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Top nine most interesting profiles on Instagram


Instagram is not merely about posts, uploading pictures and hashtags. It has some really motivating profiles with inspiring life stories. Not only are these stories interesting to read but also teach us many important lessons about life. They also enruch us with good quality images, videos and posts. It is hard to believe what these people have achieved within such short time periods. Here are the top ten impressive profiles on Instagram:

  • David SK Lee: He has a fleet of Ferraris, both old and new which are expected to be 30 in number by the end of this year. The owner of a jewelry shop, Lee accidentally became the centerpiece of fame in Instagram due to his amazing collection of cars.

He is very respectful to the moral principles and ethical values.  He draws inspiration from his father and acknowledges the value of family, love and relationships in one’s life in spite of reaching the pinnacle of monetary success.

  • Cory Richards: The National Geographic Photographer and mountaineer Cory Richards uses his skills to make his Instagram profile quite impressive. The pictures he uploads receive a host of likes since most of them are based on his mountain expeditions.
  • Jason Stone: He is one of the most successful Internet Marketers and has come to the limelight courtesy his creative images and motivational videos. He started his own business during his college life by selling auto-parts in e-Bay. It is enchanting to hear how he used to get out in the freezing cold to gather car parts to sell them off. Today he has been able to invest in multiple businesses thanks to Instagram and to connect with some social and semi-famous people. He expects people to get motivation and inspiration from his account.
  • Manny Khoshbin: He is a real estate giant from Southern California. His family travelled to America all the way from Iran and was forced to live in a station wagon during the early years. After his father worked hard for years to gather some money, they could shift to a small apartment. Today Manny has more than 2 million square feet of commercial and residential real estate. The way he has struggled to make sure that his family does not have to go through those hardships again The story of Manny’s life is really inspiring.
  • Diego Luca: He is a seller and manager of super-yacht and yacht charters globally. He opened his Instagram account with the primary aim of posting photos and offering an insight to the world of luxury yachts. Instagram offered him networking opportunities and contacts which he uses for the development of his business.
  • Usain Bolt: We all know him. He is the fastest man alive. Naturally, most of the clicks and videos that he uploads feature him running, lifting weights and carrying sledges. He is also lucky enough to take photos with some of the most famous celebrities and politicians of the world and post them on Instagram.
  • Alexander Mijares: A great artist, Alexander Mijares started using Instagram as a platform to display his beautiful works of art. Most of the art-works that he sells today is from Instagram. Instagram allows him to sell of his works within unbelievably short time duration. He gets the majority of his foreign clients using Instagram. Just like the other impressive profiles of Instagram, the profile of Aleander Mijares was also created accidentally. Little did he know then that his Instagram profile will boost his business to this extent.
  • Daniele Zaccone: He shares his real life with the Instagram followers. This man is full of elegance and charm and uploads some great photos where he focuses on his attires rather than his face. He is a style icon from Italy with an impressive Instagram profile and a lot of followers.
  • Gil Antolin: He is the owner of a high profile travel brand. He didn’t join Instagram with a strategy of influencing people. Later on he decided to use Instagram as a platform for influencing people to follow his passion of travelling. He believes in appreciating the beauty of different tourist spots and exploring new places and wants to influence others to follow his dreams.

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