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Why are FaceBook Videos an Open Challenge to YouTube?


Both Facebook and YouTube are leading social networking sites which help the users to experience entertainment in an enhanced form. They also keep the users informed about the latest news and technological developments in the world.

But there is one area where YouTube had been in the lead since beginning and that is the videos. Everyday a number of videos are uploaded on YouTube. Facebook, in comparison, has been the platform for posting a lesser number of videos, the ones that are uploaded an individual in order to share it with their friends and family.

Recently, Facebook has been trying to modify the different features related to video posts in order to emerge as a greater platform for video posting and expects the professional videographers to upload their content apart from the amateur ones. Here are the reasons that leads to an increased number of video posting on Facebook:

  • Controlling Features: Videos in Facebook can now be controlled at your will. One can post multiple videos and then decide on which of them they want to be activated and which others they want to be deactivated though all of them continue to exist there. This saves the people from having their news feed flooded with videos yet allow them post as many videos as they want to.
  • More Capacity: Videos of larger size can now be uploaded at ease. The maximum permissible size for a video is 1.5GB now (which is almost equivalent to 45min). So, people can now share different items such as clipping from television programs, commercial ads and other such stuffs.
  • Privacy Settings: Previously there were only a few privacy options to choose from with respect to the viewing of the videos. While some were meant only for friends, some were for everyone. But now there is a host of new options to choose from. One can decide the target group for his videos depending on the location and also on the basis of their age or gender. This will prevent unwanted videos from appearing in the feeds of the users and also allow a user to stop his video from being viewed by unwanted people. Additionally, options of subtitles are also there which enables the users to share videos of a particular language with people who are not quite familiar with the same.
  • Easy Sharing: Earlier, only the videos on YouTube were sharable in the other social media platforms. A large number of users could share the videos in other websites with mere clicks of the mouse. Facebook has now incorporated this feature and the embed property associated with the videos are helping the users to share with their friends them easily.

There is another area on which Facebook can work in order to beat YouTube in the world of videos and that is taking a lesser part of revenue earned by posting ad videos. It is expected that Facebook would implement it and woo YouTube very soon!

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