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Twitter Moulds Itself to Regain Its Customer Base


Twitter is coming up with a new set of features and help you to have a better experience tweeting stuffs to your followers. This is what the spokesperson of Twitter said in a recent conference. Here are the latest developments that Twitter has is undergoing:

The 140-character limit is now expected to be extended so that  people do not have problems communicating their minds to their followers. This character limit has been troubling the Tweeteraties since long and people have time and again come up with the request of increasing this limit. Their wish is finally going to be fulfilled now since Twitter has finally decided to ease it out. So, people will no longer be required to spend time and effort for shortening their tweets or leave their feelings unexpressed. The media contents will not be included within the character count. Similarly, the re-tweets will also be ignored.

Another great news is that the ‘[email protected]’ will not be considered anymore. As a result, you can up tag to 50 people in your Tweets. So, not only Facebook, Twitter is also a great platform for tagging now.

Twitter had lost 2 million users by the end of the year 2015. Now, with the usage of these features, it expects to regain popularity among the social media users. It aims both at regaining old users as well as attracting new ones. However, analysts say that in spite of adding these features Twitter will not succeed in attracting a huge user base since not many of them would be interested to Tweet considering this little extension. This extension will not really matter since Facebook provides ample space to write one’s status and people will naturally prefer it over Tweeting (unless, of course, it is a celebrity that we are talking about).

Twitter is also planning to launch a few control features for its users. One of them is controlling the number of notifications. It is a common experience among the users that their Twitter accounts get flooded with a number of notifications. It is difficult to decide which ones to ignore and it is quite distracting too. With the addition of the notification controlling feature, one would be able to select an option of receiving notifications only from the people whom they follow on Twitter. Ones who want to receive notifications from others too, can simply turn off this feature.

Another very significant feature is the quality controlling feature. Using this, you can easily control the quality of Tweets you find on your feed. Duplicated and automatically controlled Tweets would be filtered out .Twitter is also making attempts to eliminate racist and hateful messages that the users have been facing.

All the changes adopted by Twitter have increased its number of users by just 3% as compared to the previous year. We hope its changes for the better so that Twitter can be at par with other sites like Facebook and Instagram.

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