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YouTube Undergoes Developments… A Number of New Feautres are Being Added


YouTube, the website that is highly popular among internet users across the world still continues maintain the undisputed #1 site for uploading and viewing videos. However, it has been receiving challenges from the other forms of social media who are grabbing a major share of the commercial videos and emerging as threats to YouTube in the world of social media marketing.

As a result, YouTube is now developing some new features that would help it to retain its position in the world of social media marketing. Some of the new developments in YouTube that will benefit the users in a great way are described below:

  • Displaying Notifications: As we all know, YouTube has a large number of channels displaying contents of various types in which the different users will find interest. A user subscribes to a channel that he likes.

The latest technology will allow them to receive notifications from the channels that they have subscribed to, and thus get informed of a new video that is posted in their favourite channels.

  • A Variety of Cards: A variety of cards, such as the channel cards are being developed which will help the users to promote contents, carry on merchandise, collect funds and serve other purposes. The cannel card which will allow you to share different stuffs with your friends in the other channels of YouTube.
  • Filtering of Comments: YouTube has decided to filter comments and display only the relevant ones which add value to the users or are acceptable to everyone. Junk comments, which make the users feel distracted and irritated at times will be prevented from being posted.
  • Easier Subscriptions: The users will find it easy to subscribe to the different channels of YouTube. The new developments with respect to the subscriptions will also allow the users to decide whom they would allow to be subscribed and whom they will not.
  • Faster Creator Studio App: This app will help the creators to develop their contents in a better way and also make their decisions optimized. It will also allow them to interact with the users in a better way.
  • Video Management Features: It is now possible to manage the videos even while you are travelling. You will also be allowed to enable or disable monetization on your videos and update custom thumbnails from your mobile phone.
  • A Better View: In order to offer a better view of a particular location, YouTube has made provisions for 3D videos and 360-degree views. These features will help you to view things along all the dimensions of the location under consideration.
  • Creator Community: The creators in YouTube badly needed to have a forum of their own. And a new initiative taken by YouTube has made this possible. They are now being able to discuss matters and establish a unity among themselves.

With these features, YouTube is all set to make both the user and creator experience even better!

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