts that entrepreneurs ought to follow for their own benefit.

  1. @richardbranson

When you dream of turning your passion into your livelihood, you might face many obstacles in your life. It is easy to get bogged down when you face struggles. This is where you need pep yourselves up by listening to motivational stories and reading self-help books. However in the tech-savvy age today, it just takes minutes to get motivated. Follow this account of the founder & CEO of Virgin Airlines, Richard Branson, to know how to start your venture, be successful at it and how to make the most of life.

  1. @HDFMagazine

If you are looking for a compilation of motivational thoughts, success stories and interviews from highly reputed entrepreneurs, this is the account you need to follow. As you read through the stories published here, you will understand what it takes to make it big in the entrepreneurial field, how to overcome struggles and what one should do to stand out apart in a competitive scenario. This account contains valuable life lessons which will help budding entrepreneurs in the long run.

  1. @ArvinsWorld

Owned by Arvin Lal, founder of Shredz, a company which grew to international fame within a very short span of time, this account is one of the most-sought out accounts on Instagram by budding entrepreneurs. This account contains motivational quotes from Arvin Lal, how he set up his company, a short compilation of his motivational speeches and many other features that keep budding entrepreneurs continuously engaged. This is one of the best accounts if you want to know how to come up the ladder in spite of facing many hurdles and competition from peers.

  1. @mcuban

This is one account which every entrepreneur needs to visit and follow. Owned by one of the leading entrepreneurs in the world, Mark Cuban, this account teaches people that time management is the essence of life. If you are a budding/busy entrepreneur who feels that you are not able to make time out for your family or for yourself, go through Mark Cuban’s account to know how he manages time in a day for his work, family and fitness. This is probably one of the secrets that every entrepreneur needs to learn because when one learns to master the art of time management, life becomes a bed of roses of for him,

  1. @BethennyFrankel

If there is one account which needs to be mandatorily followed by all female entrepreneurs in the world, it is this. Started by the famous reality television star  and owner of Skinny Girl Cocktails, this account features details of how Frankel fought through the male-dominated world to achieve her dreams and how she maintains a great balance between her professional and personal life. This account is indeed a lesson for all ladies in the world who are apprehensive to start their own ventures due to personal reasons.

  1. @entrepreneur

On a day when you are burdened with challenges in your business and almost feel like quitting, an account like this can lift up your spirits to a great extent. This contains a compilation of quotes, pictures and videos posted by successful entrepreneurs. The videos talk about what made successful entrepreneurs what they are today.

  1. @AndyFrisella

If you want an entrepreneurial account that is downright simple and real, this is the most apt one available on Instagram today. Owned by the CEO of 1st Phorm, this account is a true representation of Andy Frisella’s character. There are quite a few videos of him in this account advising people in a very straightforward manner that success always starts with hard work. You can learn a lot from his discussions with other entrepreneurs as well – all of which are neatly compiled in this account.

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