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An advanced Instagram search engine, Mulpix makes your Instagram search even easier through the leverage of searching via multiple hashtags.

The main function of the search engine is to give you filters and display only the relevant results. For example, if you really would love to search for a friend who is very far away and you met sometime in the past, and you perhaps want to know how they are doing. If you type in their name or any caption that you have in mind, several tags will appear to help you through the search. You will immediately get helpful results. 

An active Instagram user who has an online business or photo journal with amazing strategies in mind, more often than not have recurring tags and captions, which makes it easy for you to find how your friends, and see the events and things that are taking place in their lives.

One important thing you need to take into account is that Mulpix arranges the images into different sections according to locations. For example, if you are walking and having fun in Miami, the search list will list people from Miami, unless you turn off the geographic locater. Furthermore, using Mulpix will give the chance to receive other great news based on your location, preserving your interest and engaging you even more. 

Another great feature of Mulpix, is that it changes the way people think. Remember, the photos that are posted on Instagram are not always about famous individual. There are many freelance, local and indie artists and photographers who use Instagram to market their work. Tags also play a crucial role in marketing because they connect the audience and the artists. In addition, the tags help them share the ideas that they have to the audience, as well as the inbuilt search engine optimization feature on Mulpix, which plays a vital role in advertising the work of photographers and artist, giving them not only popularity, but also leverage locally and internationally. 

Mulpix is truly one of the most valuable tool for those who use it. With Mulpix, you get the actual essence of using Instagram. There are many journalists and researchers who currently depend on this site for their research work while at the same time enjoying every bit of the experience. Therefore, you should not be left behind, while everyone is out the having fun and upgrading themselves. 

What is interesting about the developers of Mulpix is that they are driven to be the Instagram search engine in the future. According to reliable sources, Mulpix is set to produce actual edgy search engine options in the near future. Some of the new features will include finding the best images base on mentions of a give profile and find popular posts for a give search filtered by country or type of media.