Why do you lose followers on Instagram

Why do you lose followers on Instagram suddenly?


Of all the social networking sites available today, Instagram is considered to be the most active and engaging of all when it comes to sharing pictures and videos. The reach that you get when you are socially active on Instagram is phenomenal. If you have a business, you can make maximum use of your Instagram account and ensure that you get lots of views and success. However, it is not always that you taste success in Instagram. Sometimes, you tend to lose too many followers all of a sudden. How many times have you wondered what went wrong in your account for you to lose your followers? How many sleepless nights would you have spent wondering how to make your account more attractive? Here are some compelling reasons as to why you lose followers or why your account doesn’t get the reach that you expected:

  1. Being too self-aware

One of the main reasons for you to lose your followers all of a sudden could be the large number of selfies that you keep updating on a regular basis. People who follow your account need not be interested in your selfie pictures. Hence, they start losing interest in your account soon and before you know it, you could lose all your contacts. Posting one or two a month is considered fine; however, when you are too conscious about your appearance and keep posting selfies about your daily activities, you will face lots of disappointments within a week’s time, as you will notice a considerable decrease in the number of your followers.

  1. Going overboard

This is probably one of the most common reasons as to why people lose many followers in a quick span of time. When you keep posting lots of pictures relating to you in a single day, your followers tend to lose interest in your account easily. This usually happens when you travel somewhere or when you start a new phase of life. While it is understandable that you could be over excited about your current state of life, it is also important to understand that Instagram is a sensitive social platform which has its own limits. People do not like to see you posting photos about your trip/occasion back and forth on a daily basis. If you don’t want to see a drop in the number of followers, you should stop going overboard with your pictures. Make your pictures simple and post them with decent time intervals in between.

  1. Not being unique or creative when you post pictures

There are some pictures that look good when you post once or twice. However, when you continue to post pictures about these themes almost regularly, nobody would care any longer to look into your account and eventually you will start losing followers without even understanding what went wrong. A couple of such strange themes are babies and sunset/sunrise photographs. Yes, you may find the thought of posting a picture of your baby on your Instagram account irresistible; however try to limit the number. People are not and need not be interested when you keep on putting pictures of your kid doing different things on your account. Never get offended when you find people “unfollowing” you, when you do this. The same rule applies when you keep posting pictures of sunrise/sunset/birds/flowers etc. Ensure your photos are creative and not the everyday-kind of pictures.

  1. Not engaging enough with followers

For a business account, this point is absolutely necessary. When people notice your brand and post any suggestions/queries/complaints about your product in your account, ensure that you read through them and reply at the earliest. Use their Instagram handle while replying so that they will be intimated about the same. When clients see their comments being ignored, they will lose interest in your business easily and they will eventually click on “Unfollow”. You can lose hundreds of clients and potential clients when you make the blunder of not responding to their comments. If there are any negative comments about your product, ensure that you look into it and give a reassuring reply to the person who posted it. This will lend the all-important credibility to your business. It always makes a huge difference when people know that you value them.

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