Top 7 Instagram feauters
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Top 7 Instagram features you should know about


Many of us use this photo sharing application, however a handful of us know of the powerful features Instagram offers us for our sharing, editing and browsing purposes. Here is a rundown of 7 of its top features –

  1. Notifications when favourite people posts –
    Never need to miss an Instagram post from your most loved individuals again? You can get a notice each time a particular users post another photograph. You should simply turn on warnings for every user independently. To turn on warnings for a particular user: Visit that user’s profile, and open up one of their posts. At that point, tap the three dabs in the base right-hand corner of the post, and click “Turn on post notifications” that shows up.
    Instagram favourite people posts
  2. See every one of the posts you’ve ‘Loved’ –
    Ever needed to see the posts you’ve liked, all in one spot? You should simply go to your own profile and tap the “Choices” catch (an apparatus symbol on iPhone/iPad and three specks on Android). At that point, click “Posts You’ve Liked.” To un-Like any of the posts you’ve liked, just go to the post and deselect the “heart” symbol underneath it. The user won’t be get to know that you’ve un-Liked their post.
    Instagram see every one of the posts
  3. See the posts your companions have as of late liked or commented on –
    You definitely know how to see the posts of yours that others have liked as of late. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the posts the general population you take after have Liked as of late? On the other hand what they’ve remarked on others’ photographs, besides? To see the users you follow, just click the heart symbol at the base of the home screen that shows which individuals have liked your photographs. At that point, pick the tab close to the top that says “Following”
    Instagram see the posts your companions have as of late liked or commented on
  4. Look through pictures without agonizing over inadvertently Liking them –
    To look through somebody’s Instagram photographs without “twofold tap suspicion,” look through their food profile while on airplane mode. Without web access, you won’t have the capacity to like their photograph regardless of the possibility that you unintentionally twofold tap it.
    Instagram look through pictures without agonizing over inadvertently Liking them
  5. Clear your search history –
    To clear your search history, just go to your own particular profile and tap the “Alternatives” catch (a rigging symbol on iPhone/iPad and three specks on Android). Look down and click “Clear Search History.” When asked for reconfirmation, click “Yes, I’m certain.”
    clear your search history in Instagram
  6. Reorder the filters, and conceal the ones you don’t use –
    On the off chance that you utilize Instagram a great deal, odds are you have a couple of most loved filters you utilize constantly, and others you never touch. To make altering photographs less demanding, you can reorder the filters in your altering window and even conceal the ones you never utilize.

    • To reorder or conceal filters, transfer a photograph and start altering it, as you would when altering another post. When you get to the filters page, look to the precise far right of your filters choices and click on “Manage.”
    • To reorder filters: Simply hold your finger down on the three dark lines on the most distant right of the filter you’d like to move, and drag it to reorder.
    • To conceal filters: Deselect any filters you’d like to stow away by tapping on the white check imprint to one side of the filter.
    • When you’re set, leave the filter administrator by tapping the “X” on the upper right of your screen.
      Reorder the filters Instagram Reorder the filters Instagram 2
  7. Use Instagram as a photo editor without posting any picture-
    Adore Instagram filters and altering abilities, yet would prefer fundamentally not to present the photograph for you at this moment (or ever)? To utilize Instagram as a photograph supervisor without posting anything, you should simply distribute a photo while your telephone is on off-line mode. To begin with, make certain you have “Spare Original Photo” turned on in your settings. Next, take after the ordinary strides to present a photograph on Instagram: Upload the photograph, alter it, and press “Share.” A mistake message will show up stating upload failure but the photo will get saved to your phone’s gallery.
     Instagram as a photo editor

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