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Top ten Instagram editing apps you must use


Instagram apps make the experience with Instagram more exciting. They boost the quality of your photos and videos and make editing all the more easy. Here are some apps that can be used for some fantastic photos and videos on Instagram

  • Tiny Planet Photos App: This app allows you to capture entire landscapes and transforms the landscapes into spheres (that’s how the name originates). It comes with a fish-eye looking effect for the images that you capture. This app works well for people trying to edit their business’ Instagram feed. With the rounded images this app gives you, get ready to see your business’ Instagram feed in a more original look!
  • Slow Camera Shutter Plans: Love the glittering effect in your photos? Slow Camera Shutter Plus offers a spectacular display of letters, shape and characters that glow in the midnight sky. Heavenly and mesmerizing!! This can be achieved by long-exposure images taken with your phone. Not finding it easy? Keep on practicing. You’ll soon learn doing it.
  • Photo Editor by Aviary: Instagram offers a wide range of settings and effects. However, for people with a fascination for editing, these settings and effects may sometimes seem to be insufficient. In that case they can try out this app which offers an entire range of special effects and colors so that you can edit your photos to your full satisfaction. Those who have problems executing the different steps in editing a photo, the good news is that the Photo Editor by Aviary comes with “one-tap auto enhance” features. You can also crop images though this app which is not possible through Instagram directly. In short, it is the one-stop platform for all types of editing that you would like to do with your images. So, get ready to make your photos and pictures more attractive and gorgeous with Aviary.
  • Afterlight: This is the best Instagram photo editing app for those who love the old, vintage look in their photos. You must have noticed the difference between a photo clicked from your phone and the old photos clicked by a camera. Afterlight makes them look similar. Afterlight also comes with provisions of filtering for clearer and brighter picture quality.
  • Everlapse: Have you ever experienced the joy of converting your Instagram pictures into exciting videos? Get ready to do the same with Everlapse. It is a great photo editing app for Instagram which comes with great features for some excellent photos and pictures.
  • Snapseed: Even if you are a new to the world of Instagram editing you will face no difficulty in using this app. For those who are not satisfied with the built-in filters of Instagram this app will be the perfect solution since it has a wide range of filters to serve all your purposes like redeye reduction, tilt shift and straightening. This app is extremely useful for people with promotional purposes since they can pop items to make it catchy and appealing to the people. Starting from images of products to texts- everything can be popped up for a better effect.
  • Vintagio: It comes with a range of video filters. As evident from the name, this app is meant for a vintage look in your photos. If you prefer the retro look in your photos or photos in sepia mode, go for this one.
  • Superimpose: Increasing brightness or adding a 70’s feel to the photos are too basic. It’s time to go for some exciting editing effects such as superimpose. This app supports your craziest ideas such as attaching the face of a monkey to your friend’s body or replacing the spoiling background of your room with a beautiful landscape. Watch all these miracles happen with mere touches of your finger.
  • Average Camera Pro: This app is specially designed for nightshoot. When you still find it dark after using the flash of your camera, then comes the need for using this app. It is expert in increasing the radiance of your pictures so that you can click brightest photos at ease sitting at a night club.
  • DXP Free: It allows you to blend two images together to bring about a 3D effect. Photos edited with this app are the most mystic of all.

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