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Unearthing Some of the Least Known Features of Instagram


It is impossible that you have not heard the name of Instagram until and unless you are living under a rock. Instagram is not only about adding random filters and enhancing the look and feel of your photographs. There is a lot more to this popular app and a number of functions are present which can be looked at. Since the latest update, you can do a lot more than before, so let us take a look at the different things this app lets us do:

  • Managing your Filters: The new update has come up with five new filters and has given you more to choose from than before. But with so many options at your disposal, you can tend to get confused as to which option to choose and when to choose what. The filter shows a blurry effect of the outcome of the photograph once you use it. So you can get an idea as to how your photograph would be looking once the filter is applied. If so many filters become a burden to you, Instagram has come up with the option of re-organizing the mostly used filters. You will get an option called “Manage Filters” at the end of every filter when where you can customize your list.
  • Using Instagram Direct: You will find an inbox icon at the top right hand side of the app. This is an option where Instagram lets you share a photograph with a select number of friends rather than sharing it with all your followers. Follow the usual steps of uploading a photograph. When you come to the last step, choose Direct Instead in place of followers and select the recipients with whom you want to share.
  • Refusing Instagram Direct: Everyone would not feel comfortable in getting bombarded with several photographs which you are sharing via Instagram Direct. To change this option, you have to tap on the icon next to the comments section. There you will find options to “Ignore” or “Hide” posts. Ignoring a post would stop you from receiving direct requests from a particular person while hiding a post helps to exit without the sender understanding your absence from the group.
  • Playing with Perspective: The new update has not only announced some quirky filters but has changed the way you view a picture. It has a host of options to tweak your photograph so that it looks fresh and different. You get to choose from a variety of tools like Contrast, Vignette and Shadows. There is another option known as ”Adjust” which helps to straighten an image and also to use a host of other options. You can also change a photograph from Horizontal alignment to Vertical and vice-versa. Properly angled photographs are not in fashion especially on social media platforms and these options help to bring out your creative side. It gives you an opportunity to present a photograph in the exact manner you want.
  • Photo Mapping: The geotagging feature helps you to tag the photographs at the exact places where you have clicked them. It also lets you to know where others have clicked their images and you do not need to ask them. So the beautiful landscape near the seaside would be tagged at the place where it has been captured so you would get to know the location as soon as you see the photograph. You will get a “Geotag” icon on your account. But some users may have their location turned off which would not enable the locations to get tagged.
  • Filter Layering: The filter customization option provides a lot of flexibility to choose the template in the manner you would exactly want your photograph to look like. Sometimes one filter may not be enough and you would want to layer one filter with another to get the effect as per your choice. Add a filter and instead of posting it hit return to get the filtered image saved. Open it again, apply another filter and now you would get the blend according to your preference.

These are some of the newly launched features which have enhanced the user interaction with the application and have made people more hooked to it due to a range of flexibility options at its disposal.

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