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What is the impact of content marketing on SEO?


Content marketing is one of the best options to improve the ranking of a website. If the rank is good, there will be increase in traffic. The traffic increase will lead to increased sales and services. The profitability of the enterprise is very much enhanced and you will make the most of your investment. The content present on the website will be scanned by the Google’s algorithm. Hence, you should choose the right set of keywords as per your domain and those keywords should be optimized through the web pages.

Keyword optimization

The keyword optimization should be done in web pages as per the rules and regulations of the search engine. However, over stuffing will lead to spamming and the website will be penalized by Google. You should post high quality content on the website and the content should be relevant to your domain. You can inter-link the web pages presented on the website so that content hubs can be created in an effortless manner. While preparing content, you should use business related keywords.

You should understand the fact that content creation and SEO will go hand in hand. Even though you go for content marketing, the on-page and off-page optimization should be done on a consistent basis to derive the best results. The SEO techniques should be implemented during content marketing so that there will be great impact on the popularity of the website.

Quality content

You should present new pieces of content on regular basis. The content freshness will improve the Google page ranking. The content freshness is based on the updates to the content, new pages, and backlinks created to the website. There will be improvement in traffic as well so that you can make the most of your investment.

The older posts should be updated at regular intervals so that they will be visited by users. The content marketing has evolving features. Hence, you should analyze the content and ensure that it will not lose its value.

Various types of content

You should use various kinds of content such as text, images, audio and video to promote your website. The content that you can present includes videos, e-books, lists, infographics, podcasts, guides, how-to posts and presentations.

If you have the targeted audience well-receptive to presentations, slide shows can be created and the content can be promoted in a very efficient way. The conversion rate will be high when you present information in the form of podcast.

Marketing the content

Special precautions should be taken while preparing the content. In addition to the presentation of valuable content, you should present relevant and appealing content as well. It is very much important to present striking headlines. Some keywords should be present in titles. Hence, the SEO-friendly should be presented with proper planning and the plan should be executed in the best possible way.

Visual content

The visual content will be more appealing and it will get better click-through than the text content. Visuals will remain in the mind for a longer period and the information will be grasped very quickly. Hence, even though it is a time-consuming affair to present visual content, there will be great impact on the audience and your search engine rankings will improve.

The visual content can be promoted through various online channels such as blogs, forums and social media. The content will go viral by presenting a link on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Submission of content

The content marketing will be affective when you submit the content to directories. The image size, image title and tags should be optimized as per the SEO and the content should be presented to article directories as well. When the indexation is done properly, they will figure out in search lists. Hence, you should exercise due diligence to choose the best keywords and they should be optimized in various pages.

The content marketing can be implemented vigorously based on the results tracked by Google Analytics and other tools. You will find encouraging and long lasting results when the content marketing is put into practice in the best possible way. A link-worthy content should be presented on guest posts and other channels so that the search traffic will grow on a consistent pace.

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